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Updated on February 04, 2011
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Ok so I am pregnant with a little boy whom is our second. I named our first son so my husband would like to name our second one but he is slacking and doesn't even bother looking. So I need names that goes with the last name Fernandez. We would like to stay away from any Mexican or Spanish decent names. Our first son is named Jameson. Thanks ahead of time. Maybe I should also add that the name we had originally picked out was Conrad Thomas (Which was his grandfather's name) but now he doesn't think he wants to use it. And I know we aren't going to name him after my husband because we agreed we didn't want a jr. It would be to confusing for us.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think a great name to go with Jameson is Greyson, which I LOVE. :) Really sounds nice with both of them ending in "son."

Maybe Greyson Conrad Fernandez.

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answers from Philadelphia on

He may be afraid of jinxing the pregnancy, give him a little time (assuming he really wants to name this one). I had wanted to use my grandmother's name as a middle name for my daughter, but we never came up with a first name we agreed on. I ended up having her by c-section, and so for a few days we were calling her "blank Dorothy" in the hospital. Eventually, we made Dorothy her first name and came up with a new middle name before we were discharged.

I like watching the TV show Chuck, I only saw part of this one episode, but Chuck's sister was pregnant, and her husband wasn't agreeing to any of the names she picked out and wasn't really participating, so she came up with some awful, made-up name, and said that was it, case closed. This drove him into action and eventually they had a real discussion about names they both liked :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Suggest to him a family name - his father, your father, grandfathers, etc...
It will have more meaning than picking a name off a baby name list and when your hubby gets to tell people he picked the name and the baby's named after "my dad" (or whoever he picks) then he'll be so proud of himself.
If he still can't think of one, write a list of 5 names and let him pick one.
Try to stay away from trendy and hard to spell names. Your son will thank you when he's older and looking for a job.

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answers from Washington DC on

Maybe he wants to name the baby after himself.
You are 27 weeks along, he probably feels there is no rush.

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answers from Modesto on

I think Conrad and Jameson fit well together for two brothers, it's unique and cool.
Chapman is a cute and different name that would match with Jameson, and you can call him Chap for short which I think sounds pretty neat.
How bout Jefferson and Jameson?
I bet Hubby has a name in his head, he's just not in a hurry for the big reveal until it gets down to the wire maybe?
My second son didnt get named until my MIL came to town while I was laboring and she named or second Samuel after her grandfather. My hubby was also in charge of naming baby number two as well. My first son, Josh, I named and it was because I had loved that name for years prior to ever being pregnant and just knew that was the name of my first boy no matter what. Turned out to be a super popular name for his decade too, much to my dismay.

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answers from Albany on

I like biblical, time honored names that move from generation to generation without sounding dated or trendy.
My boys are
James Joseph and
Daniel Patrick

If my daughter (Margaret Katharine) had been a boy like we expected her to be she would've been
John (Jack)


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answers from York on

I like Lee P's suggestion of Greyson Conrad Fernandez!! I definitely love the name Jameson too.

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answers from Richmond on

I like Jameson, great job on the first one ;) Well, when I was pregnant with my son and had known what a terror he would become, I would have named him something like Riot or Rampage... but his name is Romanov Maxim, Roman for short. I still call him TROUBLE.

I love Lee P's suggestion, that goes nicely!

What about family middle names? My 1st daughter has my middle name, my second daughter has my moms middle name, my son has my fiances middle name... I'm big on family names. My baby brother has my dad's first name as his middle name, since he was born on my dads birthday. I also like Trygve (pronounced TRIG-VEE), it's my deceased godfathers middle name and if I ever have another son (and don't name him Riot), I think I would go with Trygve in honor of my godfather.

Happy name hunting :)

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answers from Dover on

Matthew James or Matthew Charles

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answers from Memphis on

It's not a problem for you to have a name in the back of your mind, but I wouldn't bring it up again to him, until and unless he brings it up. If he really does want to pick out the name, then he will. But sometimes, men are like mules -- they'll go along just fine until they think you're pulling them, and then they'll stop and go backwards. ;-) He may be unintentionally forgetting it, but he may feel like you're nagging him, so is refusing to think about it.

By having a name picked out as a back-up, you can relax and know that your child *will* have a name even if your husband forgets and/or doesn't pick one out. And by relaxing about the name, you allow your husband to think about the name(s) he'd like for your son w/o feeling like he's being pestered about it.

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answers from Portland on

Use You can input your first son's name, "Jameson", and it will suggest sibling names. Another tip, I always used the "dinner test". Try calling both the names out for dinner to see if they sound good together. Example: "Jameson! Conrad! Dinnertime!" Good luck :)

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answers from Chicago on

I think Conrad would have been a great name :)
You still have plenty of time to make a decision.....Jameson is a great name. How about another J name?
What are some of your family names? Can you use your hubby's first or middle name when creating your combination?

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answers from New York on

What is it with people naming their kids with the same first letter? Just pick a name you like and go with it. Conrad and Thomas are both nice. I like that you want to use a family name for a middle name. I also like older names that are not used much anymore but still not stodgy like Harold or Mortimer. What about Henry, Grant, Edward, William, Luke, Richard, or James? I know that last one starts with a J too, but its a nice name!


answers from Salt Lake City on

I think Conrad is great! Maybe use it as a middle name or husband or other special man's name in your family or friends could be used too. I would go w/ a name that is 1 or 2 syllables since your last name has 3. I also think you can give your husband some time unless you are in your 8th month of pregnancy (ha, ha). Sometimes names will come to you when watching movie credits, talking w/someone etc.
How about Cooper, Carter, Clark, Cal, Luke, Levi, Parker, Rhett, Will? There are some to think about...
Good Luck and let us know if your husband or you come up w/any others.



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answers from Stationed Overseas on

I also agree with another mom that posted. How about another J name?
Jaylen Conrad
Jayden Conrad

or how about Christian/Tristan Conrad

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