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When Should Two Brothers Stop Taking Bath Time Together

I have 2 sons 6 and 3 that enjoy bathtime. They play and splash and take a couple of toys and create their own world. My husband and I feel its time for them to take seperate baths since our oldest son is getting older and soon will be "curious" if not already. When should they stop and how can we explain to them it's time for seperate baths in a way they don't feel they are being punished?

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I got really great advice from everyone. I was thinking pretty much the same thing but with the world the way it is it's always nice to hear what other mom's are doing. I just found this web site and am so greatfull for it.

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I don't think it is necessary to stop them from bathing together. They both have the same anatomy. Even grown men shower together in a locker room. There is nothing wrong with them taking baths together as long as they are both comfortable with it. When they are ready for some privacy they will let you know.

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Let your boys be little boys. Why take away the fun they are having together. Don't worry in time they won't want to take baths together.

Little kids are curious - that is part of their learning. Your boys will probably get in bigger trouble with the mess they might make from being in the tube together, than being "curious".

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I would let them bathe together as long as they want. My two boys (7 and 6) did this until they just didn't really fit in the tub together comfortably. And then they discovered showers!
As far as the older one getting curious....well, they are BOTH boys, they have the same equipment that works the same way. I don't see the issue there.
Mostly, be grateful that they enjoy being together!

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My two kids stopped around 4 & 6 but not because of the curiosity factor ( I have an older boy and a younger girl), but becasue of the water world outside the bath tub. Selfishly, I spent a lot of time after the bath sopping up the water on the floor outside the tub. I say let 'em go until it becomes more of a pain for you.

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I dont thin you should seperate them at all.If it were a girl and a boy, I could understand.But they both have the same parts and both are going to have the same curiosity about it.As long as you dont leave them in there to long without checking in to make sure their not exploring each others parts them I wouldnt do anything.My 16 month old and my 4 yr old take a bath together and when my 4 turns 6,his brother will be 3 also and as long as there is no cause for concern then I plan on letting them play as they do now..it certainly cuts bathtime in half and saves water,and my floor.Me and my brother use t take baths together until I decided that I wanted my privacy to do things like soak and use my bath balls and such,something I couldnt enjoy with my brother in the tub.And we never had any problems.

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I have a 5 yr old son and a 3yr old daughter that are still taking baths together. My son knows she is a girl like mom and that he is a boy. He just accepted the difference. She was the same way. We too have wondered if they are ready to stop bathing together but we havent yet. They both know that they have private parts and not to touch them. They dont. Because they dont know about sex yet they dont know the other function of their private parts. They are too naive (which is a good thing) to know that we use them for something else.

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I would let them keep taking baths together. They are both boys so I don't see it as being a big deal. With the drought right now it is a good way to save water. Plus why would you want to add more work to yourself. I love when my boys are taking a bath. It gives me a time to clean the rest of the bathroom. I couldn't do that if one was in and the other wasn't.

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I think it should be their decision. As long as they are enjoying it (no fighting) and there is plenty of room.

When one decides that he wants privacy, then that should be respected. They are fine! My girls (8 and 4) still shower and bathe together sometimes. Heck, sometimes they still hop in with me!

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Dear K.,

My three boys love bath time and yes it's got to be together 7,5 and 4 I tried to do a few together then just one for easiness for me..but they won't have it they are getting kinda big and take up much room in the tub but still they have fun. They all have the same parts and yes they notice what they look like but it's no big deal I figure they are all three boys it shouldn't be a problem. Soon enough I'm sure my oldest will get tired of the not much room to move in besides they're only little once and once they stop taking bath's together it's over then. Let the boys take a bath together the girl on her own later diaper changing etc they will notice she's different if you just tell them girls are different and never make an issue over it, it will never be an issue. Not to explain anything when and if they are ever curious about a girl will just cause it to be a more curious situation. It's your family take the info and do what you feel is best for your family. Best of luck.

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