Affordable Daycare in Winter Park (436 Side) or I-Drive/Sand Lake/Kirkman Area??

Updated on March 05, 2007
H.G. asks from Orlando, FL
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I need some advice with finding affordable daycare in the winter park area over towards 436. I really like Kindercare off of Goldenrod and University but can't really afford the 165 a week plus once she moves into the education room it'll go up $30 more. I work over towards I-Drive/Sand Lake and Kirkman but would rather have some place close to home in case i need a neighbor to pick her up but one close to work would work as well. Looked at La Petit off of Hoffner and Conway and wasn't that impressed plus they have a wait list until August. I need some place ASAP. Anybody have any advice??

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So What Happened?

Well as of right now I am going to go ahead and place her at Kindercare since they can get her in right away. My job is being very understanding with my hours needing to be changed and what not but do not want to take advantage of it now in case I need something in the future. I have received my tax return so I'll be able to make their prices work for now until I can maybe find something else. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will definitely look into them. Need a place that has long hours since I work so far away and will need overtime to make this all work and Kindercare is open 6:30 to 6:30 and provide, breakfast 2 snacks and lunch. Once again, thanks for all the suggestions and I will definitely look into them.

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Check out Redeemer Lutheran on 436 and Aloma. I was going to send my son there but then decided not to go back to work yet. Aloma Methodist is also AWESOME (both my other kids went there, plus loads of friends' kids) but they don't have great hours for working parents-- it's also 436 and Aloma--- Redeemer is east of 436 and Aloma Methodist is west of 436



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hi H.
i am not too sure if you need full time or not, but i am in a similar situation, and i too went to la petite on hoffner, and some others, and actually i really only needed parttime, so they were of no help to me, but anyhow, to my point, I found this AWESOME website, you do have to register, but they have sitters/nanny's that register with them, there are background checks, they post their pic's, availibilty, experience, references, and more. you have to check it out! i posted a job last week, and contacted like 3, and have had them come over for interviews, and within the last 3 days i have had 3-4 more apply to my post, so now i have too many people interested and not enought time to interview them all. it is truely a godsend. most are ucf/valencia students, nursing, education,psychology, but there are others who are past full time nannys as other stuff. so check it out!



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Good day H.,

I honestly believe that $165 for a 3yr old is outrageous. I know that finding childcare is one of the hardest things to do. I believe that the average weekly tuition for a 3yr old is about $130. If you are still looking for a place that provides outstanding care as well as education, just read below about me.

I am a REGISTERED Childcare Provider and am CPR & FIRST AID certified. I love children and I truly believe that they are the future. I believe that their early years of life helps mold them into the person that they will be in the future. I provide a CHRISTIAN and BILINGUAL curriculum, as well as a Toddler and Preschooler curriculum. Feel free to ask the parents of the children that I currently provide care for... they are LEARNING A LOT and are WELL TAKEN CARE OF. I am open Monday - Friday and am open on a few Federal Holidays. I have flexible hours as well. I provide all NUTRITIOUS MEALS (breakfast, lunch and snacks). We learn through play, as well as, through an actual classroom setup. We do go to the playground daily (whether permitting). We have a SMOKE-FREE and PET-FREE home. I have a back-up SUBSTITUTE, that is also CPR & First Aid certified. My substitute also has years of experience and is approved by the state of Florida. My main goal is to get the children ready for school and have good self-esteem as well. I let each child know that they are special. I take time to help them learn various skills, that most daycare centers don't teach. Teaching children is my passion. I don't charge as much as daycare ceters do, because this is something that I truly enjoy doing. Just a thought, just in case you are still looking.

I have only ONE OPENING left.

If you'll like to check out my Home Child Care, feel free to email me at [email protected] a blessed day and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. L



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Hello H.,

Have you looked on yet? Just make sure you choose your state and city that you are looking for childcare. You can place an ad and see who responds to you or you can respond to other moms, nannies or college students looking to provide childcare for you. Just make sure you interview them and go with your gut feelings.

Good Luck,




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I use Azalea Park Learning Center which is on 436 south of 50, near Stonewall Jackson Rd. They open at 0600 and close at 630 pm. I am not sure of the price for 3 year olds or their wait list. My son has been going there since he was 1 1/2 old and he is getting ready to graduate VPK. I love it there, the teachers are great with the kids. The phone # is ###-###-####. Maria Cruz is the director. If you are interested, check it out.



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H., I wish I knew a place, I am looking too! keep us updated on what you find!

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