Broken Front Tooth - Whittier,CA

Updated on December 21, 2010
S.K. asks from Whittier, CA
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My son just broke his front adult tooth trying to ice skate. It cracked in three other spots of the remaing portion. His tooth wasnt fulling grown so will his tooth continue to grow? Will it crack completly?

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So What Happened?

Just to let you all know...I did call the dentist as soon as it happened and was seen the day after. So far they covered the exposed root with medicine and put some bonding on it as well. Its not done yet becuase the dentsti wants to make sure the tooth will hold. Now its the waiting game. I just hope and pray that it does and we can finish it before school starts again.

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You need to take him to your dentist tmrw! The tooth will not regenerate or continue to grow in. The tooth could have nerve damage and may require a root canal, which may not be apparent immediately. Sometimes the nerve dies as a result of trauma and sometimes it does not. But you do need to have it xrayed and make sure there isn't any damage to the bone around the tooth. Unfortunately, boys are notorious for breaking/knocking out a front tooth. Happens quite frequently it seems. You don't need to panic, but just make sure he is seen by a dentist and keep an eye on the tooth for swelling/abscess in the gum areas in the next few weeks. Poor guy!

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answers from Redding on

Take him to the dentist right away.
Actually, you should have taken him to the doctor so that any dental repairs he may need could be covered by your health insurance even if you don't have dental.
Trust me, I know this.
If his tooth is damaged to the point that the root dies, he will be in for big problems.
He had an accident and you should get him seen as a matter of "medical" necessity.

Best wishes.

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answers from New York on

Oh no! This happened to my son, his jaw was broken as well. Make sure you get him checked out right away. The dentist built up thr tooth with resin, it looks fine, His nerve was exposed. If you see a tiny brown dot where the break is that is the nerve. When he is fully grown they will do a cap.Hope he is ok. good luck. And remember!!!! If you dont feel comfortable with what the dr or dentist says get another opinion.

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answers from La Crosse on

My son was punched in the mouth by a bully when he was about 9. It broke his 4 front teeth on the bottom. They were all growen in... so not sure about it growing in the rest of the way. But they built his teeth up with resin and you can't even tell they are fake. One was broke to almost the gum line. The only problems he has now 5 yrs later is when he flosses it will catch and snag on it. Good luck with and hopefully its a simple fix!

Like another one said.. if you don't like what one dentist tells you see another one! We went to a regular dentist first and they put a cap on them ( they looked horrible! All jagged and different lengths ) and said there is nothing else they could do. Took him to a peds. dentist and they fixed it the right way!

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Only a dentist can accurately answer these questions. It's essential that your son go to a dentist because some repairs need to be made sooner rather than later. There is also a chance that his bone was damaged.

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Take him to the dentist pronto. They will probably veneer it. If there isnt any root damage it will probably grow normal, he'll just always have a crown on it. I broke my two front teeth when I was 7, a boy was chasing me at school and I tried to run into the bathroom but hit the wall instead~~ouch~~ So, I've had crowns on my front teeth forever. No one knows they arent my real teeth tho... just make sure your dentist knows what he's doing. They can work miracles these days.

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