How Much Does In-home Childcare Cost?

Updated on December 18, 2008
S.G. asks from Seattle, WA
4 answers

I recently moved to Seattle from the Midwest, and I have no frame of reference for childcare at home. Trying to weigh the cost of my salary and my husband's versus what it would cost to pay for childcare. My daughter is 3 months old, and I know it's hard to find daycare for infants. But, just for the sake of argument, how much does this cost in the Puget Sound area? (Please include the town so I can compare city versus suburbs.) Thanks!

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The average we found for institutional care for infants on the eastside and northside (looking at about 30 places) was apx 1600 per month.

In our region infant care is most expensive, and then the price starts dropping dramatically only after potty training.
Good nannies (my favorite option) range from about ###-###-#### or 1500-2500 depending on hours/days/times/ages/& whether or not you're doing nanny-share.
Au pairs (if you've got an extra bedroom) through the US State Department cost about 4000 up front (paid to the agency which is held in reserve) and then 150 p/week + room & board. There are different programs through the State Dept. Students can only work 32 hours p/week, non students 40, etc. So the monthly cost if you distribute everything is about 933...but you DO have someone living with you. While I know 7 or 8 families that have au pairs, they are the most popular option I know of for single parents.

Anyhow...hope this helps. :P I personally had to quite my job when my son was a baby and go back to school, because I quite literally could not afford to work.



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I live in SW Seattle. My daughter is in a daycare center, the infant room is $1050 per month, full time only - means you have to pay full time, even though she only attends 4 half days. The centers I looked at were between $900 and $1600 per month. That was cheaper and more reliable than any sitter I was able to find.
The going rate for a professional nanny with good references starts at about $16, with no upper limit.
Occasionally you can find someone for as low as $250 per week (I have a co-worker that has in home care like that), usually, if you don't mind that the nanny watches more than your child (for example brings her own kids along, or a nanny share arrangement).
Infant childcare is extremely hard to come by in this city, the good providers have long wait lists or high rates (or both) - and even the crappy providers have no shortage in clients.
Good luck!



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My friend looked into FT child care in the Bellevue area and I think she found $1800/month (for an infant) to be a popular number. A friend of mine who lives in South Seattle pays about $900/month. Another friend of mine in West Seattle pays about $1200/month. Hope this helps.


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S. - I am a personal nanny for a little girl (age 2). Her mom pays me $9 an hour which averages out to about $1,200 a month. i go to her house or bring the little girl back here. I am a mother that brings along my 3 year old son. I live in Bothell/Mill Creek (north of Seattle, Suburb). Good Luck, L.

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