Bibs That She Can't Take Off

Updated on July 20, 2012
J.P. asks from Schaumburg, IL
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My 10-month-old refuses to wear a bib. She's been able to take off velcro, snaps, and the over-the-head t-shirt type. I undress her for most meals now because I'm so tired of soaking and scrubbing stains, but I can't take off her clothes all the time, especially when we're eating away from home. Are there any bibs I've overlooked that she won't be able to take off? Thanks!

eta: I love the extra shirt idea, but I was really hoping to find something that is waterproof so she wouldn't soak her clothes. She loves things like orange slices, so you can only imagine how messy that is!

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answers from Dallas on

Bjorn makes a new, plastic type bib with a funky clasp on it. Here's a may try it....

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answers from Chicago on

How about the ones that tie in the back??? I am not sure what you mean by t-shirt type, but if you continue to fight this with her- maybe try getting a few shirts that you could put over the top??? Desperate times= Desperate measures ;)

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answers from New York on

We had two that were like smocks and velcroes all the way down the back. One looked like a baseball jersey, the other a carpenter's shirt. My little Houdini couldn't get those off! I have seen them at places like Kohl's and Target.

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answers from Chicago on

If she hates it that much just do without - I've had to do the same thing with my youngest, who is now 15 months. You can use the bibs that tie, but mine would just have a little fit and struggle until I took it off - not such a big deal to make her so miserable. Anyway when we were out, I just tried to match the color of her food to the color of her outfit, haha. And to use foods that were a little thicker - think butternut squash vs. apricots so that it's less runny when they eat and less likely to get on their clothes. And I'd always pack extra outfits so that if her shirt got a lot of food on it, I'd change, it, not that big of a deal. And I always carry those little soft burp cloths you can find at Target - you can kind of position those under her chin with your other hand so that it catches some or all of the food.

In terms of the laundry - Dreft started making a laundry stain remover...although I use Clorox's Green/natural stain remover and it's been fine. Also no biter biscuits when you're out - they get everywhere...use Baby Mum-Mum crackers instead - no mess!

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answers from Chicago on

For my older kids, I used a safety pin on the back. They could not pull it off and of course had a royal fit sometimes but they eventually realized that that bib was NOT coming off. For my little now, I have a vinyl/plastic bib with really strong velcro she could not get off. I think i got it at Walmart.

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answers from Chicago on

I'd get a dark patterned button-down shirt for her to wear at meal time. (Buy at a garage sale or 2nd hand store to keep cost to a minimum.) You can put it on her just before the meal whether you are at home or out at a restaurant.

You could probably make a pocket with it by folding up the bottom and sewing the sides, if you need a crumb catcher.



answers from Nashville on

Try looking at a small startup that just started making shirts with a waterproof, stain resistant graphic t-shirt. They wear and the messes wipe right off until you can clean it at home. This decreases stains while your out and reduces laundry.



answers from Phoenix on

The BUILT NY bibs are great! They use a tough velcro that doesn't degrade with use. It was simple for remove but nearly impossible for my sons to get off. They're waterproof with an absorbent top layer so drool and such doesn't just roll off, reversible, and they come in a lot of fun colors and patterns. :)



answers from Rochester on

I'd stick with snaps.....try for some nice ones w/ multiple snaps on it that are made by wahm. Just keep working with her -- she's too young for her to run the show :) She'll give up after a least mine did, and now my older one wants to have a bib on.

I did have a snap one that was a HUGE snap -- I think it was sugar booger....and neither of my kids were able to take them off (i have a 26 mo and 15 mo) maybe you want to try those?



answers from Chicago on

I was having a similar problem with my DD. She was able to pull off the velcro bibs. I found this one from Kiddopotamus, they're plastic with a drop pouch to collect food, and they're dishwasher safe!!

good luck!


answers from St. Louis on

My 13 month old has not worn one for months. Every kind we used, he would take off. So we've resorted to doing what you do - taking it off or just feeding him and washing his shirt afterwards. Then bathing or washing him off afterwards!



answers from Chicago on

Same thing happened with my little ones, so I searched long and hard and found tie bibs. They are hard to find, but they can't get those off!!!

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