2Nd Grade Homework Forgotten at Home :(

Updated on October 15, 2010
R.D. asks from California, MD
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My daughter left her homework at home. I saw it when I went home for lunch. I would bring it to her with no questions if her school was closer. She is almost 35 minutes from my work (and today it's raining so people can't drive in the rain - maybe it probably a 45 minute commute each way.) She is so very responsible for a 7 year old, we are just very busy. I asked her if she had it when we left at 645 this morning, and she said yes, but she was obviously mistaken and thought she had put it away. Do I bring it to her because I know it was an honest mistake? I would have ot take an hour of leave from work, or just send it in with her on Monday (no school for our kids tomorrow) with a note? She did honestly just forget it. I feel bad because I dont want her to get a bad mark. Would you bring it to her or send a note on Monday?

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So What Happened?

I'm going to leave work and bring it to her. The poor kid tries so hard to do EVERYTHING and it just got the better of her last night. Last night she was watching my niece so I could cook dinner. She did such an amazing job with her and then we went to bed "early" at 8 instead of 9. So I'm going to go ahead and take it to her and just let her know for future that we need to make sure her bag is fully packed and ready to go the night before. Thanks, Mamas!

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answers from Columbus on

She might not have meant to do it, but it is a good life lesson to learn. I would contact the teacher, but let her deal with whatever consequences come. My bet is that it won't happen again for quite a while.

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answers from Ocala on

Don't stress it mom. Its one of those lessons in life that you need to learn from.
I would call the school and explain it to her teacher and just let her take it with her on Monday.
When you see her tonight just tell her that you already spoke to her teacher and told her what happened and that it will go to school on Monday.

Try to relax and have a wonderful weekend.

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answers from Honolulu on

Write a note to the Teacher. Or call the school.... at my Daughter's school, the Teachers have a phone in their room.... and they will answer the phone.
Or, e-mail her. Lots of Teachers nowadays, correspond by e-mail. The school may have a website... like at my Daughter's school.. and parents can and do e-mail the Teachers. It is normal.
Also, she will probably tell the Teacher herself, that she forgot it.
That happens... even to the best of kids.

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answers from Austin on

Do not become a helicopter parent. I know how you feel, normally this would never happen. Your daughter probably did panic, but the teacher will know it was just an accident..

Your daughter needs to see that it is not the end of the world.
Tonight when she comes home.. allow her to use your email to email the teacher with her explanation and you can also verify that it was done on time and will be turned in on Monday..

Also model your responses when you forget things or make a mistake. She will learn that everyone makes mistakes even grown ups, and it is just fine.

Help your daughter figure out a way that this is less likely to happen.. Remember she still has at least 14 more years of school.. This is a safe time for this to happen. It is not the end of the world.

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answers from Sacramento on

Our son's 2nd grade teacher stressed to us at the beginning of the year to leave homework up to the kids and NOT take responsibility for getting it into their backpacks. She said they're old enough now to be learning the responsibility themselves. I'm sure most of the time it's an honest mistake when kids forget to bring it to school, but they learn from the experience. I wouldn't swoop in to save the day. Let her bring the work to school and explain the situation herself. It could be a great learning experience for her.

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answers from Jacksonville on

If she is generally a very responsible child, she might be very upset at school that she left it at home. My daughter gets that way sometimes. Can you send a quick e-mail to her teacher and let her know that your daughter DID the assignment, and will bring it on Monday? If so, ask the teacher to perhaps show the email to your daughter (or let her know somehow that it's 'okay') so she won't be upset or worried all day over it.

Kids who are very responsible sometimes think a forgotten assignment is the "end of the world". It's not. But they don't always know that.
You know your daughter best. I don't think the teacher will care either way... Kids have been doing this for years...

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answers from San Antonio on

I'd email the teacher right now. Or call her. Being a former 2nd grade teacher, yes your daughter did possibly miss recess today or got a bad mark. But at the same time, children will learn from their mistakes. You don't have to and can't fix every thing in her life for her. She'll learn to double-check her backpack in the future. DON'T drive an hour to take it to her.

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answers from Modesto on

I'd just have her turn it in tomorrow. I wouldnt take off work for it, your daughter will learn a valuable lesson today when the teacher asks for it and she doesnt have it. It will teach her to "double check" in the morning before getting on the bus. This is good for her, bailing her out won't teach her anything.

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answers from Chicago on

I think it can wait until monday.....kids need to learn to be responsible for their work - including turning it in....if they forget it....consequence...it is late. My opinion kids need to learn responsibiity when the consequences are low.

