Bathtime Together

Updated on November 23, 2008
G.A. asks from Billerica, MA
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My son age 4 1/2 and my daughter age 6 1/2 are best friends, they do everything together, play, share a room and take a bath. Bathtime has always been a time of night to wind down and head towards bedtime, and putting them in the bath together where they actually play nice, also gives me a moment to myself. my concern is when does it become innapropriate to still have them bathe together, I'm assuming it becomes a gender issue at some point not an age issue, they enjoy showers as well.

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answers from Boston on

I think it's different for all kids. I would say it's time to stop when one appears uncomfortable or overly curios about the other, although I do think a few questions about their differences is not a bad thing. My guess is you daughter will put the brakes on it before the boy even realizes she's a girl!! My family is two girl and they bathe together, but even they are starting to need to be separated as my 8yo is getting uncomfortable with the little one seeing her. I think they will let you know.

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answers from Providence on

well i bathed my kids together for a while it saved alot of time,i would suggest not telling anyone you do this,because you know how judgemental people can be.. and just use your best judgement maybe when the little girl turns 8 and your son is 6..good luck



answers from New London on

I agree with the previous poster. If you feel uncomfortable you can always get swimmy undies of some sort for them to wear so they play in the tub together. But since she is the older one I think she is used to seeing her baby brother in the nude and your son doesn't know anything different. She'll let you know when she starts to get uncomfortable, she'll probably put on bikini bottoms or something. :) I wouldn't stress about it.



answers from Portland on

Oh my, I had seven children. Two boys, two girls, then three boys.
They went into the tub together in all sorts of combinations LOL. When they were all little, all four were in the tub for my convenience.
You have two excellent responses and they are right. When the children become aware of the gender issue, it is time to separate them.
The swim undies are great idea, especially if the children really enjoy their bathtime.
I can remember , at ten years of age, having my baby brother and sister in with me to bathe them for my mother. She was three and he was two.
When I grew a pubic hair or two and Polly noticed, she must have been closer to four by then, I asked my Mum if I could just lean over the tub and bathe them. Think she knew what was going on LOL
I think, for children two years apart, that seven years old for the daughter, should be the separation point as long as she is comfortable til then.
Best wishes and God bless
Grandmother Lowell
PS It is so refreshing to find a Mum who doesnt mind putting both children in the tub to bathe and play together...good for you.

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