Names to Add to a Sibset?

Updated on September 03, 2011
C.F. asks from Trenton, MI
40 answers

I have five children currently and am pregnant for my sixth (a girl) due in November
(I just posted another question I know but my name list seems like an emergency too! ;)

My sons names are:
Chance Alexander
Reid Benjamin
& My daughters names are:
Marlee Elle
Lyla Claire
Summer Kate

I'm kind of stuck on a name for my last girlie.
For my sons- I totally let my hubby pick the names, for my first daughter I was young and it had been my favorite name forever, the second I heard and just loved it immediately, and for my last daughter I stole her name off my best friend's name list after she declared she was done having kids

My (short) list is like this
-Reese (not sure about this, it seems more popular for boys)
-Harper (seems to be getting popular fast)
-Caroline *love*
-Grace/Gracie (an old favorite I just can't seem to let go of)

Which one do you like best and which one fits best with sibs?!

I'd LOVE if anyone wanted to give suggestions as a bonus! :)

Thank you SO much for any input. I'm going name crazy!

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answers from Jacksonville on

What about Caroline Grace?
It has that "old" feel to it, much like Marlee and Kate and even Claire.

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answers from Detroit on

Caroline Grace! You say you love Caroline and can't let go of Grace. Grace as a first name is pretty popular, but I think it goes beautifully as a middle name with Caroline. And I think it sounds great with the other kids' names.

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answers from Detroit on

Harper Grace sounds pretty. I have 3 but if I could do it again, I would name them after presidents - ( maybe w/different spellings) Lincoln, Carter, Reagan, Kennedy, Monroe, McKinley etc. Whatever you choose, will be wonderful. Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I like Caroline Grace

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answers from Grand Rapids on

I like your name :) We named our daughter Camryn Ruby. Our oldest daughter is Emerson Leigh. I LOVE Harper....but it is our good friends' last name, so we couldn't do that. I only read some of the responses, but I think they are on the right track with Caroline. Beautiful name. Good luck!

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answers from Wausau on

Caroline Grace is adorable. The old fashioned names are making a comeback, and they are becoming the unusual names. Good luck mama, with your new addition!!!

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answers from Roanoke on

I also love the name Caroline! I don't care for Harper or Reese. Grace is so popular that it is hard for me to vote for it, but I do like it for a middle name.

Both of them break the trend of 2 syllable 1st names and 1 syllable middle names. I would also stay away from anything that ends with the same sound as one of your other daughter's names since they are all different so far. (I like that!)

I really like Charlotte and think it would sound great with your family. Ditto on Harlow - which is close to Harper, but not Harpie. LOL

Charlotte Grace
Harlow Grace

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter is named Lila. We ALMOST named her Claire, so it sounds like we have similar taste!

I would have named my daughter Tess or Tessa, but my husband's sheepdog when he was growing up was named Tessie. :)

I also love the name Jo, but am not a fan of Josephine, Jolene, Joanne/Joanna/Johanna. I would have considered Josie and called her Jo, but my husband shot it down.

When I was younger, I liked the name Cassidy/Cass/Cassie, but not so much anymore.

Let us know what you choose!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Caroline (Carrie) Grace. I love names that have staying power. And it will look so good on her diploma when she graduates from veterinary school.

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answers from Seattle on

Marlee, Lyla, Summer, Harper is my favorite

Marlee, Lyla, Summer, Caro (short for Caroline)
Marlee, Lyla, Summer, Grace are tied for my 2nd favs

I'd personally do Harper Grace or Caroline Reese has become one of my favorite sites. You just type in your favorites and it generates more based off of those.

3 out of your 4 are on my short list as well :). Along with


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answers from Detroit on

My 7-year-old daughter is Reese Elizabeth and we love, love, love it. She's our sixth, also, and there isn't another Reese (boy or girl) at her school, at church, on her soccer team, etc. She likes that her name is different (although it is misspelled Reece quite frequently.) Her school is loaded with Harpers, Pipers, Maddies, Ellies, Carolines and Gracies. In her first grade class, there were even two Grace S's. Very confusing.

Personally, I like that all my kids names are a little uncommon (or at least were when they were little.) Seems like you do, too. Our last name starts with an R, so the alliteration factor really figured into it, too. When I sent her birth announcement out with all the other kids names on it as proud big brothers and sisters, I received a few comments on how nice all their names sounded together. Try saying them out loud (first names only) with your short list names tagged on the end. Worked for me. Reese was the clear winner and it's been a great choice.

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answers from Detroit on

I love the Name Krista for a girl.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Looks like you like some fun, comtemporary names!! I love them!! I also like slightly different names for my kids. My youngest daughter we named Grayson. You don't hear of many girls named Grayson, but it sort of goes with your love for the name Grace. Just a thought for something a little different.

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answers from Detroit on

I love Gracie and Caroline. Amelia and Madeline were also on my list before I found out our last baby was a boy.

I like Amelia Grace (was on my list), Gracie Lynn, and Caroline Grace. Harper does go well with your other names, but for some reason I just don't like it. I think because the only thing I think of is Harper Halliwell from that TV show. Reese is cute but I don't know what the middle name might be (have to hear it with the last name to get one maybe).

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answers from Chicago on

My friend just named her daughter Harper, and I love it!

Perhaps Harper Grace??

