1St Birthday Theme Balls

Updated on January 20, 2011
J.B. asks from Macomb, MI
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My friend's baby girl is turning 1 and we found one of the cutest themes online. My friend is thinking of doing a "balls and bubbles" 1st birthday. More emphasis on the balls since the birthday girl loves to play with balls. My friend and I discussed doing colors that you would find those plastic balls in..which could incorporate some more girly colors.

I thought I would throw the idea out here and see what all you ladies could suggest in terms of decorations, invitation wording and the such. Thanks in advance for the great ideas that you ladies always provide =)

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answers from Chattanooga on

You could get a ball pit from toys r us, or a cheap plastic swimming pool and buy some filler balls for it. (Fun for her after the party is over.) it would be fun entertainment for the kids there too. :)

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answers from Chicago on

Definitely as a party favor bubbles! Kids love 'em


answers from Saginaw on

My nephew had a ball pit - ball theme 1st birthday. For his invites, I was able to design (I have a design program) invites that had his picture, then the background was a whole bunch of balls from ball pit. It turned out really cute.

Also for his cake we took gumballs and put it all on top of the cake, then cut out a fun silhouette of him and taped it on a toothpick. The picture looked like he was jumping in the balls (gumballs).

You could definitely have a ball pit (fill a small inflatable pool with the balls) and have a bubble machine going.



answers from Tallahassee on

Here's a cute invitation: http://www.impressinprint.com/products/9473/one-birthday-... You're friend wouldn't have to get this specific invitation but one with polka dots would be cute since bubbles and balls are both round and so are the polka dots. The wording inside could be something like, "It's time for bubbles and fun! Suzy is turning One!" She could decorate with balloons and balls have containers of bubble solution for people to use. Honestly, the first few birthday parties are more for the parents than the kids. Simple decorations are fine for a one year old's birthday party. Good luck!



answers from Naples on

I bought a "bubble machine" @ Big Lots for my daughter's Fairy themed birthday party - it was only about $10, and I have noticed them @ Walmart as well - in the kids summer toy section with the other bubble stuff. I put it on a rafter in the pavilion that we were using for the party, and it was great to just have bubble drifting around in the breeze. We tried it at a friend's daughter's beach party and it was actually too windy for the bubbles to form and come out of them machine. I'm curious to see how you use the balls - sounds like a cute party, Have Fun!

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