Asthma and Pulmicort

Updated on October 15, 2009
A.S. asks from Lake Zurich, IL
7 answers

is pulmicor for kids 9 years old ,what is annother alternative for pulmicort?

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answers from Chicago on

I would check with the allergist/asthma doctor. My son takes Pulmicort (is 4 years old). From what I understand, it is a preventative type medicine to help him avoid wheezing attacks when he is most suseptible (colds, change in weather).


answers from Bloomington on

My son is 8 and we just refilled his prescription of Pulmicort. I am hoping it helps keep away all the bad respiratory viruses out there. Our peditrician said she highly recommendeds it this year. Our allergist said it can save a child's life by making the lungs 'harder to attack' if they are protected by Pulmicort. I hate to use too much meds, but if it can save his life, I am all for it!



answers from Chicago on

It is for 9 yr old kids. There are other inhaled steroids, flovent MDI, but it all depends on what the dr wants you child to use and what works best for your child.



answers from Chicago on

My son was on pulmicort when he was a baby until about 4 then his pediatrician moved him to the puffer flovent. It is the same type of medicine but the puffer is for "big boys" so to speak.


answers from Chicago on

My infant was on pulmicort nebulizer respules for breathing troubles...not sure of "alternatives". I thought as kids got older they moved more to "puffer" inhalers and away from nebulizers unless necessary??



answers from Chicago on

My 7yr old used pulmicort before, however she has not needed to use it in over a year.

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