7 Yr Old Keeps "Forgetting" Homework at School!?!?

Updated on January 08, 2011
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
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Our very good and well behaved student is suddenly "forgetting" homework at school. She's claimed she's rushed, forgets, and has too many things to remember to bring home. At our last parent teacher conference the teacher called her a "dream student" and said she wished every conference could be like ours. She had nothing but good things to say about our child being a great student and wonderful person.

So what's going on? Sometimes she forgets her homework folder. Other times it's the extra folder with her reading assignment.

She already has to fill out an "assignment notebook" in class that lists all of her homework. So she KNOWS what she has to bring home. But she keeps claiming that she's rushed when it's time to pack her bag and get her homework.

How would you handle this? What would you do? How do I make her successful when we aren't there with her? I don't know how to fix this...

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answers from Kalamazoo on

My son did this in 2nd grade (7yrs old) and also a little bit this year in 3rd grade (8yrs old). He is super smart, great at school (the dream student like you mentioned) he just forgets! His mind is always on so many things, that sometimes he forgets the simple stuff. Anyway, last year me and his teacher decided to write down his daily "bring home" stuff on an index card and tape it to the top of his desk - Homework, Lunchbox, hat/gloves etc. It really worked for him. This year, when it started to happen sometimes again, I made a tag (like a luggage tag) with his "reminders" and hung it on his backpack. It works!

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answers from Jacksonville on

My son was like that too. He has difficulties with focus sometimes and is a daydreamer and easily distracted. He would forget his homework things DAILY. So I would park the car and he would go back for them. He almost always remembered what he needed in the parking lot, because I would stop, get his attention and ask him directly "what is your homework today?" then give him a minute to think. Then ask him "do you have ___?" (the mathbook or worksheet or whatever the assignment was and its corresponding book). Then he'd go back and get what he needed. He always told me that it was too rushed at the end of the day. All the kids were trying to get their things out of their cubbies at the same time. And I am SURE that the teacher was probably talking over that chaos at the same time reminding them of this or that or the other thing.

Well, when he is focused on trying to remember his math homework, and she is talking about the vocabulary quiz tomorrow and the memory work for Friday.. which part is he going to actually remember to pack?: None of it. He couldn't focus with so many thoughts/inputs and the chaos all at the same time. That was 4th and 5th grade.

These days (he's in 7th) he is MUCH MUCH better about remembering the things he needs and bringing them home. He still forgets to turn things in sometimes... but he is getting there.

Perhaps your daughter's teacher could put a sort of checklist on the board of what the kids need to take home (and then zip her mouth while they pack)? It would've helped my son.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My son (last year, 1st grade) got the bright idea that if he "forgot it" he didn't have to take time to do it. He quickly learned that between the emailed packets and the on-line reading textbooks...there was no way out! LOL
He, too, used to claim they were rushed at dismissal, etc. (Worse when there are coats, hats, gloves, etc to be dealt with.
Maybe email the teacher and ask how you can help your daughter REMEMBER and then maybe the teacher will remember to give them an extra 2 minutes to get organized?

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answers from Phoenix on

I would ask her teacher if she would give her a little prompt in that area.
Everyone struggles with something in one way or another, especially
children. You are not alone, my son will still do it~ One day he simply
forgets. He may even forget his lunchbox.

Also, The teacher may not give them enough time and she is rushing putting everything in her desk, putting her coat on, talking with her friends.
Just send your teacher a lil' note~ I am sure things will change :-)

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answers from Champaign on

Does the teacher have a routine to fit the children of her class (7 year old's) Not putting too much on the child. Talk to other parents to see if they have the same issue. Are there issues where your child is uncomfortable for whatever reason, teacher, other students, not understanding the work or routine that may cause the reaction just to be present but not ask for help, too fast pace, being overwhelming. Check to see if teacher has a site online to follow up with your child's classroom assignments (most shools do now)

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answers from Honolulu on

That is what my Daughter, since Kindergarten... has done and is their school classroom routine too, prior to when the day ends, at school. Meaning, they have a class assignment book/planner to write down their daily homework... they have various 'folders' per subject for homework, and worksheets, reading, etc. to bring home.

USUALLY, the Teacher cues the kids... and has a time block near the end of the day... in which the kids get their things into their go-home folders and backpacks. AND, the kids have a "mailbox" in which to get their papers/things to bring home.
So it is organized that way, per my daughter's classes. The kids know exactly what goes home, what/which folder etc. At this time, the Teacher also reminds the kids, of other matters. On the chalkboard every morning, the Teacher also lists.... what that day's homework is.

Maybe, your daughter does feel 'rushed?'
Does the Teacher allot a certain time... for the kids to get their go-home things together???
Or maybe, it 'is' rushed.... when she is getting her things because there is not enough time????
Also, in some classrooms (I have seen this myself), some Teachers do not have an organized routine, of when/where the kids get their go-home things and homework... and the kids are pretty much ALL in a tizzy and like a bunch of loose ants trying to get their things too, all at the SAME time. So, some kids... do get... pushed aside in the mass crowd of the other kids.... or they get in the way of the other kids.... and it makes the other kids "late" in getting their things.
**Adding This: SOME Teachers, will be so organized... that, when it is time for the kids to get their go-home things & homework... the Teacher, (to avoid too many kids doing it all at the same time in a horde)... will, have each table grouping, one by one, go and get their homework/go-home folders & things... in a staggered manner. So that, not ALL tables/kids are getting their things at the same time. Hence, avoiding havoc, in the classroom.
3 out of 4 of my Daughter's Teachers, were that way. Since she has been in Kindergarten and in now in 3rd Grade.

It may not be only your daughter's problem. Maybe it is the class routine/organization.... RIGHT near the end of the day... just when the bell is about to ring... and the Teacher did not allot, enough time, for the kids to get their things.... properly, before the bell rang. (My daughter had 1 Teacher like that).

Try talking with your Daughter... and see what the "routine" is... for going home and getting their homework and go-home things.

all the best,

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answers from Victoria on

Let her know that if she doesn't have her homework, you will make some up for her like, cleaning the shower, picking up the dog poop, cleaning and straightening the kitchen cabinets & drawers etc... After first time or two, I bet she doesn't forget it again!! my 5 year did this too and after I had her clean a toilet, she's been cured! Amen & hallelujah!! LOL. Hope this helps.

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answers from Cleveland on

maybe look into like a extendable folder thingy and have her put her folders that she has to bring home in that as soon as she is done with it so she only has ONE thing to bring home

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answers from Chicago on

kids are forgetful. dont go back to school after to retrieve what she forgot. have her suffer the consequence of not having her work done. also send her with postits so she can write on one all day and then at end of day she knows exactly what to bring home.

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answers from New York on

It may be the teacher is asking students to be more independent this time of the year, where in the past she was more helpful and reminding now she is asking them to take more responsibility. Ask the teacher what she thinks has changed.



answers from Chicago on

First let the teacher know, and ask her if she can be allowed to get the things she needs for her homework on her desk before dismissal. Make sure she has a homework folder to put worksheets in. This should help. I am sure she is not the only child that has this problem in the class. I am a teacher and I use to teach kindergarten so I know how hard it is to get all those little people ready to go home with all of their things so I would start early making sure they had all the things they needed. Hope this helps.



answers from Minneapolis on

Talk to the teacher to see what's going on. Maybe she's noticed something but didn't think it was major enough to contact you. Also maybe remind her in the mornings before school not to forget her homework. I agree with the little reminders. I have a first grader and he used to forget things at the beginning of the year and he's gotten so much better. Daily reminders and teachers also remind the class. Also praise when they do remember.