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Updated on January 11, 2006
N.O. asks from Park Ridge, IL
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I'm looking for creative gift ideas on what to give our daughter's God Parents for her Baptism.

We're also looking for a good place to buy our daughter's gown.

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answers from Chicago on

I had my son's baptismal gown made from my mother's wedding dress. Since I didn't wear her dress and I don't have any sisters that would it was of no use just sitting in a box. I took it to my seamstress whom I've used for many years so I trusted her and she used my mother's gorgeous lace veil and parts of her dress to make the gown. Now we have a family heirloom that hopefully all my children can wear. Just an idea I thought I'd share with you.



answers from Chicago on

For our gifts we took a fabulous picture (w/dress on) and put in a frame.

We found her gown in the merchandise mart. There is a designer shop (that is resalle and really reasonable. ALl the gowns we liked we upward from $100. We paid 35 for hers.

I am sorry I dont know the name of the shop but it is strickly for kids.



answers from Chicago on

We gave our daughter's godparents a wooden Baptism frame with our daughter's picture in it with each godparent. As for the gowns, in Chicago on the southwest side there are several children's clothing stores that have beautiful Christening gowns. They are all located on west 26th street between Pulaski and California. It's not the greatest neighborhood, just go during the day. The gowns are unbelievable and they're cheap ($60).



answers from New York on

Hi N.-

We always made sure to take a nice photo of the godparents and our sons at the ceremony/reception then sent it to them in a nice frame.

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