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Updated on February 01, 2014
K.F. asks from Hillsboro, OR
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We are expecting our 3rd girl this May and are really struggling to come up with name possibilities. We have a hyphenated last name (2 syllables each, but easy to pronounce) and are looking for something that is unique, not weird, easy to say, not a top 25 name but also not a fad. We also don't like names that have obvious nicknames, or the "name them one thing and call them another" idea.

Our other kids are Kellen Matthew, Brynn Avery and Keely Mae. Yes, there is an Irish/Welsh theme among them, but it was not intentional. And no more K's please - Brynn would love another B name, but we haven't come up with much there.

Here's what we have so far:
Delaney Kate
Makenna Grace
Teagan (pronounced Tee-gan) Grace
Brooke (maybe?)
Brie or Bree? Not as a short version of something else, just as her whole name
Emerson Grace

I really like the middle names Grace and Kate, but we are struggling after that. Is a 3 syllable 1st name too much with a hyphenated last name? Are Brooke or Brie and Brynn too close together?

Help! We have literally read 3 name books cover to cover. Any suggestions that seem to fit with our current names would be very welcome!

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answers from Green Bay on

I like Delaney. I don't think a 3 syllable name is too much. You won't always use the middle name in there. It is long, but it isn't ridiculously out of question.



answers from Rockford on

I saw a Welsh girl's name was Bethan, so maybe you could go with Bethany Grace. I like the idea of you having two Ks and two Bs, but that's just me, lol! I really like all the names you picked out, so I don't think you will go wrong!



answers from Boston on

What about Sawyer Grace? I just heard it and its different. Congrats!! And let us all know when you decide!!

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answers from New York on

Since you've got two K kids, I sort of want you to have another B, so Brynn won't be left out. So, what about Bridget (or Brigitte), with the nickname Bree? Bridget is as Celtic as you can get, and Bree would be cute with your other kids' names. Bridget Grace is a nice combo, too.

Of the names you've listed, Teagan would be my first choice, and then Delaney.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I think Delaney Kate is wonderful. It is current, yet not too common.

I like all of your options. Makenna is pretty, but I feel like there have been a lot of little Makennas running around.

Teagan is sweet. Now that I am re-reading your post this might go better with the last name.

I am going to say no to Brooke because you asked if it is close to Brynn. It is and you have some other great options. Reagan is nice, but not my top from your list.

Here are some other ideas:
Tatum (I do like your name Teagan better)

edit: I just read Mira's post. Bridget is a nice name. Familiar and not over used.

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answers from San Francisco on

I've always liked the names Caroline and Julia.

Caroline Grace
Julia Kate

Best wishes with your new little one!

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answers from Norfolk on

Was going to suggest Brooklynn, but it's probably too close to Brynn.

I love Reagan and Teagan. Easy to pronounce and spell.
Our friends have an Emerson, which is so cute, except they call her Emmy, which is not IMO.

My latest favorite girl name is Ryan... Ryan Grace Wilson-Phillips, that's the last name I gave you ;) Good luck!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

If you're wanting to stay with the Celtic groove, how about Bronwyn Grace or Bronwyn Cate?

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answers from Wichita Falls on

You could combine the top middle names. Catherine Grace (as you don't want any more k's)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I like all the names you have so far. Makenna *may* be a little too popular, as your children have rather unique names.

I like Delaney Grace personally :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I like Brooke (and Bridget). I think if you don't want weird (as you say) I would eliminate Teagan and Delaney from the list (although you already have names that are unusual for your other children). Makenna is currently overused (and I would guess a fad), as is Reagan (although it is pretty). Kate is pretty but it is a nickname - short for Kathryn (various spellings) or Kathleen.

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answers from Tulsa on

I know lots of Reagans (there's 2 in our small play group alone) and Brie just makes me think of brie cheese. I like Delaney and Makenna best of your choices, but what about narrowing it down to your and your hubby's favorites and then letting the big sibs vote?



answers from Killeen on

What about Britton, Bowen, Bristol, Braylee, Blaine, Brice, or Briley?


answers from Chicago on

Of the names listed, I like Delaney Kate, Makenna Grace, and Teagan Grace.

I don't think Brooke goes with the names of your other kids at all.

Other Irish girls' names I like: Caitlin, Ciara, Claire, Fiona, Hannah, Maeve, Meara, Nora, and Trinity.



answers from New London on

My friend, Georgia, named her daughter Brittley...It could be spelled Britlee.......So pretty !

I love the name Brooke !!

I love the name Carissa Kate, too.

Caitlin is my other favorite. It was so popular about 19 yrs ago...


answers from Denver on

What about Amaya or Alayna


answers from Dover on

I know you said no more Ks but I like Kensie Grace.

Or what about Brenda Grace?



answers from Beaumont on

Honesty, they are all lovely names. Not seeing how you can choose a bad one. Congratulations!



answers from Los Angeles on

I like Teagan Grace (if she can go by Grace so her 1st name won't be
mis pronounced so much).
What about:

Congratulations on your newest addition!

Have 2 or 3 in your'll know when you meet her. :)



answers from Minneapolis on

I like Delaney Kate. I might be concerned about the number of syllables, but it's hard to know. I do like mixing up the number of syllables between the first and middle names so I like the three syllable first name with the one syllable middle name. And I think it goes well with your other kids' names. I don't think Brooke and Brynn are any more similar than Kellan and Keely, maybe even less so. Sorry, I'm not sure if they are even pronounced the same, but when I see "Reagan" I think of an elderly president. Maybe that dates me! I think Delaney is pretty and feminine. I like Kate because it's classic and simple. Congrats! You can always wait until she's born and see if something strikes you when you meet her.


answers from Columbia on

Áine Grace

Áine is a varaint of Anne.



answers from Los Angeles on

I like Teagan Grace (if she can go by Grace so her 1st name won't be
mis pronounced so much).
What about:

Congratulations on your newest addition!

