1 Year Old with Bad Diaper Rash.

Updated on May 30, 2010
V.F. asks from Shreveport, LA
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My daughter has a bad rash. I have called the pediatrician twice about it over the past week It goes away fairly quickly, but when she has a nasty tething diaper it is right back. Last night was the first time she cried about it. Wat do you do for it? I was told to use neosporin pain relief along with diaper cream.

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies for all of the help. It will heal within the day and as soon as she has a dirty diaper, it is back . My mom bought me the neosporin spray with pain relief. I sprayed that 1st, then applied cream and finally powder. She has been much better today. I constantly check her diaper and every time I change her, I put the cream on her bottom. Thanks again for suggestions!

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Desitin Original cream works best for my girls. Sensitive skin can be frustrating. Try letting her air without a diaper.

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After years of caring for infants this is one area I had a lot of experience - diaper rashes! lol First you need to make sure these aren't yeast infections because that would be treated very differently. But if they are indeed just diaper rash, one of the best things I've found for healing really bad blistery rashes is a baking soda bath. I learned this from a great Pediatrician I had years ago and have had great success with it! Just put enough warm water in the tub to not quite cover their legs when they are sitting. Sprinkle in 2 tbsps of baking soda and swish around to disolve. Let them sit in it for 5-10 minutes. You can do this 2-3 times a day if the rash is really bad and it will heal it really fast. It doesn't hurt either, it's actually soothing to them. You can do this with young infants in a baby bath too. As far as preventing them, the most important thing is to change them OFTEN. Even every hour on the hour during times you think she is most susceptible. My experience is that most parents don't get around to changing them often enough because we are all just too busy. But it really is the best thing you can do to prevent it. Let any other caregivers know also to change the diaper every hour or hour and a half. The other amazing product you can use before a rash starts is to put vaseline on their rear after every change. It will actual prevent the rash in the first place. (you'd be surprised what a smooth, soft hinney they can have using the vaseline.) But if there is already a rash, I wouldn't use that. Beudreax's Butt Paste (not sure on the spelling) doesn't work on all babies. Doing infant daycare for years I've tried just about every brand on the market that parents would bring in, and I actually saw the best results with the Original Desitin - not the creamy! Apply it every change and don't wipe it off each time. Especially when they are just wet, you can leave the desitin layer that's already on and just apply over it to keep a constant layer. Hope that helps! :)

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In 17 years of childcare, I have found Bag Balm works the best out of anything on the market at treating diaper rashes, no matter how bad. Bag Balm was originally formulated for farmers to use on cow's udders to prevent and heal them from chapping. It is safe as a diaper cream for boys and girls. It works quickly, often you can see a noticible difference in one day if used liberly at every diaper change. I use it on my own daughter and on all my daycare kids when their Desitin or Butt Paste didn't work to prevent or treat their diaper rash. Walgreen's is supposed to carry it, but my local store sells out so fast, I just order it from Walgreens.com.
Be careful with the Neosporin, because you can give your daughter a yeast infection if it gets into or even on the outside of her vagina. Then you'll be dealing with more problems and making her even more uncomfortable than she already is. I only recommend using Neosporin if the area around the anus or the butt cheeks are raw and bleeding, because then you're trying to prevent a Staph infection.
I know some moms have recommended Lotrimin AF, but that's an anti-fungal, used primarily for Athlete's Foot. Anti-fungals are only for treating rashes caused by an external yeast infection. Please check with your doctor to see if that might be what is causing your daughter's rash and, if it is, your doctor will either prescribe an anti-fungal made for diaper rash or will recommend buying Monostat (the original, not the preloaded applicators).

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Expose the child's irritated skin to as much air as possible. You can do this by leaving the child diaperless for short periods of time between changings, placing cotton panties on children in place of diapers for an afternoon, or allowing the child to wear loose fitting cotton diapers for small periods of time.

Millions of parents swear by the Maalox cure. Maalox, normally used to treat heartburn
and stomach upset, applied liberally with a cotton ball to baby's bottom, helps to cool irritated skin and neutralize acid. Allow to dry, then diaper as usual.

cornstarch is the only way to go! In place of powder, try a teaspoon of cornstarch, which will absorb odor safely.

i uise the cornstarch and is gone the next day

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aquaphor hands down! it works better than anything- in my opinion


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I have 5 kids and so have been through more than my fair share of diaper rashes. I have always used and cheap old folks remedy; burned flour. Just put the flour in a skilet over medium heat and continuously stir until the flour is a dark borwn, don't be alarmed by the burning, that's what it's supposed to do. Apply plenty on the infected area at each changing. You will notice that the rash will start healing by the second application and will be gone the next day. Having 5 kids I had to be economical and effective and this did it for me every time.

