Banking of Cord Blood (Worthwhile to Also Bank Cord Tissue?)

Updated on October 04, 2010
S.R. asks from San Jose, CA
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I'm wondering -- for those of you who banked with CBR (or elsewhere), did you bank both cord blood and cord tissue, or just the former? Thank you.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your kind replies. I thought it was only an option to bank the cord blood...just now as I was enrolling, I was very surprised to see this additional option. I agree that we should save whatever it's possible to save. That said, we're trying to balance the financial aspect of it, so here's the price breakdown (which is why I asked):

- Cord Blood & Cord Tissue (Price: $2,915)
- Cord Blood (Price: $2,195)
- Cord Tissue (Price: $1,370)

I found this: I guess if we're doing it, might as well do both (?).

Any further thoughts? :) Thanks again.

P.S. around 9pm - to Lisa: whoa, thank you so much...this is a point of view I've never heard before. I certainly will research that and ask my ob/gyn about it. I had no idea such a concern even exists. Thank you.

Further update (Monday): THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. After reading about delayed clamping, I'm thinking that should definitely be our priority, without a doubt. I'm going to speak with my doctor about it tomorrow.

My conclusion after reading everything --> I think we are BOTH going to delay clamping the umbilical cord, AND save the cord blood -- and CBR says that if it turns out there isn't enough they can use, they will let me know and not charge us, but they understand why a lot of people want to delay clamping, and they say there usually IS still enough to use.

I'm still totally up in the air about saving ONLY the cord blood, or saving BOTH the cord blood and cord tissue. For an extra $1k up front, and an extra $150 per year (which makes it a $300 rather than $150 annual fee), I'm hesitant to do both. If anyone still has any thoughts on this, I'd welcome them. THANKS AGAIN, ALL!

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answers from San Francisco on

We banked the cord blood. My OB/GYN, who is also a mother of two, banked cord blood for both her children.

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answers from Austin on

Please, please, please do NOT bank the cord blood. That blood and all of the rich stem cells belong to your baby. You should delay clamping and cutting the cord until the cord has stopped pulsing. It is a much easier transition to life outside the womb for the baby if you let the cord pulse out. They do not have to breathe right away and it gives the baby's body time to start functioning. Please research delayed cord clamping and learn about all the beneficial effects.


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answers from Fresno on

Knowing what we know now, we would not think twice and bank the cord blood. No one knows what science will bring us in 10 years. My son was born with a very rare genetic disorder (we did not know until he was 18 months) and no one knows what the future of science will bring us. I would do anything to give my son a better life and that includes banking cord blood. Again, we may not be there yet but I will kick myself if we get there in his lifetime.


answers from Missoula on

What's the benefit of cord tissue? I've never even heard of doing that. I only did the cord blood.



answers from Dallas on

not sure about the tissue - as far as i know we only did the blood. its been a few years. was it expensive? i glad we did it - sure. even if we never need it i am glad we did it. whats a few $$ in the grand scheme of things? plus - you can pay it out. that is what we did. i would bank whatever i can bank



answers from New York on

we only did cord blood, i dont remember anything about tissue so i cant say. i guess it wasnt really being done yet. but i would have to agree with the other mom who said that i would bank whatever i could and hope i never need it. its like insurance, basically.



answers from San Francisco on

I would check this out a little more. I think there are very few situations where cord blood is actually useful. I know there are sites out there who will claim cures for many things, but the science is not there yet. I think our fears are used against us and the people benefitting are those we give the money to.



answers from San Francisco on

From what I have heard and read from doctors not in a relationship with cord blood centers, you probably will never be able to use the cord blood. It's maybe possible one day that might be able to use it, but right now, the chances of you needing it are very minimal. I thought about doing it, but financially, it was a waste of money. Would you pay thousands of dollars for tornado insurance if you lived in a place with no tornadoes?



answers from Springfield on

I just did the cordblood. I had a medical issue and really could have used it possibly. It was $1400 plus about $100 per year. After so long, I heard it will disintegrate but I don't know.
I was reading about a bank you can donate to for free. The doctor needs to complete the paperwork before birth and get the kit. Of course, the blood would probally be used by someone else, so I chose Cord Blood.

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