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Updated on March 30, 2009
E.P. asks from Oakville, CT
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Any suggestions on a good "transition" sippy cup. We have been using Avent and First Years disposable cups for snack/meal times, but we are looking for a sippy cup that would be a good replacement for her morning and bedtime bottle. Any suggestions?

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answers from New York on

The Nuby Gripper Sippy Cup was great for my son (now 3 1/2 yo) and I plan to use it for my daughter (now 9 1/2 mo). My son basically weaned himself from a bottle just after his first birthday (I think he was teething the the sucking from the bottle was bothering him). The cups don't have a valve, but don't really leak. Good luck!!



answers from New York on

I personally prefer straw cups to sippy cups since a lot of the sippy's require sooo much suction (try it yourself, you'd be amazed). Also, when you think about it, anytime you go to a restaurant, they give you a straw to drink with so it's much more natural than a sippy cup. This is the one we use and they're great - Beware that some straw cups like the Nuby Straw Cup has a wider straw at top, which is not as comfortable and requires the child to bite on the straw to get the liquid out, which is not good. We got rid of these.

My daughter will only drink her milk out of the Born Free Sippy cup. It's shaped like a bottle (with handles) and has a soft spout, which requires much less suction than a lot of the other sippy cups. They can be a little leaky sometimes (probably because of the lighter suction factor). Good luck



answers from Syracuse on

Hello there, we liked the NUBY ones since they had a softer nipple it was easier to transition. Hope that helps.



answers from New York on

Nuby makes a great transition cup with a soft spout (BPA-free), and so does Born Free. The Born Free gets leaky after a little while, because there's no valve. But it's a GREAT transition cup, and then you can switch to a different brand once your daughter is ready!

Luckily for all of us, almost every brand is now BPA free. Even ones that weren't just 6 months ago!



answers from Rochester on

I love the avent sippy cups -- have you used them? Everything is interchangeable, so if you already use avent bottles, then just buy the handles and sippy tops. They have rubber tips for just starting out, and then a harder plastic one once they get bigger.

I have also used the gerber ones -- they are rubber tipped as well (and sometimes you can find coupons for them, which makes them inexpensive).



answers from New York on

Munchkin sippy cups are bpa free and very reasonablly priced. Soft spout and no inside parts that you may lose. My daughter is 1 year and has been drinking from them for several months. The removable handles fit well into little hands, but can come off when toddler is ready to hold cup on his/her own.

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