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Baby Shower for Second Baby?

My family had showers for me for all three of my kids. The first one was before I had my baby, but the other two were after so that they knew the sex of the ...

How Do You Know When Baby Is Having Gas Pain and Needs Help?

Mylicon and gripe water never worked me, but the baby massage descibed above did ! Target sells a baby and me yoga dvd for $10 (near all their naturescapes ...

Trying to Have a Baby Girl!

I bought two books that helped me tremendously: "Taking charge of your fertility " (which others have recommended) and "How to choose the sex of your baby". ...

Seeking a Baby Nurse

But be reassured that it will be okay and take it from me. I was a nervous wreck at the end of my pregnancy but once the baby is here you are a total ...

How Often Should a Baby Eat?

So I have heard many things on how to feed a baby. I have heard you are supposed to feed them every 3-4 hours and then others have told me never wake a ...

Baby's Name

I went to talk to the baby and the baby asked me, "hey, are you my mom?" I introduced myself and pointed out my husband further away. ...

Keeping Baby Warm at Night with a Cold House.

I know this is cool, so I try to dress the baby to keep her warm. Plus,her room seems cool to me. Right now I put her in a onesie, sleeper with feet and a ...

Just Had a Baby and Want to Get Pregnant Again

I missed my big belly and the safe feeling of the baby inside me moving around. I couldn't really connect that the baby I was taking care of was the same ...

17 Weeks Pregnant Feeling Baby?

I am 20 weeks right now and was worried about the same thing a few weeks ago. It didn't happen till closer to 19-20 weeks for me. Each baby is different! ...

Baby's Gender

BUT, I can tell you with my children we didn't find out and for all of my ultrasounds... the tech did refer to the baby as a "him", but she told me she ...
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