Due Date & Labor

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Second Child Due Any Day Now

M.H. asks from Dallas

Okay so I am probably jumping the gun, but I had a question for mom's out there wth two babies...i am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and at my appointment on Wednesday I was di...


Problems with Toddler and Due with the Second Child Tomorrow!!

P.A. asks from Dallas

Hi moms! I really need to know if any of you have had this problem when pregnant with your second child. My son just turn 2 and has always been daddy's boy until he ...


Speeding up Labor

A.G. asks from Dallas

Has anybody tried anything that has actually worked when trying to speed up labor.im 38 weeks but it feels more like 100 just curious if any of the myths actually work.


Iducing Labor

K.B. asks from Huntsville

Hi, I'm new here and just wanted to share with everyone that I'm going to be induced this Monday a little after midnight. Has anyone else been induced? Any pros and co...


2Nd Baby Due in a Week--scared!!

S.J. asks from Milwaukee

I have a just-turned two year old boy and a baby girl due in about a week. She'll be delivered by C-section (like my first), which is scheduled for Sept. 29th, if she...


Due Any Second - Help Name This Baby Girl!

K.F. asks from Portland

I am due with our second girl any time and we cannot decide on names! Our last name is hyphenated (2 syllables each ending in "n" but easy to say) so we don't want an...


Contractions... Just Braxton Hicks? or Preterm Labor?

L.D. asks from Boston

I am 32 weeks pregnant on tuesday, all night I have been having braxton hicks contractions.. They have been coming very regularly and I am getting worried. This is my ...


Inducing Labor

M.M. asks from St. Louis

My due date was October 31st. My doctor has scheduled me to be induced on Monday November 5th. I originally was having a natural homebirth, but due to many obstacles ...


Preterm Labor

J.N. asks from Washington DC

With my 2nd child I wnet into labor at 37 weeks and my son weighed 7lbs8oz. My third child I went into labor at 36 weeks and she weighed 7lbs1oz. The doctors decided t...


Stuck on Choosing a Date!

S.F. asks from Tampa

I am due February 15th 2010 with my 2nd baby boy! I am planning my own shower but because of my due date I am afraid of planning the event too close to the holidays. I...