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Updated on February 26, 2011
J.D. asks from Lockport, NY
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My 10 week old son has just starting sleeping through the night in his pack n' play...which he has slept in since birth. We have now transitioned him to his own room and he has started waking up at night. I know it will take some time for him to adjust to his new room, however I feel that part of the problem is the temp. control. The room is a little chilly because it's 1/2 underground. We put a small space heater in there, but he woke up sweating! I think w/o the heater it would be a little too chilly (especially during our 0 degree nights) but I was always told not to put a blanket on them in the crib. I tried the sleep sacks but he is too tall he tried to kick himself out of them. Any suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

Have you tried the Halo Sleepsack. At 12 weeks, my daughter was in the 87% height range and still fit comfortably in the small Halo Sleepsack. I did notice with the Target brand that it was too short. Also, the thicker blanket sleepers.

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answers from New York on

Any crochet blanket should be fine (not knitted as there are no holes in it). I used to put half under my daughter and then fold it up over her legs. That worked for quite some time. I believe they make breathable blankets now too but didn't a few years ago when my daughter was an infant. Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

He would wiggle out of the blanket anyway - and I agree no blankets for a while. However, we had similar temp control issues. You definitely don't want to overheat the little ones, so a little cool isn't too bad. I used to put my son in footie pjs, with a onsie underneath - and socks... the layers kept him warm. We also run a warm mist humidifier in the kids rooms in the winter for moisture, but it also heats the room a bit : ) Good luck

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answers from Philadelphia on

I would use the footie pajama's and double up on them if necessary. Blankets are too dangerous at this age.
Best wishes to your and your new little guy!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

They make longer sleep sacs. Plus footed sleepers come in sizes up to 4T or so. Blankets in the crib are potentially dangerous. The current recommendations are to (from the Stanford U. website)
Remove pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed toys, and other soft products from the crib. Also remove any soft, pillowlike crib bumpers.
Consider using a sleeper as an alternative to blankets with no other covering.
If using a blanket, put your baby with his/her feet at the foot of the crib. Tuck a thin blanket around the crib mattress, only as far as the baby's chest.
Make sure your baby's head remains uncovered during sleep.

The room should not be too warm. Also it is normal for everyone (babies and adults) to wake during the night. As long as he goes back to sleep that is not a problem. Many 10 week olds still require 1-2 night time feedings and are waking because they are hungry.

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answers from Utica on

When my DD was in the pack in play we used a blanket when it was needed but only because I was able to tuck it in on the bottom so that if she wanted it off she would just kick it off of her. (She also wasnt able to roll over on her own yet) Also we only ever put the blanket up to just past her waist. When we put her in her own room and in her crib I stopped using a blanket all together until she was a year old. Her room is much cooler than ours so I would always just put socks on her and then a nice warm fleecy sleeper and she was always warm when I went in to feed her or change her in the middle of the night. When we did start using a blanket she refused it as she had no clue what this 'thing' was in her crib so I just attempted to tuck her in every nap and at bedtime with the blanket for about a week until she got the idea that Wow this blanket thing is pretty comfy.
Good Luck



answers from Detroit on

For our 2.5 year old he sleeps in fleece footed pjs...our 7 month old wears socks under a cotton sleeper then she wears a wearable blanket. she will be in that until she starts to roll at night.



answers from Washington DC on

Try a different size. As long as they aren't so big that they'll ride up over his head, they can be a little longer. Halo makes great sleep sacks that we used with our baby til she was about a year old. You can also choose full-length pjs with a onesie underneath instead of a blanket.



answers from Honolulu on

Infants, do not have fully developed bodily temp control.
Thus they say, never to overheat a baby/infant/newborn.

Do not use a blanket. They can suffocate.

What about trying good ol' pajamas, that have long sleeves and long pants and/or with the attached "footsie" on it?



answers from New York on

Flannel footie jammies with socks and a onesie underneath! We live in NY too and bundled our little guy like this to sleep and it kept him toasty!

I would suggest trying different kinds of sleep sacks- we used one with my son throughout the winter (he is a May baby) without issue. The Halo sacks were great!



answers from New York on

We do use a blanket in the baby's crib, but she is totally stationary and it always stays below her waist. If you do use a blanket (which isn't recommended), don't put it above waist level and tuck it into the sides of the crib to keep him from pulling it up.

You might also try layering, which frankly will probably keep him warmer than a blanket below the waist anyway. Depending on how cold it is, you could use a onsie with a footed sleeper and a larger fleece sleeper over the top.

