18 Mos. Old LOVES Pedialyte--too Much??

Updated on November 23, 2009
L.M. asks from Nampa, ID
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Hi, moms!

A couple weeks ago my 18 mos. old son got a stomach virus, which caused diarhea and vomiting. He was sick for a week and so we got him some pedialyte to make up for the lost electrolites, etc...Well, it was pretty much the only thing he could keep down. Now, fast forward a week and that's what he wants to drink instead of regular juice!!! He'll drink milk fine, but as I said, he won't touch juice (even the same flavor as the Pedialyte). My question is: Will having him drink that instead of juice be bad for him?? He has about 3, 8oz. cups a day right now.

Thanks in advance for any information!


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So What Happened?

First, thank you all who have (and will) respond to my request. I was very curious about this since my son is the only child I've known to truly LOVE Pedialyte! In any case, it is out of his diet. He actually downed a cup of apple juice at lunch today and he does get plenty of milk, water and fruits in his diet, so it's not like he needs/needed the Pedialyte after his stomach virus passed. I was wondering also if other moms have had their child(ren) love this stuff...? :-)

Thanks again,

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answers from Los Angeles on

Glad to hear that he'll be off of it soon, not that it's awful for him, but he shouldn't be downing that much juice either. I think my pediatrician said 4 oz a day if you want (not necessary to have any juice) for my 2 year old. so three 8oz glasses would be way too much sugar. My boys just drink water and milk and an occasional small cup of juice, lemonade or a capri sun. Good luck!! :)

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Just STOP giving him the Pedialtye. Don't buy any more... and when it runs out just tell him. Sure maybe he will scream/tantrum, but he will forget about it.
Pedialyte and juice is not the same thing. 3 cups of Pedialyte a day, is a LOT for a baby... even if it were juice, 3 cups a day is a lot, for any child/baby.

Pedialyte is for when the child may be dehydrated, and is not to be given as a substitute for a drink. When the child is febrile (feverish) or dehydrated from excessive vomiting or diarhea, it is recommended because it rehydrates and has essential electrolytes. Think of it as a cold medicine. You would give it to your child only if he/she has a cold and not at any other time.

Also, would you personally drink Gatorade, everyday? Gatorade and Pedialyte are drinks that have a specific "purpose." Not meant to be a regular everyday "beverage."

I would give him more water... or juice diluted 50-50 with water. The more "sweets" a person has.... the more they will want it. Per my Pediatrician... and she said that "juice" is not necessary...nor for nutrition. If a child eats well and balanced, "juice" is not needed.

Here's a link:

All the best,

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Shaklee has a sports drink called Performance that is for electrolyte replacement and it is a much better alternative to Gatorade and Pedialyte. You don't have to worry if your son wants to drink it. Safe and less sugar without artifical sweeteners. Look it up at www.greennutrition.info and let me know if you have any questions.



answers from Los Angeles on

Juice is often acidic and it could cause irritation to his stomach, which may still be sensitive from the virus. Pedialyte has lots of sodium = salt and lots of dextrose = sugar in it. If you gradually water it down he would pobably lose interest in it. Water is a better for him than a lot of juice or pedialyte.



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Hi, I think juice is probably a better choice, since it has vitamins in it. However, 24 ounces of juice a day is too much for a grown up, let alone an 18 month old. I think the current recommendations are about 4-6 ounces per day of juice, the rest milk or water. The high rates of obesity in our country have been linked to too much juice consumption. My son loves juice, too, but I try to limit it to one glass a day in the morning with breakfast, and of course lots more when he is sick becuase I'll do anything to get fluid into my kids when they are sniffling and coughing and feverish.


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I'd first ask your doctor. It's expensive but if he/she thinks it's okay, then I wouldn't worry about it. If the doc wants him off of it, I would try several things. First, when the pedialyte is gone, refill it with watered down juice or gatorade. Tell him it's a new flavor. Second, tell him that you threw the empty bottle away and it's only for sick boys. He will eventually drink water, juice or milk if/when he's thirsty enough (sometimes my daughter - 2 years old - REALLY wants juice or chocolate milk but we don't have juice or chocolate syrup so I tell her that I am sorry that we do not have it and offer her something else). Maybe buy a special *new* drink like lemonade or Kool-Aid and if you don't like the sugar content, use Splenda or half and half.

Good luck!


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Hi L.,
No one mentioned this also has aspartame and dyes. Neither of those are good for the body. Glad you're kicking his habit! :)



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Did you know that it's good to give watered down juice during illness? You don't even really need to buy the other stuff. Also, gatorade works the same too. But just like with the pedialyte you don't want to give it all the time.



answers from Reno on

Old G'ma here..LOL I would #1 call your pedeatrition and ask that same question..
#2 Have you thought about diluting it with about 1/4 juice?
then after a couple of weeks a little more?

Just a thought

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