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Updated on May 18, 2011
B.L. asks from Glade Spring, VA
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I am a new mom of two "soon to be adopted" boys--ages 10 and 11. They will have their first experience with 4-H camp this summer and I wanted to send them care packages that would arrive on the first or second day they are there. What items have you put in camp care packages?
Many thanks, Mamas!

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answers from Washington DC on

Using the list provided by the camp ... if you send food, make sure that its individually wrapped items. this will help against bugs and help them keep track of if any bunkmates are sneaking their stuff.

Even if they share a bunk, not sure they would, send them each a package so that they don't have to 'share' things.

- beef jerky
- oreos
- mini gatorades
- fresh socks ( i wouldn't send underwear, just for the tease factor)
- gum
- crackers
- bug kit
- juice boxes

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answers from Austin on

The camp will give you a list of "what not to send" so make sure you are clear on all of that.

I sent socks, stickers, snacks, baseball cap, a "box camera" (I do not even know if they make those anymore).. Playing cards, joke book, glow necklaces, some simple science projects. Make sure to write their names on each item if they are things you want them to bring them home.

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answers from Dallas on

Snacks, comic books, madlibs, funny band aids, water toys. I'm sure you would have packed everything else.

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answers from Sacramento on

If you look at my profile, I asked this question a year or so ago and got some great responses!

I ended up going to the dollar store and getting things that my daughter could share with her camp group (of about 10 girls) - glow sticks, silly sunglasses, a deck of Old Maid cards, super balls, that kind of thing. I did not send any food items, as they were not allowed (check the camp rules before including food). My daughter said that our care package was a big hit in her dorm!

Also you may want to include a disposable camera, an address book and pencil so they can write down their new friends' e-mail and phone numbers, that kind of thing.

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answers from Fayetteville on

You can send:
beef jerky
trail mix
granola bars
gum (if allowed)
glow sticks
small bags of chips or pretzels
dried fruit (raisins, craisins, yogurt covered fruit, apples, bananas)
baby wipes (travel size only)
sanitizer (travel size)
ziploc baggies (assorted sizes)
gummy candy
goldfish crackers
YooHoo (or any) drink boxes

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