A "Rewarding" Credit Card

Updated on July 13, 2010
C.A. asks from Addison, IL
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We have a United Miles credit card and have discovered that the times to travel are limited and also have many connecting flights. With three kids under 5 this will not be happening any time soon. So we are looking to get a new card that can add points or $ toward something more worth while like college or Disney some day.

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I've never really had a "miles" card, so I don't know much about those. I prefer cash back. I have a Discover that I pay daycare with and can get 1% back over a year and we use a Citibank for the rest of our purchases. We get cash back on that and put the $ in our sons account.

Upromise, I believe, has a credit card where the cash goes into a college savings account. I think you can go to www.creditcards.com and compare offers, rewards, fees and such.

I don't have an annual fee on any of my credit cards.

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I have mastercard "worldpoints" where u get 1 point for every dollar u spend. U can use these points to get cash back, merchandise, or vacations/travel. It's great!



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I have a Upronise card from Citibank and I have saved over 2K in rewards that I can transfer to a 529 savings account for my kids college. You earn 1% on every purchase and they occasionally have specials for online shopping. Plus a few vendors (Bed, Bath and Beyond is one) give extra rewards for using the card in their store. You can also sign up your Jewel or Dominicks preferred cards and they offer specials on certain items purchased.



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Hi Carmen,
We have a Chase rewards card that earns 1 pt for every $ and you can redeem for gift cards (usually 2,500 pts for $25 OR $25 check to you). This is the first year we've really used it (changed up from discover card where you only earn approx. 1/2 "point" on the first 10K you charge before you start earning equally dollar for point) and we cashed in for 9 cards in early Dec. that we used as gifts for friends and family. I am thinking about changing to a Upromise though, especially if saving for college. Right now I like that I can treat our family or friends with a treat that's not costing us any more.
good luck!
Jen M.


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Hi Carmen,

On Oct. 25th I requested the same type of request about credit cards. I received 15 or so responses. You may want to check it out because I received many great ideas!




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I have an American Express Charge card. It is the green one that you pay off every month. The fees are a little high for my liking; however, you can't beat the rewards as there are so many choices. We got $900 in Home Depot cards once and just transferred the points to Southwest for 2 free airline tickets. I like the variety of options but not a fan of the fees.

We are considering doing a southwest card as it seems they have the least amount of blackout dates and their rewards seem to add up quickly from what i hear.

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