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Updated on June 27, 2012
J.C. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hi there!

I am helping throw my cousin's first baby shower. I have a couple of things in mind for activites (onsie decorating, bingo). food and drinks are basically taken care of. but favors a drawing a blank. I was thinking of doing a mini pail that you can get at the dollar store or something like that and add minitures of different things ie: candy, purell, nail polish & file. but i am having trouble things of other miniture items. If you can think of anything OR have any other neat baby shower favor ideas, I would love to hear them!!!

Thanks for the input!

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answers from Miami on

I would go to the party store get those little white bags with blue/pink ribbons. Get those baby bobby pins (plastic gift ones) and fill the little bags with some M&Ms

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I've been to several showers lately where there are about 10 or so really nice themed baskets. During the opening of presents a timer will go off and the person whose present is being opened at that time gets the basket. Also, maybe just a small potted plant in the center of the table with a sticker on the bottom of the placemat, that person gets to take it home. I think most people expect to go to a shower to get lunch, see the person of honor and to be thanked and appreciated for the gift. I'd rather not win anything than walk home with a plastic container of candy baby feet that I'll just throw away. If you are set on doing favors, check out Pinterest. I've seen so many wonderful ideas on there for all sorts of occasions. If you are not a member, I'd be happy to send you an invite, just message me.

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answers from Chicago on

Please don't feel obligated to do favors at all. I have YET to get a favor that I REALLY liked.

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answers from Milwaukee on

in my opinion if you are playing games that you have a chance to win a prize at you really don't need any favors. a shower is for the mother to be and her baby....not for everyone who comes to the shower!!! save the money on favors and don't do them!!!!

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answers from New York on

One of my all time favorite favors at ANY type of shower was a bottle of Bath & Body works scented hand soap. I am now an avid fan and buy it all the time (favorite scents are coconut lime verbena and sweet pea). I really like that it was a useful item. And I very much remember at whose shower it was given out. I have a large collection of candles and other chochkas with imprinted ribbons and I've seen similar in many yard sales. Not sure what to do with them.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am not fan of favors either but if you must you could go to a craft store and buy candy molds in a baby theme. Melt chocolate and stick a lollipop stick in it. Wrap in wrappers that you buy at the craft store and use pink and blue ribbon.

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answers from Dallas on

If you are doing games more than likely there will be prizes that usually are ones that can easily be given to the mother to be or at least that's how it's been at the ones I have gone to. I have never heard of favors for a baby shower.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I really, really don't think favors at a shower are necessary. If you're struggling to come up with one, honestly, just skip it. I have been to many showers without favors and I prefer it that way, since the ones I do go to generally give favors I won't use or don't need.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Love your idea of the mini pails. You don't have to hand out anything if you don't want to.

You can add chapstick, mini permanent markers, book markers to the pail

One thing we did that was cute was filled plastic baby bottles w/M&M's or Jellie Bellies as table centerpieces. They took those home if they wanted.
The rest of the bottles that were left were later kept for the baby if needed

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answers from New York on

My DIL and her coworkers love scratch offs. The dollar ones. So that was the favor along with some candies all tied in a little organza bag! People loved that idea and many people won anywhere from $2 to 30!


answers from Cleveland on

I HATE favors. I hate them at weddings and I hate them at showers. They are a waste of time and money that most people don't seem to really care too much about. Most showers I attend that do have favors have tons left over at the end because people don't even take them home. I actually threw both a baby shower and a wedding shower in the last three months, and the mom to be and bride both asked specifically that we NOT do favors. Such a relief!



answers from Lafayette on

Small candles, trial size facial masks, chap sticks. Have fun!



answers from Sacramento on

Really cute and simple--if you know someone with a babyb who is currently eating jarred baby food, ask for the empty cleaned out jars. Fill them with jelly beans or M & Ms. Get a cute fabric to glue on the lid witha ribbon around it. I guess it depends on how many guests you have if you want to make these for everyone!



answers from St. Louis on

for the past couple of showers, I just gave small potted plants or floral arrangements. Everybody loved them!


answers from Los Angeles on

The easiest and most fun baby shower favors I do are chocolate baby "feet." They are about 3.5" long, I make them using white chocolate that I tint pink or blue, put them in small treat bags and tie with ribbons.

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