Any Parenting Advice/Tips/Suggestions for Surviving the Elementary School Years

Updated on July 24, 2011
2.O. asks from Parcel Return Service, DC
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My youngest DD will be entering Kindergarten in three weeks & I'm feeling very anxious. My oldest is fourteen & since I only have the two, it's been a LONG time since I've had a little one in elementary school. So I'm looking for some tips, please :0)

So far, I've collected the following tips:

* Since her grandparents will continue to watch her during the day (until I pick her up after work), I plan to have her start her homework at their home. I've bought a set of homework supplies & a carring case to keep them all together & it will stay at their home.

* I also have a duplicate set of homework supplies & carrying case for our home as well.

* I plan on getting a calendar for my purse that runs from mid-year to mid-year and record her school functions on it.

* I know that inevitably she'll end up sick sometime during the school year & with my oldest that always entailed vomitting in the middle of the night as she didn't always make it to the bathroom in time :0( so I read a tip before that said you can make their bed using the mattress pad & fitted sheet and then on top of that put another layer...mattress pad & fitted sheet.... so if they do end up vomitting in bed in the middle of the night you can just remove the top layer.

Does anyone have any tips or know of a good book/magazine with tips for school aged children?

Thanks in Advance :0)

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answers from Columbia on

Sounds like you are off to a great start! Since she will have homework supplies at both homw and grandparent's homes it might be good to have a folder to put work in that stays in the backpack. That way no work will be left at the wrong house and not make it back to school.
Make friends with the office staff and show them appreciation when you can.
Always check the lunch menu or pack lunches from home.
Keep a spare set of clothes are school or grandparent's (if they can run them to her school) in case there is an emergency and you can't get away from work in a hurry.
Make sure you know the school's policy for recess and weather. I always hate for a kiddo to miss recess over not having a jacket or wearing shorts when they aren't supposed to!
Remind her that school is always supposed to be a safe place and that learning can be fun.
I'm sure you will do great! It's probably like riding a bicycle, and once you've learned you never forget!
Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

You seem good to go.

Tip about the vomiting: Get some "puppy pads" (pee pads), and use that to cover their pillow etc. AND have a trash can lined with a plastic bag and a puppy pad in it too.... KEEP the trash can within arms reach.
I do that with my kids, and it works fine. Both my kids will throw up INTO the trash can. They don't have to RUN to the bathroom.
And the sheets do not get soiled. With the puppy-pee-pads on the bed.
I use, old thick towels too, on top of their bed.
And ALWAYS, use the puppy-pads, on it.
It is waterproof and comes in multi-packs from the grocery store or pet stores.
And I then keep Lysol disinfectant wipes, nearby their bed.
And a STACK of puppy-pee-pads, too.
Everything, near by.

AND the best thing is: the Puppy-pee-pads are DISPOSABLE and you do not have to wash it if they throw up on it!
Just throw it away!

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answers from Washington DC on

Congrats on her start to kindergarten! My son starts in September also. I would check to see if they give homework. Our school system does not allow it for kindergartners. It sounds like you are pretty on top of things. I don't think my daughter got sick that much in kindergarten (other than and nasty bout with H1N1 swine flu). She had kicked most things while in preschool. But you should have a back up caretaker when she does get sick unless you can take off of work. Try to plan for school functions a head of time as that is important to the kids. as far as books, I am not sure if you were looking for something for you or something for her, but we just read Kindergarten Rocks and both kids loved it. there is also The Night Before Kindergarten that is pretty good. plan on having her have a decent bed time so she is well rested. Get her clothes that she can work herself (my son still has issues with buttons and snaps and ties so we stick with elastic wastebands and velcro). For lunch if she is not buying try to help her out with packaging. I don't do the baggie all the way shut and I will tear a little notch on the snack packaging so he can do it himself. I have worked with him on opening juice boxes himself too.

Most importantly, don't let her see how nervous you are. It is a big step but she will do just fine!



answers from Boston on

I like the mattress pad and fitted sheet layering idea. I need to do that with my 5 month old because sometimes her overnight diapers soak through and it would save me changing her sheets in the middle of the night! I know you were looking for tips, but thanks for giving me one!



answers from Santa Barbara on

LOVED the elementary school years!! I like that you will have he schedule for the events in school. I was very fortunate that I was able to volunteer alot, be room mom from K-6, PTA every year and simply be involved. Please go to those award assemblies and family fun nights. My daughter loved those years as well. She's 18 now but just took her first/second grade teacher out to lunch this past week (my daughter's treat!!). We have maintained friendships with most of her teachers



answers from Washington DC on

You are already on the ball. How about these...

--Make sure she gets enought sleep--really important. Keeps the grumpies away and helps with school concentration. Stick to an early bedtime.
--Pack lunches and lay clothes out the night before
--Don't overschedule with sports/activities--leave time for fun
--Get up early enough so you don't have to race out the door and you have time for a healthy breakfast. I hate starting the day on a rushed/grumpy note.
--Plenty of family trips to the library--Show her reading is fun, not work.

These are the things I've learned through the years. Good luck!

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