34 Weeks Prego, Feeling Sick.. Could It Hurt My Baby?

Updated on March 01, 2011
M.C. asks from New York, NY
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This is my 3rd pregnancy and i've always had tough pregnancies but never a strong cold! Im currently on bed rest for heart palpitations.. Anyway, Sunday I started feeling weak & that night I couldnt breathe through my nose or sleep, I'm having muscle aches, head aches, I slept with my mouth open last night & this morning I couldnt talk! My throat was extremely dry, my tough is discolored. Hurts when I 1st started to eat. I have thick white mucus! Constantly blowing my nose just to function. Every few hours I feel dizzy/light headed & need to lay down. Ive gotten like this while not pregnant and i'd take theraflu, tylenol cold & plenty of tea to feel better. But now I have to ride it out :( Has this ever happened to anyone? Is my baby at risk for catching something? I see the doc friday, but I cant help but to be nervous. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

I waited til that friday to see my OB. She said I could take tylenol cold but it was on recall! Lol. The humidifier worked wonders! Thanks for all your help!

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answers from Los Angeles on

If it's that bad you need to take some medicine dear. The doc will be able to tell you what's good for you while pregnant. You are not harming the baby one bit. He is completely safe. I've been so sick so many times during this pregnancy that I've forgotten how many times it's been! I was scared like you thinking I would harm the baby but the doc told me that was not possible! I'm currently 36 weeks. You'll be fine. I hope you feel better soon! :)

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answers from Springfield on

There's no reason not to take some cold medicine. Check with your doctor about which one's you can take. My doctor gave me a list at my first visit. (ones I could take, ones not to take). I'm almost positive Tylenol Cold was one I could take (since you can take both Tylenol and Psuedofedrine). Also, you can use a nasal spray. That was a huge help for me. I would use it just before going to bed. They're supposed to last 12 hours. If you have a really bad cold, they usually don't last more than 8 or 9, but that's still a big help.

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answers from Redding on

Talk to your doctor.
There are plenty of things you can take that are safe for your baby.
You have 6 weeks to go, technically. No reason to suffer.
You can get relief so that you are feeling better when your baby comes.
Talk to your doctor and learn what you can take for relief.
You will need your strength when the baby comes.

Best wishes.

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answers from Rochester on

I've definitely been sick during pregnancy, and it is MUCH better to be sick now than with your newborn, so get to your regular doctor's and if you need anything they will tell you what is safe. I was hoping to have this baby early (he's due in a week and my last was 3 weeks early) but I had a HORRIBLE stomach flu last week and am so thankful I was pregnant and not caring for a newborn. I had bronchitis about a week after my second child was born and it was so miserable caring for him and a toddler at the same time.

Just push yourself with fluids, even if you don't want them--popsicles, Gatorade, juice, water, ice chips, whatever you can get down--and get a regular sick appointment. They should be able to get you in first thing if you call and tell them what's going on and that you're pregnant. I think pregnancy and hormones can also make other "normal" illnesses feel so much worse, especially since we can't take things to manage the symptoms. Run a humidifier in your room at night, too, since the moisture might help you breathe better, and/or sleep on the couch with lots of pillows. That's been helping me in general.

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answers from New York on

A cold or flu will not hurt your baby. It's miserable, but not dangerous. You can call your OB for information about what medications to treat your symptoms are safe during pregnancy.



answers from Portland on

Don't wait until Friday to see the doctor. Call and ask for advice.



answers from Cumberland on

Baby's fine-don't take anything w/o consulting with the doctor-get checked for strep. Take care and in the meantime, treat the symptoms-saline spray for your nose, hot chicken soup, gargle with solution of peroxide and mouthwash.


answers from Chicago on

Here is the advice I gave someone yesterday:

Spoonful of honey for cough or Pectin only cough drops (Luden's); Sinu-Rinse sinus rinse by Neilmed (better than a nettie pot); and tylenol if you end up with a fever because your baby cannot sweat so you need to keep your temp down or risk birth defects/issues. I had the flu when prego 2 times (once with baby #2 and once with baby #3). Sleep in a more upright position to keep the drainage from pooling in your throat/head (2 pillows). Use a HOT wet washcloth over your face and inhale/exhale for a few minutes at the end of your shower. Gargle with salt water if you end up with a sore throat. That's about all I have :) Best wishes!



answers from New York on

Check with your doctor what meds are okay to take. I had 2 winter babies and my midwife okayed tylenol, sudafed, nasal spray, benedryl and cough medicine in my last trimenster. Saline nasal spray is harmless but helps wash out the congestion, especially thick congestion when you first wake up. Just take the minimum you need to function and get the rest you need. I had a miserable cold and couldn't talk from the sore throat during labor with my first child and it was horrible. Hopefully you will be over this before the baby arrives.

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