Nutrition: Pulmicort

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Possible Food Allergy

Hi Everyone, I have a 4 1/2 year old boy who has had allergies in the past. He was never diagnosed with asthma, but he has taken Albuterol, Singulair and Pulmicort in the past. He is no longer on these medications. He is taking 1 tsp of fish oil every day and doesn't need any other medication. (Fish oil is a natural way of treating allergies/asthma) However, he has complained that his tush hurts occasionally. And he has had a bright red ring around his anus. (He also has mild eczema.) Could this be a food allergy? I've been trying...


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Can't Kick the Congestion

My daughter had RSV back in January and then Feb 14 I brought her back in because her hacking persisted and temperature spiked back up again. She tested negative for RSV and they said she had an ear infection. She was on amoxycillan for 10 days. Her hacking/congestion still persist with runny noses. I am sucking her nose out every morning and a few times a day over the weekend. The Dr said the congestion could last up to 8 weeks when she got the RSV. It has been that long and is still very bad in my opinion to the point that I am...

Overweight or Underweight

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Pulmicort Side Effects

My son was diagnosed with asthma at 8 month old. He was prescribed Pulimicort just before he turned 12 months old (can only be used after 12 months old) as a maintence medicine. It has helped tremendously. We've only had to use his emergency medicine, albutural, twice since then and we were using it every week before then. He is now 17 months old and it seems like his growth has stalled out. From the time he had his 12 month check-up to his 15 month check-up he had not changed in growth and had actually lost weight. He also was not...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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Asthma and Croup

I have already got a doctor's appointment for my 20 month old son but I'm looking for an parent exprience with asthma and croup. I don't know if my son caught it that why the doc appointment today. We went last Thursday because of his breathing and went back on treatments. I found out later (Friday afternoon) that someone in his daycare had croup. I look up symptoms and he does have a few but it could also just be his asthma. Has anyone had an exprience with asthma and croup and what you did. My son is already on Albuterol and...


Asthma and Dairy

I recently found out that my 13 month old has asthma. My pediatrician gave...


How Do I Wean?

How do I wean my 11 mos old that will not eat other foods? She'll eat foods...

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Questions About Medicine and Prenatal Care for Getting Pregnant.

Just curious if anyone out there has Asthma and what they did before they started getting pregnant. I am currently taking an allergy pill and Symbicort inhaler to control my Chronic Asthma which is triggered easily. These two medicines combined I do well and it keeps the Asthma under control. While trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy what is the best way to stay Asthma controlled and not worry about the baby?