28 Weeks Pregnant and Water Broke.

Updated on April 09, 2015
K.W. asks from Norcross, GA
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i am 28 weeks pregnant and my water broke im at the hospital on bed rest the dr really cant tell me much just that they want to keep the baby inside as long as can. Can be tonight i deliver or 6 weeks from now. Im really worried cause the dr said there is very lil water but he said my body always makes more but they are doing ultrasounds twice a week. If i get signs of infection or fever or the baby heart rate goes down then i deliver. He also said your sac can re real its self has that happened to any of u? But he is not so sure it will in my case since i lost alot of water and still leaking. The high risk dr said he does not see me making it very long but everyday that i can wait counts alot. I understand they cant give me a date or anything but they had me on meds to stop contractions but are taking me off today. I really have not had any contractions just slight pain. Has this happened to anyone? If so how long until delivery and if the baby was early what was the health of the baby.

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answers from Minneapolis on

this happened to my friend at 27 weeks she delivered 4.5 weeks later and the baby is a happy healthy 2.5 year old now. the strict bed rest was hard for her to do but she didn't and went a long ways. Just follow the strict bed rest rule as hard as it is to do and try and go as long as you can. Her baby was early but with the steroids and rest she did just fine.

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answers from New York on

I had two high risk pregnancies and began pre-term labor at about 30 weeks with my oldest daughter. My water did not break but I was having contractions and was very uncomfortable. They put me on brethyne to stop the contractions & was supposed to be on bedrest but there were some other things going on that didn't allow me to be on complete bedrest. I was constantly being told by the dr's that I wasn't doing the right thing by being there, but what was I supposed to do? The point of me telling you this was that my oldest daughter was born at 36 wks w/out me doing everything "i should've been doing". If you are able to do what they want you to do, then by all means do it but don't beat yourself up over things that may not be in your control. Every day does count when it comes to a baby and all of the technology available to us now is incredible. You will stay in my thoughts and prayers along w/that precious baby of yours.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi K.! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I didn't go into preterm labor, but I did deliver my son at 27 weeks here in Atlanta (we lived in Norcross at the time, too!) He is now 3 years old, and doing very well. My son was 1lb 1oz, about half the size he should have been for his age, and like I said, he's doing great! I think Atlanta is a good place to be if you have a difficult pregnancy/delivery. There are so many well-educated doctors in our hospitals, that I'm sure you and your baby will be fine. Also, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is always right there to help with any situations that may arise. They have been wonderful to us, and just be comforted knowing they are right down the street if you or your baby need them! Keep us posted!



answers from College Station on

When I went into preterm labor with my youngest they thought my water had broke bc I kept leaking fluid. It wasnt but while in the fear of it I asked a lot of questions. The doc told me not to worry bc there was so many diffrent ways to help. He said they had a girl who was 20 weeks and her water broke, she lasted till 36 weeks. This has never happened to me bc my water didnt break. I also had a cousin who was born at 26 weeks and survived. She is now 25 with 2 kids. Stay positive, keeping you and your baby in my thoughts!



answers from San Antonio on

I don't have advice for you. I am sending you strength and prayers and a big hug. I hope it reseals itself and that no matter what else, you and your baby remain healthy.



answers from Toledo on

DO NOT drink 2-3 gallons of water unless, your doctor or the nursing staff tell you that is how much you should be drinking. If they do want you to drink that much, make sure they are monitoring your electrolytes (I would hope they would be). You could deplete your electrolytes and cause water toxicity by drinking too much water. Just follow the advice of your medical staff and trust that they know what they are doing! Good luck!!!



answers from Augusta on

Sweetie I can speak directly to this. My little underage neice whom I love is only 16 and her water broke at 18 weeks. They sent her home basically for her body to miscarriage the baby, but I'm here to tell you that she delivered a healthy, beautiful little girl at 32 weeks. They put her on complete bedrest from 18 weeks to 24 weeks. At 24 weeks they put her in the hospital and she delivered like I said at 32 weeks. Her water at times got down to less than 1 and back up to as much as 8 or 9 I think. As the baby urinate it makes more water we were told. Hang in there sweetie and keep the faith. I prayed and asked the Lord to let His Will be done in the life of this little one and she is our true Miracle. I pray you find some comfort in these words.



answers from Atlanta on

I found out that I had almost no fluid around my son at a 20 week ultrasound. I was put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy and also was on antibiotics for a few weeks. Although they sometimes used the term ruptured or that my water broke, they more often described it as a high leak. It did eventually seal over and I delivered my son at 34 weeks (at my doctor's insistence). My son spent 3 weeks in NICU but he's now 2 1/2 and has no known health problems. If it makes you feel any better, when we were going through this ordeal my husband was elated when we made it to 28 weeks. At one point a doctor was giving us survival statistics as well as statistics for the baby having big time problems for life. By the time she got to 28 weeks, the stats were really good for survival and also for not having serious problems. On the downside, all the doctors acted like the fact that I made it to 34 weeks was quite rare that most people go into labor within a week. But obviously not all! Good luck!


