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Updated on June 12, 2010
Z.P. asks from Sherman Oaks, CA
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Does anyone have a child with Adhd/ADD that has done Neurotherapy? Would love some feedback/info.

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answers from Eugene on

Hi Z.,
I know of a good website that has a lot of info for kids with adhd/add.. It is hard. My brother, who happens to be a development specialist, has two boys with adhd/odd.. It is a tough job!! The website is Maybe the website might be able to help you out. I have a daughter with autism and I know that occupationaly therapy has been really helpful for her as well as my newphews with adhd...Best wishes to you!

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answers from Sacramento on

I have read that neurotherapy has been shown to be ineffective. The National Institutes of Health found that results were not convincing, although they are researching it further. I would save your money, because this screams "another scam" to me.

Have you tried medication without the results you wanted? Medication, combined with behavioral therapy, is what has been proven to be most effective in treating ADHD.

Good luck!
ETA: I second CHADD as a great resource. They represent people dealing with ADHD and can give you factual information about the condition and treatment options. There are a lot of scams out there, so be careful. Esp. watch out for anything being touted as "natural" or relating to toxins, vitamins or diet. Trust the doctors and specialists in ADHD who are trained to deal with this condition.

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answers from Los Angeles on

HI, We tried Drake... and at first it seemed to be helping / making a difference, but it was short lived. Treatments are very expensive!! I agree with the other mom.. don't think they hurt....but for us unfortunately did not help. If you have the funds...give it a try....Good Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Z. - have you read Dr. William Sears' newest book on ADD? I think it's called NDD. It's worth the read!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Not knowing what neurotherapy is I am going to speak from personal experience growing up ADHD and th treatment I've recieved. I'm 35 now so when I was diagnosed, they were just starting to treat it w/Ritalin. By high school I asked to stop this medication because I didn't like how it made me feel. I was able to successfully beat back the symptoms most of the time.

Recently, I've been reading a book called the da Vinci method by Garett loporto. The book deals with add ADHD bipolor etc. The important take away point from this book is thEse are not disorders rather they are gifts and it is up to those who have ADHD to learn how to use this gift and be the best that we can be. The book illustrates where we can go wrong, how our symptoms can lead to destructive paths, and our vices controll us. But for those of us who understand the INS and outs will see the beauty and freedom that the symptoms of ADHD give us and the world is our oyster.

The book is titled Da Vanci Method because Leonardo Da Vanci was believed to have been ADHD. Freud's student back in the 60's research ADHD (although it was not formerly recognized yet) and developed an the outlook on ADHD that is discussed in the book.

Most importantly though, look for and find a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD as their primary focus. Get an accurate diagnosis. If medication is warranted don't be afraid to use it, but be cautious of medicating the life force out of your child. For years as a child I just didn't feel right while on meds. I wanted to explode with creativity and wildness and yet felt numb. Nurture your kids dreams and fantasies. Provide him the tools he needs to pAint, draw, read, write, build, etc. Lastly, find a good psychologist who can see your child regularly. It is important for ADHD kids to have a safe environment to vent their frustrations and learn from them.

Remember, you are mom and you have the greatest responsibility to ensuring that your child grows up with the tools needed to utilize the gifts of being ADHD many of the worlds greatest artists, inventors, entrepeneurs, etc have been add or ADHD.

Best of luck to you.


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answers from Kansas City on

Couldn't agree more with the previous posts- check out the website. There are too many people out there making a buck off of adhd and autism with the "latest" teatments. Please proceed carefully and watch out for these scamers.

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answers from Los Angeles on

here,s a link you may find helpful,
my son had
ADDHD but I never gave him drugs, at the time I did not know about Neurotherapy, without the drugs my son did better than the kids that where taking them, now his a 18 year old his only problem is his lazy lol on the other hand the some of the other boys we keep in touch have drug addiction or became bipolar, each person is different and may need different treatment,


here,s a link you may find helpful,
my son had
ADDHD but I never gave him drugs, at the time I did not know about Neurotherapy, without the drugs my son did better than the kids that where taking them, now his a 18 year old his only problem is his lazy lol on the other hand the some of the other boys we keep in touch have drug addiction or became bipolar, each person is different and may need different treatment,

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son just finished 32 sessions at Drake and before the treatments his teacher said he may have to repeat kindergarten. After the treatments he was reading and there was no question he would be moving forward to 1st grade:) They even dropped any mention of an IEP. I know each child is different and we also modified his diet cutting out gluten and dairy as much as we reasonably could. So for our son we saw drastic improvement. He's a different boy now. Also our marriage is solid which plays a big part I'm told in this sort of treatment. Oh and my son was diagnosed as a mild dyspraxic and had had six months of OT before his treatment.Good luck. I know it's a tough road. I wish you the best:)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Z., I am so happy you came to us MAMAS for advice. So, here's my take: Sugar, dyes, different food combinations and even toxins (in the environment and home) as well as what is going on emotionally can truly make a difference in a child's behavior. But, please also remember that kids are ALIVE and have feelings and spirit and do not deserve to be labeled or medicated. I definitely know from personal experience that psych medications (which is the usual route for "ADHD"/"ADD") do more harm than good and that, in fact, there are many natural solutions that can actually help with what your child is going through.