Oh and by the way, you can burn the flour and it keeps very well in a jar or even ziplock bag and will not go bad.



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My daughter was the same way and still is. IT goes away and bam it's back. We figured out a few things to keep the rash away. I was always a fan of Destin & Balmex, but then our doctor said try Butt Paste. I didn't because it had similair ingredients. Tried it later and bam, it heals it up much faster than the rest. It's much more costly but it helps. Another doctor told me to reduce the amount of acidic juices she drinks. (Don't give apple, orange, etc) We have settled with Grape, White Grape and Pear and it has been amazing how the rashes have gone away. If you give alot of juice (my girl HATES water) give that a try first, but as far as first aid goes, try butt paste. I think they give out samples if you e-mail them on their site.



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Hi Vicki F.-

I know food has been brought up, but I wanted to mention it again. I worked with a 1 year old who had a bleeding diaper rash. It turned out every time I gave him OJ or tomato sauce, his BM was so acidic, that it caused the rash. Strawberries also caused the rash.

Take a look at your daughter's diet, expecially the new foods and try removing them one at a time. Her tummy may not be mature enough to handle those foods.

R. Magby



answers from Oklahoma City on


I'm hoping that the link shows up in my response... if it doesn't, google Pampers and Recall and you should be able to find it on consumeraffairs dot com.

It may be that your child is experiencing a chemical burn from her diapers. It could also be food or heat or yeast, but since I noticed that no one else mentioned this info, I thought I'd throw it out there.

I'd also like to encourage you to try cloth diapering... you can find some great info online about new options for this, and cloth diaper stores are popping up all over the place because more and more moms are becoming concerned about the chemicals their babies are coming in contact with on a daily basis.

I know rashes are frustrating... good luck!



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I use Resinol for diaper rashes. Its an topical analgesic/skin protectant medicated ointment. You can buy it at Target or Wal-Mart, but you have to ask the pharmacy for it. I think you can find it on the shelves at like a Drug Warehouse.
I have used it on 3 of my girls. I found out about it when my 2nd oldest who is now 7yrs had a horrible diaper rash. Its the only thing I use now. It works better then desiten or a&d ointment. Rashes are gone by morning.


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When my son had diaper rash like that his pedi told us to use Neosporin +pain, Lotrimin AF (the cream) then desitin. It cleared it up really quickly. It needs to be done in that order too. I hope it works out for you!



answers from Fayetteville on

when my daughter gets bad diaper rashes, every diaper change, I alternate between using Maalox (just apply it with a cotton ball - and be sure to let it dry) and Butt Paste. It always works to get rid of the rash.

To help prevent the rash, I use powder.

Teething is the worst - that is when my daughter would get the rashes - no matter what she was eating. Good luck!



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Try cornstarch. We've used it & it works great. It dries the rash and helps to make it smooth so it isn't so irritating her. You can tell when you put some on your fingers, that it makes them smooth. It does the same thing for her bottom.
Take care.



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I have had the best of luck using Lotrimin AF, apply thin layer gently then put on a layer of Doctor Smith's diaper rash cream. You might also want to get a hair dryer put on the cold air setting on low and lightly dry her bottom with it after every diaper change prior to putting the Lotrimin and Dr. Smith's diaper cream on. My daughter had diaper rashes so bad that she cried every time I changed her diaper. Finally, I tried cloth diapers and her rash cleared up immediately. You might want to give cloth diapers a try. Bum Genius with snaps are the easiest to deal with. Wash them with Rockin Green diaper soap, non scented, and spray with Bac Out for stinky poop diapers.



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Keep notes as to what she is eating. She may be allergic to something or her skin is just sensitive to what is in it. My youngest can not eat sweet potatoes or prunes. He gets that bad diaper rash immediately after a bowel movement.


answers from Montgomery on

Hi there, by all means the best cure I can tell you is virgin centrifuged coconut oil. It is a natural antifungal, antibacterial, doesn't stain clothes, only takes a few drops or small amount, greaseless, and works up to 8 hours. Great for cradle cap, sore nipples, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin. Can find Beaute From The Earth, Just Coconut at HealthWise Foods or www.beautestarr.com. Hope this helps.

D. S.

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