Airline Travel in 1St Trimester

Updated on February 03, 2013
M.T. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Hi, I booked a trans-pacific flight (with one stop over) in March and then I found out that I was pregnant. I'll be 11 or 12 weeks pregnant during the trip. One way will involve 1.5 hour domestic flight, 11-13 hour international flight, and 2 hour bus ride. Maybe during my stay there an overnight car trip which involves half a day of traveling in car one way.

At this point, I do plan to still go ahead with the trip, since the ticket does not allow easy cancellation. However, I'm worried - mostly about morning sickness (which lasts all day). In my past pregnancy, I never threw up but felt constantly queasy and/or like I was having motion sickness, saliva welling up, burpy, etc. I wonder if this will get much worse during the flight or bus trip....?

Has anyone traveled like this during first trimester, and how did it go?

Thank you!

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answers from San Francisco on

I had a job during my first pregnancy where I traveled all the time. I had horrible morning sickness (all day sickness, really), and it was okay, actually. I just made sure to pack saltines in my purse, and had a bunch of gallon-sized Ziploc bags just in case. :(

Travel during the first trimester is much less challenging than during the last trimester. With my first, I was pregnant in 2002 when the TSA was completely nuts. Several times I had to expose my pregnant tummy for all the world to see, so they could "verify" that I wasn't smuggling a bomb or something. Uggggh. (Like my hugely swollen ankles weren't proof enough that I was pregnant? A$$holes.)



answers from Boston on

Yes I chaperoned my sister's high school class on a week long trip to France during my first trimester and was fine. We did a lot of travel while there, including walking several miles, spending all day standing at Longchamp with 800,000 other people for hours, and camping outside one night. I too have queasiness without vomiting during first trimester and it was no worse while travelling. You'll be close to the end of 1T so that should help. Enjoy your trip!



answers from Chicago on

I did a 10 hour flight to Ireland when I was 9 weeks pregnant, with a 13 month old. Man did that suck.

I actually felt fine on the plane --save for being in hell with the the non-sleeping 13 month old.

I also did this same trip while 17 weeks pregnant, with a 2 and 4 year old. We planned it different, they slept, so I slept.

Just sleep.



answers from Columbia on

I didn't travel internationally during my first trimester... but I traveled all over the US with no problems.

Are you having lots of morning sickness now? I would think you won't be much different in a month than you are now.

I would check ahead about medical facilities locations so that no matter where you are on your trip you know where the closest medical help might be. Also check with your insurance and see if you will be covered.

I would also double and triple check the water situation where you will be..... and bring enough money so that you can really hydrate yourself in case you need to purchase bottled water if you are out.

Have fun!



answers from Washington DC on

I traveled from the West Coast to Spain near the end of my first trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter. I think I was 11 or 12 weeks along. Thankfully, my morning sickness with her stopped right before the trip, so it wasn't an issue at all. The one thing that WAS an issue was how often I had to pee. So plan accordingly if you have a 2-hour ride on a bus with no bathrooms.



answers from Columbus on

Have you tried sea bands for the nausea? I used them for long car rides when pregnant and they worked great. Should be available most places, they were with medications.


answers from Tulsa on

I travelled from India back to the US while pregnant. This included a 2 hour car ride, then an 8 hour train ride, a 2.5 hour domestic (in India) flight, two 8-9 hour international flights, and a 1.5 hour domestic flight home. I was very early on, just a few weeks and I didn't even know I was pregnant yet. I didn't have any issues traveling or with morning sickness, but I didn't have many issues throughout the whole pregnancy. Just nausea in the mornings. In fact, two weeks after I got home, I moved 6 hours away and was lugging furniture upstairs to my apartment.

I hope your trip goes well! Take crackers with you and don't be shy asking a flight attendant for juice and water.

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