We like the Carter's fleece sleep sacks, but we also have a much longer sleeveless sleep sac that someone fave to us. It's a more specialty brand (I don't know the brand off hand), but I'm sure they make longer ones if you look around.


answers from Minneapolis on

As others said, no blankets is the recommendations. And they make larger sized/longer sleep sacks, and the good footie pj's as well. Keep trying and find that balance of onsie/under thermals with the sleep sack or footie pj's that makes him comfy and not overheating.

I got a really nice sack at a local boutiqe-y store for my niece when my great niece was born a bit over a year ago. It was a nice heavier weight one and she loved it. It ran about $40...but I don't know the brand, sorry!

My point is, there are other options!
Good luck!


answers from New York on

Please no blankets I hear horrible stories with pillows and blankets. I had my son sleep in his pack N play as well. I put thick PJ's ONLY. Having the room a little cool is good for them to. From the articles I have read about regarding SIDS. I kept a fan in the room to circulate the air and not to keep him to warm. Again this is what I read. It was an email set to email on how we could try to prevent SIDS from happening. This is still an on going study, so I would just read up on it.


answers from Columbus on

He's not walking, yet, so even if you have to get footie jammies that are larger, he should be ok. Or, find fleece pj's that are two-pieced and put a onesie underneath. Fleece is actually VERY warm. My husbby got me a pair of fleece footie jammies for Christmas, and even though I'm always cold, I can't wear them, because they are too warm. I really think he'll be fine in fleece footies or a two-piece with onesie and socks.

Yeah, I would stay away from the space heater. Even if you don't have anything close to it to accidentally ignite, sometimes the cord, itself,gets too hot and can cause a fire. Dad's a fireman, so I'm a freak about fire.... :/


answers from Santa Fe on

They make big toddler sized sleep sacks with holes for their feet. This is what my daughter (16 mo) wears each night. I usually put it on her after she is asleep and she sleeps sooo much better with it on. Because their feet stick out they don't feel confined. She will kick and fight a blanket to get it off but she likes this sleep sack. She will sometimes ask to put it on at bedtime and will walk around with it before we go to bed. I got it on is a Halo sleep sack w feet. It comes in many sizes.

Btw, she sleeps with fleece footie pajamas underneath the sleep sack.



answers from Buffalo on

even though many babies have made it through their babyhood using blankets, some don't, and knowing there even MIGHT be an increased risk of danger, why would you want to risk it??
There are many types of footie pjs out there - heavier or lighter ones... and i like the idea of putting socks under them or layering onesies, etc underneath...
but there are also many types of sleep sacs out there. We LOVED the Halo brand which some others have mentioned. There are different sizes and styles and are supposedly much safer than blankets. If blankets are really that dangerous can be debated i guess, i know some moms who've used blankets for their infant with no problem, but i figured why take the chance? i wouldn't want to be in those statistics and would never have forgiven myself.


answers from Provo on

No blanket till he can roll over. I would get a sleep sack. It's a blanket that they wear. They are where ever baby items are sold. I like the ones at Babies R Us.
Plus like a previous poster said, he's only 10 weeks. It's normal for them to wake up during the night. My 16 month old still wakes up. So I don't think it's just because he's cold. Probably wants food or mommy cuddle time.
I would also get footed pj's they make fleece one's or cotton ones. So for you I'd go with fleece. Cotton is great for the summer.


answers from Chicago on

fuzzy jammies over normal jammies -- that is what I used to do for my infants for winter in the in-between stage from swaddling with a blanket and using a real blanket. In fact, my 2 year old son still sleeps in a normal pj shirt and then fuzzy pjs overtop (you know- with the feet in them). Best wishes and congrats!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Footie jammies with socks under the feet worked for us.



answers from New York on

If he is sweating, then he is too hot. I never heard of no blankets. Can you turn down the space heater? Or put a temp. guage in the room and see what the room temp is in the morning without a space heater. Or put him in two sleepers, one a size too large, if you want to avoid the blanket.



answers from Cleveland on

i have always had a blanket in my daughters bed since birth, i also put her in a blanket zipper sleeper with a onesy on under it when she was still that little and a light blanket on her after she fell asleep



answers from New York on

Get a halo sleep sac. That's what we used for years (they come with foot holes, too). I kkep my house at 62 overnight so they worked perfectly. And they come in different weights.


answers from Bloomington on

We used zip up fleece footed sleepers with socks on underneith. That kept our little guy plenty warm!

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