Auto Clubs - Which Is Best? AAA vs Allstate Motor Club

Updated on September 25, 2012
S.B. asks from Bristol, WI
6 answers

One year ago we had a 13 year old we had the extended auto plan with allstate (extended towing coverage, etc). They upgraded us for free and it came in handy about a week later. Now, we have a 1 and 3 year old car...and the bill just came for Allstate's extended coverage. $135- ouch! I'm thinking of switching to AAA to get 1. towing (if needed) 2. aaa discounts for travel and 3. driving 'trip tychs' (instructions/directions to destination that detail where construction is, etc). I go with the basic AAA plan which includes only 5 miles of towing (hubby works 25 miles from home) or the extended? Is there any reason I should stay with Allstate? Thoughts?

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answers from Grand Rapids on

i have AAA and i LOVE it. I don't know what all allstate offers, but i would do AAA. They offer more than just towing. they also offer help when you lock the keys in, run out of gas, tire changes, get stuck in a snow bank. Plus their discounts are GREAT. I use the card all over the place. The downside to AAA, is that each person needs a membershp, but the 1st one is full price, and after that each is half price, but EACH person gets 4 service calls a year.

With being that your husband works 25 miles away you will want to do the Plus as they call is, so you get the most coverage on towing. When i visit my family i drive about 200 miles, and with the plus i have 100 miles of towing free. So for me, no matter where I am in my trip, I can either get back home, or to someone in my family, so i am never stranded.

The discounts you can look up on their website, and can see what's avaialable to you. I use the one at payless a few times a year. I combine the discount with their sale and get great prices. I just bought 2 pairs of shoes for $15. Plus if you ever do any traveling, you get some great rates at hotels and car rentals.



answers from Columbus on

AAA offers a lot (though I'm not familiar with AllState), but please keep in mind that your membership fees may be used in ways that you're not aware of. (the same is actually true of other organizations, like HSUS, who doesn't actually give money to your local humane society ( AAA opposes public transportation... A biased article, but probably still worth the read, is at

That being said, we were members of AAA before we knew about their political agenda, and were very happy with their services. We are thinking of perhaps joining the Better World Club, a direct competitor of AAA, but haven't decided yet.

That being said, we were members of AAA (before we knew more about that they lobby for/against). We were always happy with the services, and used to regularly use the AAA garage near us for repairs/car work & were pretty happy with them. We haven't been members for a while, but we are thinking of joining (a direct competitor of AAA).



answers from State College on

We have had AAA forever and are happy with it. The plus also gets you free travel books for any state and in Canada and maps. I think you now have to pay a small fee with the basic plan. These are great if you have any trips, since they let you see the attractions in an area. Many hotels, etc also have a AAA discount. I haven't head of Allstate having one either.



answers from Jacksonville on

I tell you what... The Motor Club of America is a much better deal all-round! They give you unlimited towing up to 100 miles, they pay $500 ER benefit and a HUGE per diem for hospital admission. They even include legal services in your automobile-related court issue (DUI, tickets, etc! not available in all states :( ) They'll cover your RV, car, SUV, farm implement - you name it. They've been doing this since 1926.

Their price?? $19.95 per month! Check them out



answers from Seattle on

AAA hands down wins. We have had them forever and used them plenty. my hubby used to tour all over in an old band van that frequently broke down... they pick you up from the middle of nowhere if necessary.
Lock outs, battery changes... the best thing, if you are within an area where they have service technicians, they will do their absolute best to get your car running again, rather than towing you - sometimes saving you a bunch of money by fixing a minor issue that would have cost you $100 bucks just to get diagnosed at a shop.
I travel to Europe a lot and use my AAA card there as well, for roadside assistance with the local equivalent and discounts! Love it!



answers from Boston on

We've always had AAA and love it. I don't know about Allstate.

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