7 Year Old Birthday Party Idea's

Updated on April 07, 2009
C.M. asks from Princeton, MN
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Hi all,
my son is turning 7 in a few weeks and is having a birthday party at home with some school friends. I was wondering if you had any idea's for fun games. I know he wants a pinata but after that I am lost. Any games would be helpful and some fun party favor idea's would be great. He is definitly into pirates right now so if you have any games in that reguard that would be great but not necessary. THank you in advance.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Have you tried going to sites like birthdayexpress.com? They have great themes, and online they have ideas for games and party favors too!

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answers from Des Moines on

Here is a game called ship captain. I know many adults who even have fun playing this game. We play it a lot at the day camp i work at over the summer.

One player is chosen as the captain. S/he calls out orders to the rest of the players who are the crew. If a player does not follow an order correctly, s/he is out. (This decision is made by the captain who is always right.)

To the ship: run to the captain's right
To the island: run to the captain's left
Hit the deck: lay down on your stomach (or if players don't want to get dirty, they can crouch down)
Attention on deck: salute and yell, "Aye, aye captain!" -- players may not move now until the captain gives the order of, "At ease!" (ie even if the captain gives a different order such as "to the ship" the crew must continue to remain at attention until told "at ease")
Three men in a boat: the crew must form groups of three and sing "Row, row, row your boat" Anybody who is not in a group of three is out.
The love boat: crew members grab a partner and dance. Anybody without a partner is out.
Clear the deck: everyone must have their feet up off the floor
Scrub the deck: everyone on their knees scrubbing
Captain's Quarters: everyone ran towards the captain.
Man-over-board: Players must find a partner as quickly as possible. One partner must lay on their stomach while the other places their foot on their partner's back. Children without a partner or pairs that are too slow are eliminated.
A Periscope: Every player falls on their back and sticks one leg in the air. The last ones are eliminated.
SHARK!!!!: Everyone must run to a designated base (multiple bases can be used). The last player to the base is eliminated.
Crow's nest: All players must find a partner. The lightest player rides on their partner's back. Those without partners or who assemble the crow's nest too slowly are eliminated.
Three maids in a row: Children form groups of three and sit in a vertical row. The players who are the odd-man-out are eliminated.
Sick turtle: Everyone falls onto their backs and waves hands and feet in the air.
Bow: Run to the front of the boat
Stern: Run to the back
Port: Run to the left side of the boat
Starboard: Run to the right side of the boat.
Row the Boat: Each player finds a partner, sits face to face, holds hands, and pretends to row a boat. Players who can't find partners or who are too slow are eliminated.

Alternative rules: If playing in a pool, all of the orders stay the same except for "hit the deck" which becomes "walk the plank." This means that crew members must bob underwater.

To make the game less competitive, player do not get "out." Instead, if the captain notices that they do not follow an order, they must stand out for a count of 20

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answers from Milwaukee on

Hi C.. We actually did a pirate theme party for my son 2 years ago on his 7th birthday also. One thing that we di was a treasure hunt. I made up little clue cards. The first one I read to all the kids. It lead them to another area in the house or outside where they would find the next clue. I think we did 8 clues. At the last area their treasure was their goody bags to take home. I had my son decorate a box to look like a treasure chest to put all the "loot" in. All the kids loved this one. I also bought clear plastic cups and make "hook" hands for everyone. I traced the hoook on cardboard cut it out and covered it in foil. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup and put the hook in. The kids thought that was pretty cool too. Hope these ideas help.

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answers from Davenport on

A really funny games that my son played at a party last year was the frozen t-shirt game. I was so funny to watch! You get some cheap or already used adult size t-shirts. Get them wet, ring them out and then fold and roll them up tight. Put them in bags and freeze them. A team of two kids tries to be the first to get them opened up and put it on so that they are both in the shirt together. Of course this would only be good if it were in a warm place but it is so fun!


answers from Janesville-Beloit on

To go with the Pirate Theme, you could do a treasure hunt.



answers from Grand Forks on

Check out this website. There are a couple of games and a cool treasure chest pinata and some pretty neat pirate party favors like eye patches and and things like that. Good luck!




answers from St. Cloud on

Orental Trading Company has really cute pirate themed items. Reasonable too!

Kids love all birthday games. Water balloon toss, clothes pin drop, pin the "hook" on the pirate, etc.

Do the treasure hunt last if the kids will be getting their goodie bags then. Or else make sure to set them aside so they don't open them till they leave.



answers from Milwaukee on

Parties are so much easier if you have a theme. Have him pick it and then use it. Itjust cuts down your choices for you. For instance, a pirate party. You could do pirate hats that they could decorate (could be their favors). I know some Target's had pirate stuff in their dollar section recently, you could do the eye patch. You could do a bandana to put around their head if you can't find or don't want to make pirate hats. Here are some games you could play:
Walk the plank
Treasure hunt (scavenger hunt)
a relay race where they have to put on pirate clothes and run and then switch clothes, etc.

You could use beads, gold coins, treasure boxes (they could decorate those too) for decorations.

For food you could think of turning stuff into parts of a pirate ship (boats, planks (celery and pb), jewels, coins (cut up hot dogs??))

Have some fun. If you need a quite moment you could play a little bit of Peter Pan or read a pirate book. Good luck!



answers from Sioux Falls on

instead of pin the tail on the donkey do put the sword in the pirates hand or his hook on...

hide spray painted gold plastic eggs around with booty in them and/or clues to a treasure



answers from La Crosse on

Google "Tikiyata" or check out Creative Kidstuff's website. They have a GREAT alternative to the traditional pinata. It doesn't require bashing, blindfolding, or bludgeoning a plaster beast. It took my son's preschool teacher almost 10 minutes of beating "Spongebob" with a metal pipe to get the toys out...needless to say bubbles should never be included in a pintata :).



answers from Omaha on

Hi, my name is O. and am the mother of 2 little girls, age 2 and 6. One year for my nephew's birthday my sister and i did a treasure hunt. Make teams, a treasure map that they can follow, X marks the spot. at the x had a small box or treasure chest with enough prizes for each kid on the teams. everyone is a winner. maybe some small change and small bills for them to split or just small toys or candy. hope they have fun.



answers from Rapid City on

When my kids were small we did a game that was called Indian Chief. Everyone but (it) sits in a circle facing each other. It goes out of the room and the adult points to one child who is going to be Chief. Don't say it out loud because you don't want "it" to hear. Then it is like follow the leader. "It" stands in the middle of the circle and tries to guess who the Chief is. The Chief leads the others into clapping, snapping fingers, clapping their hands on their legs and so forth all while in the sitting position. The idea of it is to keep "it" from guessing who the chief is. After 3 guesses it is the Chief's turn to be "it". My kids loved this at that age.

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