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Why Don't I Have Any Energy??

Hey Ladies,
Here's another one, I know I've been asking a lot but this one is serious! I've lost all my energy. I have about 8 hours of sleep each night and I can't wake up. I try really hard to wake up in the morning because my daughter comes to the room saying that she wants to eat, but I simply can't. This has been going on since my last menstrual period and it's gotten worse. I've always been really healthy, with a good appetite, but recently I've also lost my appetite. Well some things I do crave but a lot of things make me sick including some smells. Like air fresheners! Yuck! Right now I'm so hungry, but I don't want to eat anything! What is going on with me?! Has this happened to anyone else? feeling like all you want to do is sleep? Is there vitamin that I'm possibly lacking? Is there anything natural that could give me energy? Please help. I feel terrible.

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I did most of the things that were suggested and I really thank each and everyone of you who gave me advice. Since going to the Dr. was not an option for me right now I've began taking some vitamins that I got at whole foods. I have a little more energy but I still feel a bit drowsy and have to take a nap when my daughter allows. I don't know if I'm pregnant yet, because I decided to wait until I actually skip a period. It's due soon so......I'm waiting! I'll let you guys know when I find out!!!!

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You may want to try going off sugar, making sure that you are not drinking cold drinks with ice cubes, but a hot drink in the morning, eating lots of vegetables that are gently cooked so that they are easy to digest, drinking lots of water - not too cold. Like at least one meal a day, take a big cereal bowl and fill it full of cooked greens and eat it. These will add to your energy. Maybe a ginger tea in the morning, with cinnamon, will help you too. The hot tea may help your queasiness. And eat plenty of meat and eggs, like chicken soup/broth or egg drop soup or eggs. The meat and eggs are iron-rich blood building foods.

All of those foods and ways of eating in the wintertime will help your body, no matter what is wrong with it right now.

I believe in doing whatever you can to take care of yourself to balance out your body - don't just rely on doctors for medication - doctors treat the symptoms but often never solve the imbalances in your body that lead to fatigue.

Also, your mind - is there something stressing you out more lately? Have you tried doing some Yoga or meditation - prayer?


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To me is sounds lke you are either pregnant, anemic, or both. Anemia is really common amoung women - we loose a lot of blood during our periods and pregnancy and our bodies need a lot of iron to make more blood for us. When you are anemic it means your blood is thin because our body is not getting enough Iron to make more. You feel SO tired all day long and you will keep feeling tired no matter how much sleep you get until your Iron levels get back up. I get anemic during pregnancy and I'm currently just 2 weeks from my due date with my second, so I've been through it twice.
Are you taking and vitamins? If not, atleast get yourself on an Iron supplement. Choose one that has atleast 100% if not 150% of your daily iron dose, and go to the natural health food store and get the best quality Iron that you can. They have a lot of awesoem supplements out now that are called "whole foods" or "raw foods" vitamins and that is the kind you want - the minerals in them are straight from plant sources, which your body can use much better than minerals from the ground. You should be able to get a 30 day supply for about 12 or 13 dollars and it's SO WORTH it to get your energy back!
Getting Iron from food sources is great too, and can help you get your levels up faster. Food that are high in Iron are dark green leafy veggies, brocoli, red meats, liver (yuck LOL), beans and foods like that. If you want a full list type "ron rich foods" into google and a bunch will come up.
A tip: Try not to mix your Iron supplement with calcuim at the same time. Calcuim (think dairy) inhibits the body's absorbtion of Iron so it will take longer to get your levels back up. Instead, take it with something high in vitamin C (like OJ) and that will actually help your body absorb it. You can probably even find a supplement that contains some Vitamin C right in it with the Iron so you don't have to worry so much.

If you start on a supplement it will REALLY make a difference in how you feel. It takes your body 2 weeks to build blood, so don't expect to take the iron pill once and immedately have more energy... but if you take it each day you will definitely notice you feel SO MUCH more awake just a few weeks later! No more being so tired all day long that it seems like all you can do is sleep and al you want to do is sleep, even when you have just woken up!