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answers from Norfolk on

homework isnt just to be done but remembered and checked to see if it was remembered. it's their resposibility and you even checked with her before she left the house. send a note if you want to but again half the resposibilty of getting homework done is getting it turned in.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Send the teacher an email and let her know. If you think she may not check her email until after school you could always call the front office and ask if someone can take her a note or leave it in her box that she checks at lunch/break?

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answers from Minneapolis on

I'd contact her teacher and tell her/him what had happened.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Geez, that's a tough one.

Personally, I'd take it. I wouldn't want my son to get a bad mark for not having work done, that he actually did. Plus, he'd be a basket case.

Yes, there is certainly something to say for life lessons learned, but being the first time, I'd take it to her. Then make darn sure to check everyday before you leave!!

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answers from Dallas on

I would call and leave the teacher a message (or email), then deliver the homework on Monday with a handwritten note stating that the homework WAS completed on time (kind of like an absence note). Since your daughter is a responsible student, I would hope the daughter would understand (and for the future, put a cute note on the door, fridge, car, whatever..."double check your homework!!")
Can you bring it when you pick her up?

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answers from Washington DC on

if you're too busy to take it, don't. but don't get on her case either. she'll have consequences to deal with (which is okay) but brisk sympathy rather than censure from mom.
not a stress situation.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughters very seldom forgot anything at home so the few times they did I took it to them. Your daughter sounds very responsible and sometimes we all no matter how responsible forget something. I think she would really appreciate it.

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answers from Washington DC on

This is not a situation to stress about, especially if it's only happened once. EVERYONE, even the most responsible and organized, forgets something at some point. It's because we are human and can make mistakes. It's a good lesson to learn, that we can be human, be forgiven and the world won't end. Taking her her homework gives her the message that Mom will fix all mistakes, oversights,etc. That is much worse for her than letting her face the teacher and honestly saying, "I did it, thought I had it, but don't. I'll turn it in tomorrow." Teacher will realize that this is a rare occurance and accept it. Letting her face this extremely small mistake will help to build character in that she will learn to be responsible for her own mistakes and hopefully in doing so, mistakes in the future will not be biggies that Mom CAN'T get her out of.

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answers from Washington DC on

At our school, if they forget it, they forget it. Even if you were to bring it in, it still wouldn't count. they want the kids to learn to be responsible for their actions. She will think twice about checking her bag from now on. Who knows, maybe she will get lucky and the teacher will forget to check it. My answer is no, you should leave work early to bring it to her. She will forget countless times over the next 11 years, and you don't want her to get into the habit of relying on you.

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answers from Washington DC on

i've seen the kid who has never forgotten anything ever, EVER, and then they get into college and have to learn how to function as an adult and how to deal with the mistakes we all make. NOT pretty. homework is only partly about the answers on the page, it is about the responsibility os taking work home and completing it. personally, i think it too much made of it but that is neither here nor there. this is the world she lives in let her learn how to function in it.



answers from Boise on

Is it something that you can scan and email to the teacher so that she knows it was truly done? That way, she can decide what she will do...let her turn it in on Monday, or have it be a teaching moment? It might help her deal with your daughter too, if she is very upset. Yes, I know that you did it, and that you forgot it, but you must remember, so this time X is going to happen?



answers from Cumberland on

Fax it to school-or scan it into the computer and email it. Or put her homework on a memory stick and send it to school around her neck-definately pack the bookbag at nightand place it in the car



answers from San Antonio on

My mom gave me one freebie every school year...of bring something I forgot to school for me.

Once i used it up then...I was on my own...i thought very hard before i called her...



answers from Washington DC on

It's not the end of the world when kids forget homework. Teachers know it happens. She's in second grade... it is more important when they are older. Let her accept the responsibility at this early age so she doesn't end up dealing with it later when there are more consequences.

I realize you feel guilty because she was so helpful, but if you hadn't come home for lunch, you would never have known. Simply tell her you feel bad that's how it turned out and that it's important to double check her bag in the morning. It's a perfect age to learn these lessons, and that's what the homework is about at this point. I assure you, the teacher didn't send it home for you to complete or for you to deliver. It's all part of the lesson and the teacher knows your child so she knows it isn't a common problem.

I know how you feel, I struggled with this same problem earlier in the year. I let her bring it in the next day and it was fine. (we live <5 minutes from school so it would have been easy) I do double check her backpack usually though.

Good luck,

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