If I am ever blessed with a daughter she will be named Elena Marie.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I vote for Caroline Grace - especially if you love it :o)

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answers from Detroit on

Love Grace or Gracie. Know someone who named their daughter, Macy Grace which I think is so cute. But Caroline Grace is beautiful too. My sister is Grace, her 105 yr old grandmother-in-law is Grace and I just think it's a name that will always be popular and elegant. If I had a daughter, "Grace" would be part of her name.

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answers from Appleton on

You have a Summer Kate how about a Harvest Moon? Okay teasing (sorry).

Don't like Reese --makes me think of candy.

Harper to Bizarre (harper's bizarre magazine)

Caroline nice name and grows with a child Can be Carrie as a little girl and Caroline as an adult.

Grace nice name -- unless she turns out be a clutz. ( or non graceful)

Actually Caroline Grace sounds nice.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would go with Grace, since you've liked it for so long! It's classic and pretty.



answers from Redding on

Having this many kids, you get to use ALL the names you love!
I only have two so I didn't get to have such fun.
I love all the names you've given your children.

You seem to have a pattern with your girls having one syllable middle names.
I think Caroline Grace is absolutely beautiful and fits well with the other girls' names.
You love those names (as do I) and they're so pretty together.

Congratulations! You are so blessed.
Be sure to let us know what you choose.



answers from Orlando on

I love Carolie Grace! So beautiful and classic.

Harper was on my short list for baby 2, but husband HATED it. Then he told me to google a 'harpie" and it is some creature that was not what I wanted my little angel nicknamed.

Reese I think of Reese Witherspoon who is beautiful and classy, but Reese and Reid are kind of similar and I don't really like when siblings have similar names, just my personal preference.

Have fun we named baby 1 in about 30 seconds, baby 2 we decided on her name when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Madelyn Renee and Amelia Leigh. :)



answers from Birmingham on

Sorry I got in on this so late!
I love Caroline and Harper. I also love:


Good luck and many, many blessings on your sixth baby! I wish my husband would get on board and agree to a big family!



answers from Detroit on

Cambria Grace or Brielle Grace



answers from Detroit on

Harper and Reese are very masculine sounding to me, I know that is trendy now - gender neutral names, but it doesn't really match with your daughter's names that are definitely feminine. My favorite is Grace/Gracie.



answers from Detroit on

I like Gracie Reese or Gracie Harper from your list.



answers from Seattle on

I love reese, Harper, and grace (Gracie as nickname only)! I also like Amelia, brynn, cassidy, everly, Emma, Hadley, Juliet, Julia, Camden, Clara, kathryn, London, Lana, Olivia, Peyton/Payton, Quinn, Stella, taryn, Ursula. Sorry to add to the confusion! I love your other kids names too. Harper grace would match the other girls' 2/1 syllable names if that matters..Congrats on the brood :)



answers from Chicago on

My mother named me Caroline after Princess Caroline of Monaco and Caroline Kennedy. My second name is Louise. I never liked my name when I was younger because it wasn't a popular name where I grew up, but I love my name now! There are a lot of young children these days named Caroline, so I guess it is in the popular list. Caroline Grace sounds pretty - unless you're having #7 then hold on to Grace!



answers from Houston on

I really like Caroline Grace too.


answers from Modesto on

Julia Jade
Britten Paige
Caroline Grace



answers from Savannah on

All of your girls have 2 syllable first names and 1 syllable middle names. I would stick with that pattern! So with your list, I would go with Harper or Gracie. Or, just name your daughter whatever you like the best! ;)


answers from Biloxi on

I like Caroline Grace.


Congrats on your soon to be addition.



answers from Kansas City on

Well, like everyone else, I'm a fan of Caroline Grace - mostly because you put that you loved Caroline so much, and that is what you want when you choose that special name for your new little one! A different name that I love is Amalia (Pronounced A-ma-lee-ah). My sister used it for a middle name to her daughter Sophia and I just thought it was really lovely.



answers from Joplin on

I work at a preschool so I get to hear lots of little ones favorite name at the moment is Chloe!
Although saying all three girls names and then adding Grace tagged onto the end of the string of names fits!
= ) Be sure and let us know what you choose!


answers from Spokane on

If you love Caroline ~ go with it!
Caroline Grace would go great with your other kids' names.


answers from Kansas City on

I vote for Caroline Grace. Or if you wanted to keep the two syllables you could change the spelling to Carlyn or something like that.


answers from San Antonio on

I really like Caroline Grace.
I know one boy named Reece, and a character in a book who was a boy named Reece. But of course, there is Reece Witherspoon, and she's a girl.

I am not a fan of Harper. Granted, there is a town near me called Harper and there's not much there. Also, I knew a guy who's last name was Harper. I like the name Megyn, but don't think it goes well with Caroline. And if you really love Caroline, I think you should stick with it.

I know a Coral. Technically Coralann. Kind of like Caroline, but a little different. I think Coral/Coralann goes good with Grace. I also like the name Carmela.

Good luck! What fun.



answers from Detroit on

Caroline Grace

(Don't worry about the Princess Grace and Caroline of Monaco combo).

All of your daughters have different end syllables. Harper would crowd out Summer's unique name with her the final syllable.



answers from Detroit on

I LOVE the name was on my list for both my daughters (but my husband wasn't too thrilled about it, or I'd have a Grace right now!) Also, I think the name Skye would sound so pretty with Summer!!



answers from Anchorage on

I like Harper and Caroline


answers from Pittsburgh on

Caroline. I love that name, too.

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