Best Advice for Preparing 10 Year Old for Camp

Updated on February 07, 2013
T.M. asks from Manorville, NY
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My ten year old son is going to sleep away camp this weekend for the first time with boy scouts. (My husband will be there as well) I talk to him all the time since his was little about not letting others touch you or pressure you into anything. II am looking for other words of wisdom to prepare him to be on his own and best equipped with knowledge about potential bad people. I don't want to frighten him but also want him to be aware that this exists in our world. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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So What Happened?

I should of mentioned they will be hikes and other activities where my husband would not be right by his side. Cub scouts parents are very involved, my understanding so far is boy scouts is very different and will be spending time with older scouts.

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If your husband is going to be there as well why are you so concerned about this right now? If he were going to summer camp for a week with no parent i would be more thoughtful of preparing my children.

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I agree with KP. If your husband is going to be there it should make things much easier and safer, although we never had an issue with the Scouts when my son participated. The Scouts handbook actually addresses these issues and his handbook should have an entire chapter at the beginning related to personal safety. I wouldn't overdo it or you will scare him. My son got very homesick at his first week-long Scout sleepover camp, but that's because my husband didn't get there until the week was wrapping up.

ETA: The Boy Scouts are very sensitive about this issue right now because of some previous incidents and a negative image. They also have a "two deep" rule so that your son should never be alone with an adult leader or an older scout on any of the hikes or activities. Our Troop and Pack took this rule very seriously. Our Scout camp also has separate bathrooms for the kids and the adults and very strict rules about the bathrooms also. If you are still concerned I would talk to your leaders about their rules, policies and experiences. And then I would relax. You sound very nervous about this and your son could pick up on that and get really anxious about camp. Most Scouts love camp. Mine didn't like a full week of it, but that was because he is a VERY picky eater and he got homesick and his dad wasn't there until the end. I hope your son has fun.

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Check with his school. It is likely he has been taught everything he needs to know already. I know my ten year old son has learned all about good touching/bad touching, good secrets/bad secrets, privacy, inappropriate behaviours, sex etc... In our schools they begin teaching these concepts in kindergarten, if not pre-school. My ten year old has been going to week long sleep away camp each summer since he was eight.

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My daughter, went to a grade level camp last year when she was 9. 5th grade.
The parents were not allowed to Chaperone. Only the Teachers and school staff, chaperoned. Even the Principal of the school, went. And the school Counselors. So that, if anything happened, the school Principal and Counselors, were there.
This was to teach the kids about being independent.
All the kids went. Only about 4 stayed back. They had the choice.

It was fine.

By now, your 10 year old should know about those things anyway. Not only now, because he is going to camp.
My daughter, even when younger, knew about those things.

Your Husband is going to be a Chaperone there with him, as well.
It should be fine.

My daughter's camp trip, was for 3 days over a long weekend.
They did ALL kinds of outdoor activities and even those climbing up the rope on a tall tower type things. And then zip lines, etc.

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answers from Hartford on

He will do great! I used to work at an overnight camp when I was in high school and college. Since your husband will be there I would not really worry. Our son is going to over night camp for the first time this summer but he is 7. We have been discussing camp, what happens at camp, how to take care of himself, etc but 7 is a bit younger. I think I would emphasis how he will be living with others, having to work together with others, making sure he drinks/eats depending on the activity........I am sure he will have a great time.



answers from New York on

The Boy Scouts I am sure have told them what the weekend would be like. Your husband will be there, so why are you concerned? Let your son fly this weekend and enjoy himself.



answers from Minneapolis on

"Do unto others are you would have them do unto you." Drill that in, over and over again. Point out that just because you and dad will not be there every last moment to keep his behavior accountable does not mean there will be no ramnifications for poor behavior. And as much as it sucks to get in trouble from mom and dad, its even worse to have your entire peer group shun you becuase you did something stupid.

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