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Updated on December 09, 2009
I.R. asks from New York, NY
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my husband name is alexander and he wants to name the baby alejandro?
alejandro is what were goona give the baby but im still considering a second
name.. is hanz or hans a nice name? alejandro hans? alejandro hanz?
any suggestions pls on a second name...?? thanks alot..

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answers from Jamestown on

"Hans(z)" will get him beat up.

You are trying to put a Spanish name together with a German/Swedish name. It doesn't flow right.

I like Alejandro James...sounds better when you yell

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answers from New York on

you've written this in before. it's your baby, and you need to decide with your husband, what names you like. nobody can tell you, or should they tell you what to name your child.



answers from New York on

Hi I.,

Alejandro Hans sounds very ... Argentinian! Or possibly Chilean. (Both -- though especially Argentina -- are Spanish-speaking countries with a lot of people of German ancestry.) If I met someone in the United States named Alejandro Hans, I'd assume that he was either from the Southern Cone or had mixed Spanish/Latino and German/Scandinavian ancestry. I would be a little surprised to hear a parent choose the name Hans if she didn't have a specific link to that name, but there's nothing in the world wrong with it -- it would just be a little surprising.

If you don't have a special link to the name Hans, my real recommendation for a middle name is to pick someone or something to honor. It can be someone in your family, someone you're close to, or someone from history or literature you admire. Or you could look for a "virtue name" (e.g., Sterling for a boy) or a nature name (e.g., Wolf, Falcon, etc.) that would be meaningful to you. People use their middle names so little that these names are almost more personal than first names. The first name is sort of public -- everybody uses it to address the person -- but the middle name can be a place for a special message from parent to child.

At any rate, Alejandro is such a handsome, wonderful name, you can't possibly go wrong. Let us know what you choose!



answers from Chicago on

that's a tough one to find a middle name that sounds good.

Alejandro Miguel?
Alejandro Ramon?
Alejandro Jose?
seems like spanish decent names seem to go well with it, since alejandro comes from spanish decent.

are you trying to do a non-spanish middle name?
Alejandro Jordan?
Alejandro Allen?
Alejandro Thomas?
Alejandro James?
Alejandro Julius?
Alejandro Xavier?

or unique?
Alejandro Cruz?
Alejandro Rhys? or Reece?
Alejandro Milan?
Alejandro Marcel?
Alejandro Elias?

good luck! let us know what you decide.



answers from New York on

Hi I.. Alejandro is a beautiful name! However, I dont' believe in mixing different nationalities, it sounds funny. A very Spanish name like Alejandro does not flow with the German Hans. I would be looking for something more like Alejandro Vicente or Alejandro Luis.
Needless to say, if the German comes from your husband's side of the family and his last name is German, Alejandro likely wont' work with that.



answers from New York on

my nephew's name is han alexander (his mom is from singapore and the dad has german ancestry). it's really nice. i think alejandro han or hanz would be nice. good luck.



answers from New York on

Dear I., I think Jose would sound good with Alejandro. Best wishes to you and baby, Grandma Mary



answers from New York on

I. -- This is your baby. You and your husband should be the one to decide the name. If you love a name, then that's what you pick. Don't let other people make the choice for you.



answers from New York on

aren't there any names you just love? you choose. that is your baby boy. you can't go wrong as long as you love the name



answers from New York on

I'm a real name nerd, so I might care more about this than you do, but Alejandro (which is a lovely name, by the way) is VERY Spanish and Hans is VERY German/Dutch/Scandinavian. Personally, I would not combine two names that are so different in origin. Also, I prefer to give children names that fit with the with child's ethnic background (for example, our last name is Scottish and English, and our child is Scottish/English in heritage, so we will give him an Anglo name).

So I guess my point is, if your child has a Spanish heritage, I think Alejandro is lovely, but I would stick with other Spanish names for the middle.

Alejandro Ramon
Alejandro Cesar
Alejandro Cristian
Alejandro Cristobal (I love this one!)
Alejandro Dante
Alejandro Gabriel
Alejandro Joaquin
Alejandro Leonel
Alejandro Mateo
Alejandro Nataniel
Alejandro Rafael
Alejandro Tomas (Love this too!)
Alejandro Valentin

On the other hand, if your child has a northern European background, I would personally stick with Hans and use a Northern European first name. But that's just my preference, and the only preferences that matter here are yours and your husbands'!

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