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Updated on July 21, 2010
M.E. asks from Northridge, CA
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I had a c section 5 months ago. I seem to get pain in my stomach now and then but when ever i put jeans on its a little bet more severe its this normal?

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had a C-Section with my twins 20 months ago but I really don't remember having pain for that long. Maybe your jeans are too tight? I know you get pain that is caused by the amount of gas that gets trapped in there due to the fact of being so open and exposed to the air. Maybe you just have more gas than normal. I'm assuming you're not bleeding since you didn't mention it. I would call your doctor and ask or make an appt. But honestly I think you should see your doctor immediately, it could be nothing but you never know. Good luck!



answers from Reno on

It's totally normal. A C section is major surgery, and it takes a long time for the body to fully recover.


answers from Los Angeles on

My incision hurt for a year, and even now 2.5 years later, I can get twinges of pain at the incision.



answers from Denver on

It may be. I suggest calling your ob/gyn and asking about the pain. They performed your procedure (I am assuming), and should provide you with information or at least a check-up to make sure your pain isn't caused by something serious.


answers from Indianapolis on

I didn't wear jeans for months after my C-section. The scar makes your skin more sensitive and our bodies are different, even after losing the weight. I wore a lot of loose yoga pants and then light-weight shorts in the summer. I think it was almost a year before jeans didn't bother me too much, but they still aren't my favorite. My skin is more sensitive all over my body to materials. When Fall comes around, I recommend the very soft cords Old Navy sells almost every year if they fit you right. For me they were the perfect weight. Kohl's also has a little heavier version in the soft cords in the fall. You can ask your doctor if you are concerned abuot infection. Scars, however, are itchy and hard fabrics like jeans can be irritating.



answers from San Diego on

i had a c-section over 2 years ago and every once in a while, my scar does itch, tingle, or feel rather sensitive and achy. I think it's probably normal, do you notice unsual redness or swelling? If so, you should probably call your doctor......



answers from San Francisco on

I had a C section in 2006 and it was really painful!!! it took along time for the burning pain to go away and it did but 5 months is still recent. Jeans will make it hurt because they are tight I wore my early maternity clothes for a while and then i went back into my regular clothes. To the day I still feel the pain of my scar.. so it's normal. You might have a little scar tissue..



answers from San Diego on

I have had a C and had pain around my scar until I had a vaginal birth after C (VBAC) 3 months ago, which would be 2.5 years since the C! In my case, it was scar tissue and adhesions. Awful bc of the pain, but no big deal in terms of health, fertility, or even childbirth. A craniosacral therapist who specializes in scar adhesions was able to release a lot of the pain in one of her demonstrations (that I volunteered to guinea pig for). But it was only after my VBAC that I think everything (ie pain) has been released. Pulling, and tightening may be normal. It is major abdominal surgery and in my case I just remained sensitive in that area due to scar tissue adhesions.
Hope this helps. Please check with your doc..



answers from Las Vegas on

With my first, I had an emergency C-Section....then with #2, I had a VBAC, then with my twins (#3&4) I had a C-Section...(they used the same incision), now that was nearly 18 years (YES, YEARS) ago and I can press on my C-Section Scar and feel pain...so, yes, you could easily be feeling pain from your scar. I'm surprised that I can STILL feel pain after this many years!



answers from Los Angeles on

i think this is probably normal. I had pain and weird sensations there for at least 6 months. Despite what some people say it is quite an intense surgery to recover from so I'd try to be patient.



answers from Phoenix on

I had an emergency C-Section November 2006. My incision itched horribly till about a year ago and I definitely have adhesions. I had 3 ultrasounds done after my surgery over the course of a year. I have a fibroid, that unfortunately sits right near my adhesions and causes some horrible periods and bowel movements from time to time. Adhesions are no fun! I can lay on my back and feel it tighten up my lower tummy and then release, I was told there was nothing that could be done.
Oh, I also tore this same side 5 weeks post, so, I didn't heal well at all.



answers from Joplin on

it could be the scar tissue from the inside where they performed the operation or outside trying to heal up. anyways,I 2 think you should just call to make sure.



answers from Seattle on

Totally normal for any surgery. It typically takes several months to a couple of years just for the nerves to reconnect "correctly" (and they don't always)... and then when you compress the area (like by wearing clothes) those nerves pipe in with complaints. Some of those pains are also probably from scar tissue stretching the "stretchier" tissue around it... which ticks the stretchier tissue off, because it didn't used to have to stretch that much, as well as pain from the scar tissue stretching as well.

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