4 Year Old with Peeling Hands & Feet...

Updated on February 23, 2011
V.K. asks from Traverse City, MI
7 answers

Just curious as to if I am the only one experiencing this... My son who is 4 years old has developed peeling skin on his hands and feet. There is no redness, cracking, itching, or irritation present, just lots of flaking, peeling skin. I have to assume this is from getting sweaty & wet in his winter boots and mittens, but how do you reslove this, and how do you minimize the peeling? I've tried various moisturizers, but I almost think he needs to be dry instead of moist. Powder maybe? I have no idea!!! It's not a bother to him, it just looks nasty, especially after his bath... Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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answers from Detroit on

I dont know what to do about it, but my daughter gets thats on her feet. She doesnt wear her winter boots that often though, but she definately has it and I don't know why either.



answers from Philadelphia on

I just recently noticed the same thing happening to my 4 year old daughter. Not sure what it's from but it looks nasty and she likes picking at it. I been using some thick cream at least put it on her 2-3 times a day. I am looking for suggestions also about this. What can I use to stop her hands and feet from peeling? Plz help us :) Thanks!



answers from Saginaw on

my son had peely feet at that age too...i slathered his feet with "bag balm" (you can find it anywhere) and had him sleep in socks...
cleared it right up



answers from Jackson on

There is a wonderful cream called aquafor, it works really well at softening the skin, therefore lessening the peeling...I also have dealt with this and its a great product...try using it after a bath or before bed and rubbing a coat on his hands and feet and it will start helping immediately. Its a great product and has been used by Doctors offices for many years for this problem...Hope it helps.



answers from Detroit on

His skin is dry. Get a mild exfoliant and wash his hands and feet with it until the dead skin all comes off. Sometimes a dry towel after a bath works to sheed the skin too.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi V., If it seems to be peeling from over wetness, try putting some foot powder on his feet before socks and shoes/boots. You can also put some on his hands before he puts mittens on, just be sure to wash it off good when he comes in. Gold bond is a really good one but has a tingle to it from the "medicated" part of it. You might want to try like a Dr. Scholl's UNmedicated kind.
Hope it helps... E.



answers from Detroit on

You could try some corn starch powder. That will be safe if he should injest some accidentally (rub his nose right when he gets in after taking off his gloves) and is a natural dryer if that's the way you want to go. I had a similar issue with my hands last week. Mine was from going from wet to dry to wet to dry. I use Eucerin original moisturizing lotion and it cleared mine up pretty good. It's what my pediatrician recommended. Stay away from hand sanitizers if you can.

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