Activities for a 19 Month Old on a Airplane

Updated on June 09, 2008
T.N. asks from Leander, TX
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I will be traveling next week to CT with my 19 month old and was wondering if anyone had some ideas on how to keep her entertained while we are flying. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your wonderful response!!!! I will be shopping this weekend for some items that will hopefully keep her entertained on the plane. She loves Baby Einstein so those will be coming along. I will let ya'll know how it goes.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Stickers. My little guy loves to stick stick stickers on things during a long trip. I always peel away the surrounding sticker paper to help him peel stickers easier on his own. A magna-doodle can be fun, too. And "I-spy" type books where you have to find things on a cluttered page together.

good luck.



answers from Killeen on

this is a hard one ,but one thing i do know is that she needs to be drinking out of her sippy cup our chewing gum because she does not know how to pop her ears when the plan is landing and talking off,,does she like to be read too,does she have anything small see likes too play with ,how about the kraola paper and colors that only color on there paper all kids like to scribillea few small baby dolls , crackers or gold fish to munch on there are a few here i hope some of them work for you but do rember about her ears or you will have a crying 19 mounth old on your hands the whole time



answers from College Station on

All off the activities everyone said are good...crayons, activity books and DVD's.
I want to recommend "Earplanes". You can buy them at WalMart, CVS, Walgreen's, etc. They are earplugs you put in their ears before take off. They help with the pressure and bubbles in the ears.

Have a safe trip!



answers from Houston on

Hello T.
How long is the flight I wonder? If it is extremely long, I would strongly suggest you obtain some medication for your toddler from her paediatrician.
If not, some picture books would be great - ensure they are brand new ones so that they will keep her interest and you can spend time telling her the names of the objects and letting her repeat them. Give her a handbag of her own to pack and unpack with various objects of interest.
Be extra cautious on descent - as soon as the pilot announces you are descending, give her a bottle, the breast or a lollipop to suck on as it's very painful for their ears.
Enjoy the flight!



answers from Houston on

Hi, I hope you have a great trip. I want to share with you what we use to do in an organization where we brought our kids to meetings. We made an activity bag. In it we put things that could be done sitting down. You might consider visiting a dollar store to check out their varieties. Coloring, a small puzzle, play dough, things to move with their hands, a write on peal off pad(the grey ones) Also, things to eat are good too. A ziplock snack bag with cereals, nuts, raisins, craisins, trail mix and such. You can both enjoy doing the activities. And the trip will be pleasant for you both. Best Blessings Always, D.



answers from College Station on

A DVD PLAYER... HANDS DOWN THE BEST FOR A PLANE. My daughter and I have been on 20 planes in the last 7 months (she was 15 months when we started). We did colors... they roll away... little figurines... they get tossed... needless to say, a DVD (or IPOD) and scheduling the flight at the same time as her nap worked the BEST! She is a great traveler this way :) Oh, and food/drink works good too... keeps her chewing so the pressure does not bother her ears. The security will let you bring you own liquids.

Good luck... remember to pack extra diaper in case you get stuck somewhere... and they do have a changing table in the plane bathroom :)



answers from San Antonio on

To visit family we fly all over the US since our daughter was just 3 months old! We had a dvd player that we used with the baby einstein dvd's and as she got older other kid movies. We recently purchased an Ipod with the screen player and that way everything is digital - no discs to worry about. We also bring a favorite toy and some snacks. Check the TSA website as it will have what you can bring for your toddler on the airplane. Books she likes to read and we have a 'coloring book' that you fill the water pen to reveal the pictures. That's cool and easy.

We fly next week and next month with her, so good luck!



answers from Houston on

Hi T.,

We took our 19 mos old on a flight to HI (8 hours) and she was great. My mother was the one that packed for her with books, crayons/coloring book, activity books and we also had my husbands laptop with us so she could watch a movie on it. Between napping, eating and playing she did great. We also bought a seat for her because of the long flight. On other flights that I have taken her on without her own seat, we would pick colors on her clothes to talk about and we said a LOT of nursery rhymes and we counted together. She is into books so much right now that we would read a story over and over. Try and keep her up so that her nap occurs on the plane. I hope that helps....I was very nervous about it the first time and was surprised how well she did. Just remember to bring a bottle/sippy cup/pacifier for her to suck on during take off and landing, that was the only time she cried cuz her ears hurt.

Have fun,



answers from San Antonio on

Playdough! Crayons and paper, books (1or2 will hold her over), and finger plays with mommy should tide your little one over. One on one time with her will keep her happy most of the time. Bring healthy snacks and keep her on schedule as muich as possible. Take a stroller so she can sleep if she needs to and you can check it at the gate. They will bring it back to you before you exit. If she has a binky have her suck on it on the way up and down. If not get her a drink with a straw and make sure that she sucks on the straw. Dumdum suckers work well too.
I'l tell you, playdough was our saving grace! Our first flight with DD was a 5 hour trip to Aruba with a 9 hour delay. She was 2 and people were acctually thanking us for bringing her along. She was a little dancing ray of sunshine the whole time.
Have fun. If you are smiling, she will too. If you are scared, she will be too.



answers from San Angelo on

Take a laptop or invest in a portable DVD player. Baby Einstein videos, Dora or Blues clues....even Barney are good, entertaining and mezmerizing to kids. Books and finger puppets are good too, but draw faces on your fingers so you don't have to keep track of little pieces! Good luck.

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