Oh, and if it is a pregnancy, go get a test and find out. The food aversions make it sound like it just might be that. I am the same way when pregnant, especially in my first trimester - SO hungry but NOTHING is appetizing. If you do turn out to be pregnant, getting on an Iron supplement and a good prenatal vitamin is probably the best thing you can do!

Good luck!

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There are so many possible causes, you really need to go see a doctor. Hope you get this figured out very soon!

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have you had your iron tested? I would recommend getting a blood test done you don't want to overdo the iron if that isn't it but if it is, it is a quick fix and you will have your energy back quick
also they can do a mono test
and a pregnancy test
but I would go in and get some blood work done.
if all of that gets ruled out then you can look into chronic fatigue or depression.
in the meantime I would go on a really good multivitamin. they really help me a lot.
good luck, its hard. I've been there several times in my life, low iron, mono, chronic fatigue and depression have all been things that I have delt with and all have similar symptoms...anyway that is why I suggest the blood work you will just keep worrying about it when a quick blood test can help you start finding some answers.

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I have chronic fatigue and I really hope that is not what you have. The first thing I would do from all that I have learned with my 16 year journey, is go and get a saliva test for cortisol. Saliva tests are way more accurate than blood tests to show what cortisol you are actually able to use in your tissues. Adrenal fatigue is hugely underdiagnosed and only some doctors will look at it, but the adrenals are the beginning of the hormone snowball effect - they are the foundation. Having a hard time getting up in the morning, nausea, loss of appetite, or craving salt or sugar, and exhaustion are all symptoms of adrenal dysfunction. Are you in SLC? Dr. Todd Mangum is great with hormones and knows about adrenal fatigue.

Thyroid is also a big one, and could be the issue. Most doctors will put you on synthroid which is really not helpful for many. We need all the thyroid components and sometimes just T3, but not only T4. Stop the Thyroid Madness is a great book for thyroid.

I would definitely check your iron since you've been fatigued since your period.

I hope you figure it out!

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Sounds like you're pregnant - or at least that was EXACTLY how I felt in the first month or more of both of my pregnancies. I'd say your thyroid could be a problem, however the food thing/smells, etc. doesn't fit with that - the lack of energy does though. Ditto on the anemia thing. I wouldn't think (although I'm not a doctor) that your appetite would change the way you'd describe...

you might want to have your thyroid checked! Some of what your feeling is consistent with low thyroid. And, if it is, it's not a good idea to let it go untreated.

Some of your symptoms are common with a person suffering from depression. There are many other biological issues that could also cause some of the symptoms you describe. I would recommend you see a medical doctor. Describe all of the concerns you are having. Write them down in advance if you need to. He/she will likely do some blood tests. the biggest concern is that this has been a significant change from how you were/felt in the past.

Hope this helps and good luck.

uhhh when was the last time you took a pregnancy test? What your describing was how I felt w/my first pregnancy-totally drained, dizzy all the time, highly sensitive to smells & tastes...
Dehydration does horrible things to your body too. Keep track of your water intake (I have a bottle w/ounces marked). Really push yourself for a few days to drink the recommended amount of water & see if that helps. You'll feel waterlogged for the first day or two but hopefully that's the problem & after a few days of drinking the right amount, your body actually starts craving the water & you can't get enough-you feel gross when you drink a soda or have a sugary snack instead of grabbing a glass of water.
This time of the year, with the less sunlight & shorter days, can also cause seasonal depression...
Good luck to you!

Could you be pregnant? Sure sounds like you are. Even if you don't think you are you should do a quick test to make sure. My second child made me SO tired and I could barely eat and these were the only symptoms. If you get a negative read a couple of times in a row then run over to Park Meadows Mall and stop by a booth called Green Tea HP. They have a box of packets of Green Tea in flavors that you mix in water and drink a couple of times per day. It works. I cannot stand Green Tea but can drink this stuff and I feel an instant boost that lasts quite a while.

Do keep in mind though that if you continue these symptoms, you really need to go see your doc. You don't want to overlook something medical ya know.