I highly suggest visiting Every Child Achieves.

Here's their contact data:

Every Child Achieves, Inc.
6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd #600
N. Hollywood, CA 91606
Phone:(800) ECA-8860
Fax: (866) ECA-8160
Email Address:

Ask for Brandon Seigel or Jill Campbell. They definitely will be able to help!

I also highly recommend contacting Judy Cutler who is truly an amazing Nutritionist and would definitely be able to help your child naturally. She is definitely a miracle worker when it comes to kids and their nutrition.

Here's her data:
Bio Tech Solutions
9736 Hillhaven Ave
Tujunga, CA 91042
Phone (818) 353~7454

She definitely can work with you via phone if you live too far away from her office.

I'd also recommend checking out 5 organizations validating why going the natural route is best:

And, Z., when you have a chance.....please watch:

Psych Conflicts:

Making A Killing:

CCHR: Depression Mental Health Screening Test Puts Kids' Health At Risk

CCHR Says Top APA Psychiatrist Needs Lesson in Disease vs. Disorder

CCHR: The Difference Between Medical Disease & Psychiatric Disorder

CCHR Antidepressant Drug Spoof: Tripolar disorder

'GENERATION RX' Extended Trailer

The Psycho Pharmaceutical Industry with Former Pharma Scientist, Shane Ellison

Dr John Rengen Virapen, Whistleblower of the Psychopathic Pharmaceutical Industry, Speaks Out

Psychiatric Drugs & the Brave New World: Featuring Jim Marrs

Whistleblower Allen Jones/Mental health screening of kids

Fight For Kids: The Candace Downing Story

CCHR PSA: Psychiatric Drugs and Violence

CCHR PSA Warning on Antidepressants/Child Suicides

Why we need a Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights: Read it here:

Drugging Our Children: Side Effects


Too many kids on psych meds? Parts 1, 2 & 3

It's vital you watch: "The Drugging of Our Children"

I also truly recommend reading "Doped Up and Duped – nearly impossible to find independent studies of psych drugs with no Pharma ties."

BTW......I just saw the trailer to "Comfortably Numb" recently. Have you seen it? If not, here it is: The website is: I'd also read my friend's Ale's experience with these drugs: I always say the best way to go is naturally. : )

Please feel free to contact me anytime at: (323) 906~2784 or via e~mail at I'd love to help you and your child however I can.

With love,
L. (MAMA to adventurously spirited, 2 year old, Dylan Orion.......29 September 2007).

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would check into Occupational Therapy - ours incorporates Neurotherapy as part of the programming. Medical insurance will usually pay for a reputable place with a referral from your doctor.

As far as "feedback," I don't know how much it helped, but it certainly didn't "hurt" anyting. My nearly 11 year old just finished with OT (after first a 3 year stint and then another 1 year stint) yesterday. It is really hard to measure success with these things :)

Good luck!

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answers from San Diego on

Hi, I haven't tried Neurotherapy, but if your insurance will cover the cost, it's always worth a try. I read a very interesting book last summer about the different types of ADHD & how brain imaging is being used to indentify & treat symptoms, but unfortunately, I can't afford that kind of treatment for myself or my daughters. Think the author's name was Dr. Daniel Amen--loaned the book to someone--can't even remember who--so I could be wrong about his name. He seemed to be on the up & up. And most of his advice was very practical--exercise, healthy diet, certain supplements, MEDS if you need them.

There are way too many people claiming to have the answer or cure if you just spend a small fortunate on their program. Some of these programs are just preying on people who are looking for help. Also, most of those treatments are VERY expensive, which is another stressor on families that are trying to cope. As far as I can see, there is NO one size fits all treatment for ADHD/ADD. Read what you can, try meds, diet changes, behavioral charts, do what works for YOUR family & realize that life is fluid...what works for your child when s/he is 10 might not be right when s/he is 13. So being pro-active & keeping up with the current info helps. Having a good ADHD Dr. helps too. Talking to other parents going through this helps tremendously & yes, some days are so hard, but my girls are a JOY & part of what makes them wonderful is the ADHD!

And I just wanted to say, if you do use medication, if you feel like a zombie, or your child is acting zombie like--then the med is the wrong med! I think that is why find a good ADHD Dr. is so important--again, ONE size DOES NOT fit all! Sometimes more than one type or dose needs to be tried.

Good Luck

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