Bone Scan, Abnormal Findings What Are Hot Spots and Cold Spots?

Updated on May 16, 2011
L.W. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hello Im a 39yr old female and got a full body bone scan friday, i have been living with back pain all my life but i especially feel pain in between my shoulder blades and its getting worse. Im nervouse and anxious to know about the results of the scan i asked to see the xray scan before i left the clinc, of course they wouldn't give me any information about it but the xray scan looked white on all the spinal cord and hip bones i think even the shoulders, it wasall lit up in those areas. can any one give me information about the hot and cold spots? update on my status:bone scan i saw the dr. today and i am so confused about everything, he already had a diagnoisis layed out on the table which read psoiatic arthiritis or undifferentiated spondylarthropathy=scro-negative R.A. i asked him if he wasn't sure what i had, then he answered without the bone scan their is not telling, i explained i had the bone scan done friday, he told his nurse to get the fax on it. then he got the results just briefly looked at it and then said, yes its what i thought you have arthiritis in the cervical spinal hip and it looks like bone spurs in the neck. he still wasn't sure of they type and still pointing at the paper saying its one or the other. I have alot of pain between my shoulders can the arthiritis be part?

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So What Happened?

the dr. prescribed arthirits pills for the inflamation, to slow the arthirits and pain meds. i want a solution im tired of always having pain in between my shoulders and nothing is getting done. the doctor was more into recording the session than he was about the issue that what it seemed like or is this the normal procedure???? if any one has any suggestion on what i should do please reply!!!!

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Bones appear white on x-ray scans. Don't try to guess what it all means. Reading them takes education and experience. You will only drive yourself crazy.

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I don't know about the hot and cold spots, but I agree with everyone else... don't try to read them, it will just cause worry. I do know that I was having pain between my shoulder blades and asked the doctor about it. Somehow or another I had to have an MRI, and from there I went to see someone about my gall bladder. No problems with the gall bladder, no obvious symtoms anyway except the pain in the shoulder blades. When they looked at my MRI he said, everything looked great, but because I had read about the shoulder blade pain and gall bladders he decided to test. Anyway, after all that, they did a gall bladder function test and my gall bladder was not doing anything... nothing.. 4 days later, surgery scheduled, next day, pain gone.... LOL .. so when you are talking to your doctor please ask about that..

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You need to just wait for a professional medical interpretation of your scan.
There are areas of dark and light on all images and it's impossible to know what's what just from looking at it. MRI images are equally confusing because they show the soft tissues as opposed to bones.
Call on Monday and ask for the results. Your doctor should have them by then.

Best wishes.

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PLEASE don't try to read a scan, or any radiology image, by yourself without the training it requires (which is A LOT and why radiologists get paid BIG BUCKS! LOL) Deep breath and hang in there until you get the results. Please keep us posted and sending thoughts and prayers that you feel better soon.

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