Good luck!

Are you sure you are not pregnant? Sounds like a lot of pregnancy symptoms. You should contact your doctor either way and maybe have some bloodwork. Could be anemic or thyroid problem too. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon.

ummmm.. sounds like you might be pregnant.

I would go see your doc and ask them to test your thyroid. I have thyroid problems and that sounds alot like how I feel. If anything they can help you figure out what is going on.

It sounds like pregnancy or hypothyroidism :).

All that you describe sounds like you are pregnant (tired, senstitive to smells, cravings but lost appetite). These same things could be symptoms of depression, and if you can't find the root of it, can lead to depression. And finally, there is chronic fatigue. I had a case of this brought on by a long-term viral infection. For months on end I couldn't wake up and was sleeping more than 14 hours a day. Surprisingly, the way out of it was to force myslef to only sleep 8 hours a day, eat right and exercise. The best natural thing to give you energy is exercise. I know it's counterintuitive, but regular exercise has really done wonders for me in getting my energy back. Good luck to you. If it keeps up, don't hesitate to go see a doctor.

Not to scare you, but there are so many things that could cause this. It could be anemia, it could be thyroid, it could be something much more serious. Is it possible you are pregnant? You really should go see your doctor.

Have you had your thyroid checked? If you are hypothyroid, you could be VERY tired. That's what happened to me after my first pregnancy. Medication will regulate you, and you'll feel MUCH better!


Hi M.,
I have something that would help you out a ton!!! Check it out at www.lifeforcerewards.com

Call or e-mail me with questions!

Could you be pregnant again? (this all started after your last period - it could be early signs)

Also sounds like it could be thyroid or other hormonal imbalances. Or some hidden illness (virus or bacteria or even parasite)

I would make an appointment with the doctor. A sudden change like this could be an indicator of something going on. Don't wait for other symptoms to start showing up.

Everyone has said it. Sounds exactly like pregnancy. If not then I would go have your iron checked. I am always worse around my period and iron deficiency runs in my family. It does sound like pregnancy though.


Wondering if you're pregnant. If not I would recommend that your health care provider or midwife check your iron levels. I am at the end of a very tough pegnancy, primarily because my iron and other blood elements have been rock bottom low. Your symptoms sound just like mine, including just simply feeling horrible. What worked for me was taking a very good prenatal vitamin (New Chapter), a good chelated iron suppliment, and a liqued suppliment called Floridex. This seemed to really help me pull out. I feel so much better now. Good luck!

I would recommend getting your thyroid checked!

Hi M., could you be pregnant???? Or maybe very low in Iron. Those would be the two things I would have checked.


Do you know your food allergies? Have you been tested for food allergies? So often, as was the case with me we overlook that component of the puzzle & Medical Doctors don't often think to suggest it. But over time, any allergens you are eating can create this problem. Although I must say, my first response was, it sounds like pregnancy. Good luck in your search.

Hi M.. I saw you've already gotten a ton of great responses, but thought I would add. My first thought, too, was 'could you be pregnant'?? My other thought is just that you are depleted. We live incredibly busy lifestyles and most of us don't eat that great. Even if you do eat well and organic, our food supply is severely depleted in necessary minerals and vitamins. Its no wonder you are exhausted- and depletion can also cause food cravings or aversions. I found something that I swear by and take every day. It has helped my energy level and overall well being tremendously. Its natural, tastes good, and its so safe I even give it to my 3 year old daughter. If you want to get more info, private message me or email me at ____@____.com. I wish you the best!

It sounds like a typical pregnancy. I know it's probably not what you want to hear, or maybe it is. Get a pregnancy test. If you aren't pregnant, you may have a thyroid irregulation. Or maybe just lacking some serious vitamins and regular exercise?...Did you ask a napping question yesterday? I wanted to suggest a book that changed my life and my kid's for the better! " Happy Child, Healthy sleep habbits" by:Marc Weisbluth. It is the best sleep book. I have used the method with all of my kids and it works. Most of the time our kids are acting "energized" they are over tired. Give the book a try.

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