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Updated on February 07, 2011
A.H. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hello - so my family and I just moved across the country and into a new apt. (we had never seen the apt until we moved in) Anyway, it doesn't smell the best. A combo of dog and smoke maybe? In particular, my son's room. So, we did baking soda and vacuumed the carpets, then shampooed the carpets, have baking soda and vinegar in the room and washed the walls. - Any other tips? Do those ionic air purifiers work? Help me out please! Thank you

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answers from Dallas on

Place dishes of rock salt in the room. Rock salt absorbs bad smells. We did that when we bough our house...we had smells of smoke and pets, as well.

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answers from Cleveland on

i would sit a thing of baking soda in the room and change it out every once in a while and maybe get a glade plug in as well and use a purifire becuase they do work

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answers from Portland on

Please DON"T use a chemical air freshener. It might mask the smell, but they contain toxic ingredients, and young children, particularly, should NEVER be exposed to them. (Please read

One solution that has helped some people is to rent an ozone machine. This should be used at high power for a couple of hours while the room is UNOCCUPIED and can be aired out for a couple of hours before anyone used the space. The ozone molecules bond to and neutralize most kinds of volatile compounds that cause smell.

If this doesn't work, you probably will need to get the carpet replaced. All the other steps you've taken are good ones, but perhaps the smell is embedded too deeply in the carpeting.

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answers from Minneapolis on

If possible, leave the window in that room open for an entire day to get some fresh air circulating in there. Natural fresh air can do wonders to a stale room, but be aware it will not solve the nicotine problem. That will still need to be scrubbed off the walls and surfaces, and that is no easy task as it's very sticky and tar-like. There are some natural remedies posted below.

Also, painting the room (if that's allowed) will help too. There are paints on the market that are formulated to cover cigarette smoke/tar damage thus eliminating the smell and dingy walls -which by the way can never be totally removed from carpet or walls because of the nature of cigarette tar. It's really hard to get rid of.

Too bad they (landlord) can't rip out that carpet right now. Next to the walls, what's called "third-hand smoke" is equally as dangerous to your health as first and second-hand smoke, as the nicotine stains continue to emit dangerous cancer causing toxins into the air, long after the smoker has left the premisis. It is a real health hazzard to your child to be in a room like that for extended periods of time, as the fumes and gases that make that nasty smell are also very toxic to developing children and there are now studies showing the effects of tobacco residues (not smoke) on young children. See the article below about this very real health issue.

Talk to your landlord about options!


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answers from Portland on

Hi A.,

I just learned of this through a friend, so I thought I would pass it along. You can have your apartment manager, and they have to do this, they can deoxygenate your apartment. This of course means that all living things must be out for a time.

Hope this helps!

T. Nelson

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