answers from Albany on

Today is my son's 16th birthday. He was a 25 week preemie, 1lb, 11oz, he is a big strong healthy fella now and even more precious to me and the rest of the world than the other two who came into the world at the usual time (terrible thing to say, I suppose) congratulations Mama! PM me if you like, no sense worrying yourself sick! Best wishes for you and your baby and fam!!!



answers from Austin on

My step-mother had a similar problem. Her water broke when she was 12 weeks... She was in the hospital on bed rest and managed to make it 14 weeks, and delivered my brother at 26 weeks... He had some cysts on his heart and some holes in his lungs... He was under 2 lbs, and had a few other issues. He was in the NICU for about 3 months, while they allowed his body to finish developing. He is 5 years old now, and he is actually advanced for his age! physically, he reached most of his milestones early (if you go by his due date, not his actual birth date...) He is also VERY smart, learns at a 2nd grade level. Hang in there, and don't stress yourself out. Doctors can work wonders now days, so try to take it day-by-day. The best thing you can do is rest and relax as much as you can, and stay positive! I wish you the best!



answers from Indianapolis on


My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I was in the exact same situation. Our first had some medical issues diagnosed before birth. We were not strangers to medical issues at birth. this on the other hand threw us for a loop. My water broke at the exact same time. I assumed I would deliver within 24 hours and that was not the case. I managed to keep him in until 31 weeks and 3 days. In all it was just 14 days on bedrest in the hospital. Get comfy,keep your mind busy on other topics and you'll make it through. you are in the best place right now where they can monitor you and baby. mine did not re-seal, I assume I lost too much but yes, your body keeps producing more. I was so afraid to get out of bed the nurses had to come in when they would notice stress on the baby and I needed to empty my bladder. Do everything in your power to rest and keep the baby comfy it takes days off of the NICU stay! Our son ended up coming early with no other complications. He needed oxygen for a day or so but otherwise he was a "feeder and grower" in the NICU. He progressed in weight and development every day. I would encourage kangaroo care as soon as possible to help the baby bond with you and your hubby. it makes a huge difference in their development. Best of luck to you and your growing family. You can do this! If your doctor told you to go stand in the middle of a parking lot and eat coal because it would help your baby, you would do it. I know, strange analogy but mamas will do anything to help their babies survive, you are no different.



answers from Wichita on

I'm sorry that you are going through this. I had a placental abrubtion that healed itself at 20 weeks (& I was put on bed rest), at 25 weeks my water broke & I started bleeding & was admitted to the hospital. I bled the whole 3 weeks that I was in the hospital. My son didn't have any fluid from 25 -28 weeks, because his placenta was damaged & didn't work correctly. I had contractions off & on that were stopped with benedryl. I got an interuterine infection at 28 weeks (my blood pressure shot up & his heart rate shot up) so my son was born by urgent c-section. He was 2# 6 oz. & 13.5" long. Had the normal up & down rollercoaster ride of the NICU (infections, blood transfusions, ect.).

Make sure that you have been given steriod shots (2 in a set). They will help your baby's lungs mature faster. If born prematurly your baby should be given surfactant therapy to keep his/her lungs from sticking together. Make sure your hospital does this & take a tour of the NICU.
My son is now 8.5 years old & has had no lasting effects from his premature birth.

If you have any questions please e-mail me. I would be happy to answer them from what my son went through.

God bless!



answers from Chicago on

A friend of mine had her water break at 26 weeks (she was also carrying twins). They were able to keep those babies cooking for almost two more weeks. Her babies are now 2.5 years old and healthy, happy kids. They had a long stay in the NICU (two months and three months for each kid), so it wasn't an easy road, but they survived.

Another person I know had her water break at 22 weeks!!! They kept her little one in for two more weeks, so she delivered at 24 weeks. That baby is now two years old and doing great.

Your baby will have a tough fight ahead of him/her, but hang in there! Your baby will eventually be okay!



answers from Kansas City on

I've dealt w/ preterm labor a few times, but never water broken that early. When I was battling ptl w/ my twins, and on bedrest, one of the nurses told me something. Everyday you carry, it is two days out of the NICU for your baby(ies). I would just mentally count down each day I survived (I was a horrible patient that came unglued being bedridden, and worried to boot). No one has a crystal ball, and can see how long you can carry.

Best of luck.



answers from San Francisco on

Everything that happen to u happen to me so how or when baby gonna come out or is there anything to do to jump start labor they said my water broke early kus of my first was born early so it happen again

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