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Updated on October 20, 2012
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Can kids inherit the bi-polar disease from their parent?

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So What Happened?

My step son’s mother is clinically diagnosed as bi-polar. ( I am not at all making a jab at his Mother by the way, it is just a fact). My concern is I have lately noticed him wihtdrawing sudenly (without cause) from activities with other children. I have noticed his emotional state tends to go up and down throughout the day. I have to admit I know nothing about bi-polar but I do know my step son well and I can see something is affecting him. I am there for his emotional support most of the time. I check on him often and give him pleanty of ways and opportunities to speak with me and his Dad. I am strating to worry because I am noticing him being emotional at least 1 to 2 times a day. This morning the thought ran across my mind that maybe he doesn’t say what is wrong because he doesn’t know what is wrong. Then I thought about his Mom and her ups and downs. That is why I asked the question. He’s not violent in any way, it just seems like something is affecting him making it difficult for him to have “normal” stable days. Also, this is pretty recent stuff. I have talked to his teacher about it as well wonmdering if maybe something was going on at school and she says he seems to do really well besides talking when he isn’t supposed to. I would be devistated if this disease were to be something that is affecting him. I am just in the preliminary stages of noting this in him so hopefully we can figure out what is really bothering him off and on through the days. Thank you all for your replies!

Oh, he is 10 by the way with several other siblings in the home ranging from 4 to 16. Three girls and two boys.

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answers from St. Louis on

It is genetic so yes.

People ask me if I am worried since my mom was bi polar. I make light of it saying it is genetic not contagious, I am adopted. Ah ha, it is funnier in person.

It also runs on my ex's side so that is scary.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, it can be genetic.

My sister has it, and I truly believe my mother does, as well as her mother.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes. Try looking at his general mood. Put a mark in different color highlighter for emotional days and see if you see a pattern. The moods don't generally cycle many times in a day for bipolar although many things can set them off. Most of the time that I have heard of is they will be manic/very happy then maybe angry for a while then depressed. Some moods lasting for weeks at a time. It could be a different illness or just he has some mom issues to work out with a child therapist. Ask your ped for a referral.

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answers from Tampa on

Yes...and sometime they just get 6 year old has been diagnosed as bipolar,by 3 drs.

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answers from El Paso on

ABSOLUTELY. My husband's family is daily evidence of this. I'm SO glad I live in a different state.

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answers from Cumberland on

yes-best to have a professional to sort out what , if anything is going on with him as far as being bi-polar-and what part of his behavior is because of what he has gone through with the mother.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes! It's genetic. I good friend of mine has it & her father also had it.

According to Bipolar Focus, a support organization for those with this disorder, you are seven to 20 times more likely to have this disease if one of your parents is bipolar.

Read more: Can Bipolar Disease Be Inherited? |

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answers from Redding on

It does run in families. My husband is bipolar and he had an uncle on his mother's side that was as well.



answers from Seattle on

I do agree with the other posts, there can be a genetic pre-disposition.
HOWEVER, (and this is a big however), bi-polar disorder is not inherited in a simple pattern. Just because a parent has it, that does not mean that their children will have it as well! They are at higher risk, but even a twenty-fold increase can be pretty small if the general risk is very low.
Maybe his mom's condition is getting to him (as in making him sad to see his mother this way) or it is something entirely different... hopefully you will figure it out.
Good luck.


answers from Hartford on

Yes, bi-polar can be and often is inherited from parents and/or other blood relatives. It's not impossible to manifest as a child but it's impossible to tell from your post. Have you brought it up with his father or mother?

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