32 Weeks Pregnant with Twins Developing Preeclampsia.

Updated on August 07, 2009
J.K. asks from Leechburg, PA
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I am 32 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins and now developing preeclampsia. Can anyone give me any advice on this ? How far will they let me carry ? Anyone else deal with this before ?

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answers from Allentown on

all depends on how you are doing and the twins. Calm down, and rest best thing for you and your babies. They probably doing weekly monitoring on you, checking fluid development of their lungs, size, etc. Worse scenario if they deliver know twins should be fine.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.,

They will let you carry until the preeclampsia becomes unhealthy - and when that happens, no one knows. The only way to cure preeclampsia is to deliver the babies. Likely, they will test for lung maturity, and give you some steroids to ensure the optimal health before delivering the babies. They will put you on magnesium sulfate (via IV) to decrease the risk of seizures.

In the meantime, keep hydrated, rest, don't do anything majorly exertional, and keep in touch with your doctor.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J. K.!

I was 34 weeks when I needed to stay on bedrest in the hospital until I delivered my twins at 37 weeks. Preeclampsia is not all that fun to experience on your own, and if you doctor suggests you go on bedrest, do it! I actually had home care come to the house at 34 weeks as I needed my pressure checked regularly, as you probably do, and it was the home care nurse who insisted I go into the hospital immediately. It is the best thing, as an expectant mom with preeclampsia pretty much requires medical attention 24-7 during those final weeks. In addition to your pressure being high, I am sure your ankles are very swollen, like mine were, and that will go away...I do need to tell you something that I was unprepared for...dealing with the magnesium they put in my system (for infections) when I went into labor. With me, I hadn't really awoken until about 15 hours after I delivered my twins, and I still wasn't all there until the day after! Hopefully, it will not be as bad for you as it was for me! Other than that, the bedrest did definitely help...as a workaholic, it helped me to put aside any and all paperwork, eliminate phone calls, etc., etc., and allowed me to relax and be stress-free during those final weeks. Plus, the nursing staff couldn't have been more gracious and treated me like a Queen! And there was a team of doctors who made daily morning visits to check on me!

Hope this helps! Much luck to you! My 7-year-old twin boys are the best thing that has ever happened to me!


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answers from Philadelphia on

I am sure that will let you know if things do not look safe for you or the twins. Make sure to relax and do what ever the doctors tell you. good luck and enjoy your time with the family before the new additions arrive.



answers from Philadelphia on

I had preclampsia in all 4 of my pregnancies and I went all the way to the end. If your pressure gets too high thats when they will talk about inducing you. I only had single births though and not multiples so your situation my be a little different since you a higher risk with twins.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Do exactly what the doctors say-- not easy, I know, with 2 little ones running around. If your mom or a family friend can come and stay for a couple of weeks, I'd be checking into that.

Good luck. Being calm is the best thing, though also the hardest.



answers from Johnstown on

First and foremost--you need to follow the Dr's advice to the letter. You are far enough along now that--although it will most likely be a rough start for them--the babies will stand a fighting chance. I got to 39 weeks with my girls before I was induced. I should have just gone w/ the section completely because I delivered one and then had to have a section for the 2nd since she went breech on me when the 1st was born. Best of luck to you!

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