1 Year Old Drinking Nutramigen Formula ....what Do I Give Her Next?

Updated on June 10, 2011
J.T. asks from Glendale, AZ
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I was told she has a milk/protein allergy so we put her on the nutramigen, but what do I move her onto? She can't have soy or cows milk so now what? She eats solids but I mean as far as milk goes most babies go from formula to milk but I don't know what she's supposed to have,,,,,

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answers from Philadelphia on

My son has had almond milk since he was about a year old. He had a problem drinking as much whole milk as is recommended for a 1 year old and I wasn't going to buy 2 kinds of milk.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter started rice milk- we buy it by the case at Costco. We make sure to get enough dietary good fat through olive oil and avocado, etc. DD has milk, peanut, fish and egg allergies so she can have soy but she never liked soy milk nor was I keen on serving her SO much soy. She started at 14 mos and will be 4 next month....growing great, great weight gains, and very bright. If tree nut allergies aren't an issue, our allergist also suggested almond milk. Best wishes!

Update: cow and goats milk have some similar proteins so she could also get a reaction to that....proceed with caution if her milk allergy is severe! I just needed to comment after reading another response.

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answers from Flagstaff on

Baby's don't really need dairy at all. After baby cows are weaned they don't drink milk, certainly not from another species. Humans can get all the fat and protein and calcium and any other nutrition from plants. Cows do. If you really want something to use instead of milk, (not that she needs it if she is eating plenty of plant foods ie veges fruits, legumes, grains, nuts) there are many options. My family likes rice milk, almond milk, even just juice on our cereal, there are even lactose free milks, but I don't use them because they are still animal milks. Most Walmarts, grocery stores and Costco, carry some brand of rice, almond or other dairy free milks in the refrigerated milk and juice section. Also sometimes there are other kinds of seed or nut milks at health food stores. If you would like more info about nutrition without dairy, go to www.pcrm.org.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi J.,

My husband is allergic to dairy as well and he drinks Rice Milk. Good luck!:o)

I. K.


answers from Dover on

Ask her pediatrician.


answers from Eugene on

She is a year old. Try her on fruit one new one every week to see that it goes well with her. Cooked carrots mashed up well, string beans you cook at home, mashed pototoes no butter no milk. Try her on a small amount of chicken cut into tiny pieces.
Introduce only one food at a time so you know whether it agrees with her or not.



answers from Portland on

My granddaughter was on Nutrimagen because of milk protein allergy. Her mother switched her to rice milk. There is also almond milk. I'm lactose intolerant and also drink and use rice milk. I buy it by the case at Costco. I've also bought it at grocery stores. At Fred meyer's it's in the health food section. It comes in a "Sani-box" a treated cardboard oblong shaped box.

Be careful of goat milk. It still contains milk protein and lactose. It is said to be easier to digest but it's not because it doesn't have protein and lactose.

Your daughter may outgrow an allergy but probably not intolerance. My granddaughter started drinking milk when she started school and tolerated it fine. She may have been able to drink milk sooner but we didn't think to try it. She's the one who made the discovery.



answers from Portland on

If you can't use soy you can use goat milk...my mil uses it for the same reasons. You can buy it cold in the dairy case or you can get it in powdered form and mix it with water. You can also try almond milk if she isn't allergic to nuts. Good luck! You can also get a lot of goat or sheep's milk cheese too, Its expensive, but worth it. If you have one, try Grocery Outlet for the cheeses.



answers from Chicago on

Has she been given an allergy test by your pediatrician? First go to your ped and they will give her a blood test that does a basic workup. My daughter was on the same but was able to go right to cows milk. It depends on the child. My daughter had egg white allergies and my son has dairy, eggs, and peanuts.

When ever you change anyone from a basic formula or BM the best way to transition is 25% new then 75%formula the first week. Watch for any skin irritation or reactions. If all is good the following week 50/50 still all good then the following week 75/25 and so on.

Since our son is allergic to peanuts milk and eggs we have him on 50 rice milk and 50 soy, I add avocado and extra light olive oil. Rice has the carbs, soy has over all nutrients but because hes a boy it also has a background with estrogen so I only give half the bottle of soy. Then either avo or evo these two have the fats that the babies need for brain development. It's a lot but incredibly worth it!! Good luck!


answers from Washington DC on

My granddaughter has never had a glass of milk since my DIL is Vegan. She drinks, rice, soy, coconut, hemp or almond milk. My DIL says cows milk is for baby cows, not for people. I think she's probably right about that. I often wonder who the first person was that thought it was "cool" to squeeze the milk from cow udder and feed it to their kid? Whoever it was sure started a huge trend huh? The dairy industry will never tell us otherwise.

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