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Birth Control Options

T.T. asks from Atlanta

Good morning moms. I am having a procedure done tomorrow called Essure (tubiligation). Now before having this procedure I had to have the Depo Provera shot (so I was t...


Birth Control

K.R. asks from Philadelphia

Hi everyone I am thinking about birth control options, i really don't want to use anything with hormones. ParaGard sounds good. Did anybody had any issues with it or...


Birth Control Options

A.H. asks from Omaha

Hi Moms, After doing some unsuccessful fertility treatments, My husband and I had our first child when I was 36 and he was 40. We started trying again when our son wa...


Birth Announcements

J.R. asks from Chicago

Can anyone tell me a nice, but inexpensive place to purchase/order birth announcements? Thanks!


Birth Control

B.N. asks from Tampa

I am currently pregnant with my second baby but I am looking into birth control options after I have the baby. My husband and I do not want any more kids so I wanted ...


What Birth Control Are You On?

A.S. asks from Dallas

I am wanting to do an educated decision of birth control and would like to know which ones you are using, or have used, so I can research them before making a decision...


Birth Options in Annapolis Area

E.T. asks from Washington DC

We are pregnant with our second child. (First child was born abroad - GREAT birth experience and care.) My husband's company is moving him/us (we are still abroad at...


Birth Control Options for Moodiness

P.L. asks from Houston

I keep seeing these commercials for Yaz, and they just sound too good to be true. I tried Ortho-tricyclen many years ago and it was AWFUL! I have a problem with depr...


Birth Marks

A.R. asks from Cincinnati

Hello, My daughter is almost 22 months and she has a large birth mark on the side of her face. It developed shortly after birth and extends from her right ear to her...


Birth Control

J.P. asks from St. Louis

I am going for my 6 week post baby check up soon and need to make a decision about birth control. I didn't use any after my first son (but aren't sure if we are going...

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