Have 2 or 3 in your'll know when you meet her. :)



answers from Grand Rapids on

Delaney Grace is a pretty name. A couple of suggestions: Lily Grace, Cassidy Grace, Ava Grace, Olivia Grace....I know when a friend of mine was looking for a baby name she would go and look at baby pictures that are posted on the hospital website she was going to deliver at....good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Here are my favorite girl names. I only have one girl but wish I had 6 more just to be able to name them ;)

Brenna (this is welsh!)

I do think a 3 syllable name is too much with a middle name and 2 last names; would stay with a one or two syllable first name. I don't think that the B names are too close together, they are different enough from Brynn to be ok to me. The other suggestion I have is to start with Grace and use Emerson or Brie/Bree as the middle name.

Just my 2 cents: I love the name Kate, but with all the british royalty fever is Cate/Kate super popular right now for babies? I tend to shy away from choosing the current hot fad for names.

Congrats and good luck!


answers from Reno on

I love Emerson Grace. or Delaney.
Many blessings



answers from Rochester on

Mattea Grace
Isla Grace (pronounced eye-la)



answers from Houston on

I like your other kids names a lot! I am Welsh born and raised. Bryn (hill) was always a traditional old mans name in Wales, so I'm glad you added that extra N, made it pretty! Here are some other Welsh names, that are very popular in wales, but won't necessarily be in the "baby name books" The thing with Welsh is that the letters are pronounced differently, so the names will always have to be spelled out!
Menna, pronounced men ah
Cariad Pronounced car ee ad, means sweetheart
Celyn, pronounced keh lyn. Means holly
Sian (pronounced shaan)
Ffion (pronounced fee on)
Lowri (pronounced low ree)
Eleri (pronounced ell airy)
Mhairie (pronounced myer ree)



answers from Anchorage on

I like Reagan. Other girl names I like are:



answers from Houston on

Shannon Grace would be beautiful. Like Delaney Grace as well. Good luck and congrats!!!



answers from Phoenix on

Maybe Fiona? I also love the name Oona, original spelling Oonaugh, it means lamb. From your list I like Reagan, pronounced Ree-gan. I have a niece named Brooke who is awesome, so I like that name! Reagan Brooke is nice. Playing with names was one of my favorite things while I was pregnant, but definitely stressful when you actually have to pick one!


answers from Dallas on

My daughter is Erin Melissa

I did not want a name that was the most popular where there would be 3-5 of the same name in each grade level. I also wanted a name that sounded nice for a business woman on to an 80 yr old woman. We are still pleased with our choice and of her HS graduating class this past June of apps 1200 Seniors... she was the only Erin... YEAH!!

As a regular teacher, I see a lot of Emma, Caitlyn, Kayleigh, Ava, Abby, Maddie/Madison,



answers from Detroit on

Alyse (Ah-lease) Kate



answers from Seattle on

My son, 10, is Dylan James
My daughter, 6, is Ciara Ann (pronounced KEER-ah, the Irish pronunciation)
My other daughter, due May 30th, will be Scarlett Evelyn.

My paternal grandmother was Evelyn-Ann. My husband's paternal grandmother was Evelyn. HIS middle name is Evan, after his grandmother.



answers from Kansas City on

You have some really good choices!!! I like Delaney, Reagan, and Brooke! I also like Rory, Claire, Megan and Caitlin.



answers from Detroit on

Your question made me chuckle so-thanks I needed that. I really stressed over boy names! I had a pursuit similar to yours and decided on Kaden-which is NOT at all uncommon, but I thought it was at the time.
My girl name pick has always been Annelise. And it suits her well. And isn't too common (thank goodness I didn't do THAT again).
My name is Irish-G.. Not common, my mom loves it. But I hated it when I was a kid in the 80s and everyone was Stefanie or Cindy.
All then names you have listed are super popular arond here. There is even a boy named Teegan (in our schools).
If you want another B I think Brenna (Grace) is pretty.
Brooke and Brynn aren't too close.
Kudos to you for not going with Kayleigh. Seems to be the number one pick around here!



answers from Los Angeles on

I like Grace and Kate, especially as first names. I think a 3-syllable name with a long last name is probably too much. I'm saying Delaney and Makenna out loud with some of the other hyphenated names I know and it seems long.

Don't go with Teagan for two reasons: 1. You had to tell us how to pronounce it, so your child will go through life having to do the same. 2. Where I live, it is much more common as a boy's name.

Brooke and Brynn are no more similar than Kellen and Keely, so if you like Brooke, go for it. I think a two-syllable first name is best though, especially with Grace or Kate as the middle name.

Molly is a cute name and goes along with your Irish theme. I think it works better with Grace than with Kate.

I know you don't want top 25, but I think Emma Grace or Emma Kate is really pretty.

Bailey (or Baylie as my son's classmate spells it)



answers from Los Angeles on

I had a childhood friend named Meegan. Yes, people always misread it as Megan, but I just love her name. It is so happy and beautiful like my friend. It is an Irish name (usually a surname and not a first name), so maybe it would fit well in your naming theme? I tried to talk my husband into that name for our second or third child, but we ended up having boys. Good luck deciding on a name!


answers from San Diego on

Teagan was something we considered with ours, though we didn't go with it in the end. It's a great name.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I love Mekenna Grace, that's pretty.

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