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Updated on April 01, 2012
S.L. asks from Bend, OR
7 answers

Hi, I am a mother of a 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year olds and am looking for a new double stroller to purchase. My husband and I currently have an Instep Jogging stroller that keeps falling apart on us (tires) when we take our children out for long walks/light runs. I also don't like how heavy and bulky it is when folded. I have been looking at the BOB, Bumbleride, New Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double, etc; but, from the descriptions it seems like they would not be able to fit through the front door (which I really need). I was wondering if I can ask for advice on which other double side by side stroller anyone can recommend and what they like about them? Also, can the double strollers be used even when my children are 5 or so (long walks/runs) ? Thank you so much for your help!

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answers from Houston on

I have a Bumbleride side by side jogging stroller. It is awesome (but expensive). It is heavy and it does not fold very flat. I have the Combi twin side by side too. It's much smaller & lightweight. It is wide and is difficult to mall shop. Both fit through doorways just fine.



answers from Seattle on

I second the Phil and Ted Stroller. It turns into a single stroller if you have only one child at a time.. No need to buy any other stroller!



answers from New York on

I asked the same question a couple of months ago and got some wonderful responses!

I have a soon-to-be 4 year old and one due in two weeks. We ended up going with the Graco "Ready to Grow" double stroller. It's really great. It's not side-by-side so we have no issues getting through doors. It's good for walking and outtings, but not for running. Then again... I don't take the kiddos when I go for a run.

My sister had the Maclaren double side-by-side and hated it. It didn't fit through doorways, nor did it fit down most store aisles.



answers from Syracuse on

BOB and Chariot strollers are the best strollers for running. I have a Chariot and it's awesome, it's wide but fits through any store's no wider than my BabyTrend double stroller which is terrible for running. Not sure if either would fit through my doorway at home but I've never had the need to wheel them into the house. After my run, I just wheel it into the garage or fold it up and throw it in the back of my trunk. The Chariot can be used for kids past the age of 5, not sure about the BOB.

I would measure your front doorway and then find out what the width of the stroller is.



answers from Chicago on

We have the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and I LOVE it! :) I got a steal on it, but so worth the investment, even at full price. My oldest is almost 5 and still fits great in it and she's super tall for her age.



answers from Washington DC on

I have the Citi Select that is a front to back stroller and I love it, but it is not meant for runs, but it has big wheels that can stand up to a long walk. It holds up to 90 lbs, so it will work for older kids and it fits through doors. A mom at my daughter's school swears by the Citi Mini, but that is not meant for runs either. She says she has no problems fitting through doors, because I asked the same question. I ultimately decided to go with the Citi Select front to back and don't regret my decision at all.



answers from Kalamazoo on

You need a Phil and Ted's with the extra seat on the back. It's the one and only stroller we bought and it has seen us through two kids, more miles than my math whiz of a 5 year old can count and we still love it. My husband and I are avid walkers and we'd throw the kids in the stroller for our long walks (although our 5 year old now prefers to ride alongside on his bike).

The Phil and Ted's has the footprint of a single stroller because the extra seat attaches to the back, and the child's feet go into the little basket under the front seat. I know you mentioned side by side strollers, which this is not, but we never had the issues so many friends had with the kids poking each other or one waking the other up.

It gets through every door. :D

Good luck choosing!

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