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Updated on December 09, 2010
L.L. asks from Granby, CT
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My husband and I are stumped when it comes to girl names. My Grandmother recently passed away and we would love to incorporate her name "Bea" as a middle name, but are finding it so difficult. Nothing seems to flow with it. Even a name with the sound "bee" in it. I love the names Emily, Emilia, Emma, Lily but don't want a top 10 name.

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So What Happened?

As far as using the full name Beatrice, she would roll over in grave. She hated to be called Beatrice.

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answers from Pittsfield on

I shouldn't suggest this, b/c I know a little girl with this name (hopefully, that alone doesn't ruin it for you!)

The name is Isla Bea (or ailah, or whatever spelling) Pronounced - eye-la

it's so sweet.
but I also agree with using Bea as a first name. Very unique, but old unique and not modern/trendy/weird unique :)

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answers from Springfield on

First thing that popped into my head was Amelia and I see a few others here offered the same thing...I like the sound of names that end in a with Bea, which is a beautiful name!

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answers from Modesto on

Wow, that's an awesome name to work with.... can you hint us the first names that you sort of like and how many syllables in the last name.
I'm in agreement that it would be a cool first name and make her middle name be a longer one, it would sound professional. Bea Elizabeth Jones. Sounds like an Author or an Attorney.
All of those first names sound good with Bea as the middle.

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answers from Modesto on

You should use Bea as her first name, very cute, unique, antique, feminine name. I love it!

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answers from Cincinnati on

what about Honey....honey bea...ok no just kidding what about ameilia bea, or katlyn bea rose?

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answers from Chicago on

Congrats to you and your family!

Here's a couple of the names that my hubby and I picked for a girl. I love old names and try to avoid the top lists too. (Our daughter's name is Audrey June (June was my grandmother's name too)).

Norah Bea- sounds the best to me but here are a few others...

Poppy (still a flower name like Lilly but not as popular)

Hope that helps :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

That's great that you want to use her name and I think lots of names would go with it! Just keep sounding them off and see what sounds good to you.

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answers from Seattle on

Our family nearly always does 4 names. Two middle names to honor a loved one from each parent, and a first name that is their own.

Four names makes Bea flow with almost any combination if it's the 2nd name in the list.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Emily Bea, is what came to my mind but you're right it is a hard one to fit. Maybe you should make it the first name but call her by her middle name? My son is Sean Jason but we use Jason.
Good luck and God bless

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answers from Columbus on

We just named our 2nd daughter Gracyn Mae.... (so of course I am biased, hehe) but what about Gracyn Bea?

I love Bea btw... what about as a first instead of a middle name? I think it would be adorable.

Congrats btw...

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Ok, so my daughter's name is Olivia and I think Olivia Bea sounds great! What about incorporating other female names in your family (ancestors from the past) and see what you come up with. Here are some others I thought of:
Eliza Bea
Amelia Bea (spelled differently that you have it)
Lilliana Bea (a verion of Lily but longer and sounds better)
Alyssa Bea (could spell it differently too)
Sophia Bea
Meredith Bea
*heard two more first names that would sound great w/Bea. Lorna Bea and Nora Bea* Loved them both and had to share...
You've had lots of good suggestions here. Of course, blend them w/your last name and see what you come up with. All the Best and God Bless on the new baby girl to come.


answers from Cincinnati on

Rebecca Bea (Becky Bea for short..... Your little "BB")


answers from New York on

I like Bea as a first name OR a three syllable name followed by Bea
Jennifer Bea ( was common when I was young but never see young girls by that name)
Cynthia Bea
I knew a girl named Beatriz who went by Biti (pronounced Bitty)



answers from Honolulu on

Why don't you just use Beatrice?

For 1st names, what about:


answers from Dover on

I like Cheyenne Nicole (doesn't have "Bea" but it's an idea).


answers from Davenport on

How about Ellison Bea or Eleni Bea?



answers from Providence on

Natalie Bea?
Lydia Bea?



answers from Atlanta on

HI L.,

I think Lily Bea is adorable. Isabella Bea will give it a little more rhythm :) My husband suggested Spelling and Aunt......he thinks he's funny!

I love the name Beatrice, it's a shame she hated it. Do you really think she would not want your little one's full name to include Beatrice if it was honoring her?





answers from Anchorage on

I think Bea is a wonderful middle name, and lots of names could go with it. Just go to a naming site and start reading the names out loud with the middle name until something sounds right. Some of my tops would be Rosalyn Bea, Sahara Bea, Anabelle Bea, and Katheryn Bea



answers from Washington DC on

Madeleine Bea , Abigail Bea.

Also I think the names you mention goes well also.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Isn't Trixie a nickname for Beatrice?


answers from Austin on

How about the middle name Beata... It is a traditional girl's name, pronounced Bee-ah-tah; Latin in origin and means blessed/happy.

Since you like E names:
Emerson Beata
Emmalyn Beata
Ella Beata
Elsa Beata

But it could go nicely with:
Vivian Beata
Adrienne Beata
Sophia Beata



answers from Springfield on

I heard the prettiest name the other day. Adalyn sound it out to Ada Lyn very pretty. I am baised to my daughters name though Janiece pronounced Ja Niece it was a family name and my middle name. Emma Bea reminds me of a song by black eyed peas LOL I have a kid in my daycare that is named Emma and we sing it to her all the time. LOL SOrry got off track.I hope this helps.



answers from Cincinnati on

I would go with a first name with 3 or more syllables since Bea is so short.

Julia Bea
Julianna Bea
Sophia Bea
Jennifer Bea
Daniella Bea
Gabriella Bea
Adrianna Bea
Lillian Bea
Madison Bea
Natalie Bea



answers from Chattanooga on

I like Lily Bea. :)



answers from Boston on

I did the same with my daughter - both me and my hubby lost our grandmothers within years of my daughter's birth and his grandmother was Margaret and mine was Peggy Mae. And I wanted to incorporate the names as her middle name.

For her first name, I researched top 100 names of the 1900's to the 1950's and found Addison in the top 100 boys names of 1920. Of course there's tons of Addisons now, but that's what we decided on. Then we hyphenated her middle name. So she's Addison Margaret-Mae - and we call her Addie Mae, Addie Maggs...

I grew up with a different spelling name and wanted to not give that to my kids - I wanted something different but that everyone would know how to spell it. So Hunter and Addison are my choices.

For you, if you want to stick to an E name - I love the old fashioned Emeline. So many nick names with that and fits well with any Bea middle name you give her.

Good Luck!!


answers from Columbus on

I like the sound of a name ending in e or ee. Even if it's a nickname (my girls are Alexandra/Ally and Vivian/Vivi. So, Bea would go with either full name or nickname. Eva(Evie) Bea, Jillian(Jilly) Bea..... One of my kid's is named after his grandpa. The name doesn't "flow" as well as some others, but the most important thing was the namesake. The full name isn't used that often - graduation and when they are in trouble (LOL!) So, if you find a first name that you like, use Bea with it. Unless your choice of first names is Blythe, Barbara or Brie, I think you will be fine. *I love the name, Quinn, for a girl. And yes, I love Glee :). If it weren't for the fact that one of my son's friens's name is Quin(boy), I would have used it. Quinn Bea....queen .....bee.....Ha Ha Ha!!! Apparently, I'm sleep deprived..........
Good luck and congrats!!!!!!

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