Activities for 9 Year Old During Spring and Summer Break

Updated on June 23, 2010
J.D. asks from Warrensburg, MO
6 answers

Hi Moms! I need your help/thoughts/advice. . . What are some free, or really cheap, activities I can do with/take my daughter to during spring break and over the summer break? In the past i've had a job and we've been able to do some neat things with that income, this year though I haven't been able to find one and we don't have a lot of extra money. We live in the Sedalia/Warrensburg/Clinton, MO area, but I'm willing to travel a little bit. I was just wondering if you wonderful women know of some places that we could visit that are fun and interesting, but don't cost a whole lot, or are free to the public.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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answers from St. Louis on

Outside Activities - playing in the dirt / Frisbee / Jumping Rope / Sidewalk Chalk / Gardening / Flying Kites / Going to the park to kick around a soccer ball or something like that / Camping in your backyard or at a park / Going fishing or swimming

Inside Activities outside of your Home - Library / Walk around the mall window shopping / Movie theater / Bowling / Volunteering

Inside Activities inside your home - Scrapbooking / Painting / Reading / Movie Nights / Pajama days (where you wear your pjs and bum around the house all day - this may be more fun for YOU than her!) / Tye-dye tshirts / Puffy paint on shirts/shoes/etc / Craft projects / Needlepoint, cross-stitch / Board Games / Computer fun - playing games, learning how to type, going online to play games and look stuff up), Writing letters and sending them to family / friends / Cooking day - let her choose the food and help you make it / Baking day - same thing but with sweets!! "Switch" Day - you are the kid and she is the mom. She gets to make and choose dinner, sleep in your bed, tell you what to do all day.

Hope these ideas help!


answers from Minneapolis on

Movie nights! Ever watched Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea? Great series. Fun and a good laugh. No language or anything else questionable. Rent from the library and pop some popcorn.


answers from Dallas on

Do you have a nearby botanical gardens? I'm taking my 9 and 2 year olds to the museum, to the botanical gardens, for snow cones, and to see Alice in Wonderland (minus the 2 year old on that one). :)
Also, you could see if you have a dollar theatre in your area. Those are great!



answers from Chicago on

I don't live in your area so I don't know specifics, but where I live outside of Chicago, there is a great, free parenting magazine called Chicago Parent. I bet the city closest to you has something like it. You can pick it up at park districts or the library around here.

Anyway, it is filled every month with really cool free fun things to do all over the city and suburbs for all ages of kids. It's just very handy because each month, things are listed out on their calendar in the magazine and on the website, so you can look at an upcoming weekend and see what is close to you, the right age for your kids, etc. - best of all, a LOT of it is totally free, from Kite-flying festivals to nature walks to free movie night in the park (bring your own popcorn!) etc.

My son is 10 and I still use this resource all the time. So look and see if there is a free parenting magazine for your area! Have a great summer!



answers from Madison on

For summer, check into your local Park and Rec. Dept. They usually have a lot of activities and day trips for school age children and are reasonably priced.

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