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Sippy Cup Recommendation

Read all 12 responses: "My soon to be 1 year old has been using the Nuby soft ... I love Sigg bottles. No fear of the scary things in plastic and really ...

What Do You Think About Negative Press over Plastic Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups?

I am getting rid of all my Nuby and Avent bottles/sippies. I am on my way to Whole Foods today. Target also offers Mam brands which are on the recommended ...

Best Sippy Cups?

When I introduced my son to sippy cups I used The Nuby sippy cups! They are similar to a bottle with nipple on them, they worked great and we never used a ...

BPA Free Bottles

Read all 5 responses: "I was wondering what anyone thought of Nuby bottles. My sister wants to switch to BPA free bottles and the Nuby Non-Drip bottles are ...

Switching from Bottles to Sippy Cups

I switched both of my boys off of the bottle at 12 months. They had a littel trouble getting the milk out of the sippy cups, though. The Nuby sippy cups ...

Bisphenol- a Free Bottles

I haven't tried Born Free bottles because of their price. I have found these Nuby bottles that are BPA free also. All the reviews complain about the nipples ...

Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

The Nuby sippy cups worked as a transition for my son. The Nuby cups have a soft silicone top, more like a bottle nipple. Once he got the hang of that, ...

Help! My Baby Won't Hold His Own Bottle!

(I hid the bottles so "pushover daddy" wouldn't cave in and give him the bottle. I used the nuby sippy cups that have asoft mouth piece like the bottles and ...

My 3Mo Old HATES Bottles

Read all 6 responses: "My son HATES bottles and pacifiers, etc! ... nuby bottles · bottles pacifiers · my mother in law hates me · Thank Goodness ...

Born Free Bottles

Unfortunately they are the only wide bpa free bottle at this point other wise there is the evenflo glass or bpa free, dr. browns poly pro, nuby non drip, ...
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