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What to Give Toddler to Drink?

I'm curious what other moms give their kids to drink. I trying to cut back on juices that have a lot of sugar or colored drinks, since I'm finding little pink spots all over my carpet. Any suggestions? What do you give to drink besides milk?

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Thanks for all the responses! I'm excited to see that kids do eventually adapt to drinking pure water if you keep trying. Right now, I'm mixing Nestle's splash of fruit water with filtered water. But look forward to getting him down to just water. Also, I'm going to try some teas, coconut milk (as a treat) and maybe even the milk from blended raw nuts. Yall are so healthy! Look forward to being that kind of mom someday.

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I give my toddler lots of water. She loves it!!! I also give Light Apple Juice. Water is the best.

It's never too early for H2O! There are many 'Pedialyte' types of water with xtras thrown in just for baby & kidz...Homemade lemonade (with Splenda if sugar is an issue) is always good...Tea is good as well for tummies...you can grow lemongrass and make iced tea from it (YUM) and my kidz LOVE pomegranate & green tea iced, although THAT doesn't help with the pink spots!!!!!!



If you raise them on water, they'll have great drinking habits later on. That's what my kids drink all day long. The only milk they drink is occasional almond milk or rice milk. Hope this helps.

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In my home daycare, I give all the children (ages one and up) as much water as they want all day long (except meals, at which I serve milk). Usually when a child comes to my home, at first, they turn their nose up at water because their parents have always given them juice (in the form of capri sun, 100% fruit juice, kool-aid ect...), but I offer water. When they don't take it, I say, "okay, you don't want it?" Then I set it up on the counter. MOST kids will drink the water after three or four times of realizing that's all I am offering and I'm NIOT changing my mind. For that rare child who would rather cry and scream than drink anything except juice, I start them out by dilluting the juice a little (as much as I can without them resisting). Then after I have them used to that, I dillute it some more, and more and more until they will drink water alone.
In any case, I've been taught through my Food rogram training that children do not need to drink anything except milk (at meals) and water.

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Herbal iced/sun tea: I just throw a tea bag in a quart mason jar and put it in the sun. Usually we do elderberry tea from Avita (good for immune system), or celesatial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. I think Bigelow has a bedtime tea with roughly the same ingredients. chamomile tea or peppermint tea would be good too. One bag to one mason jar means it's not too strong in flavor, just right for toddlers. no sugar. These flavors taste pretty good on their own. The herbs i mention are safe for kids. Some herbs in tea form might not be recommended for kids...
We don't drink cow's milk, but my daughter has enjoyed rice milk or soy milk in the past. she seemed to get bored of that, so I don't buy it anymore. sometimes i make milk by taking soaked (and rinsed) raw nuts like pecans, almonds, and walnuts and blending them in a blender with water. I may add a couple drops of vanilla extract which adds a little sweetness too. And then you have to strain it. It's yummy. Good in cereal too.
As for juice, when we serve it to her, we cut it with water, about a 50/50 ratio.
I just looked at some of the other folks responses. Gatorade and Crystal Light are not healhty choices for your toddler. They contain ingredients that are not food, like artificial sweeteners thought to cause cancer, artificial colors thought to cause hyperactivity... Try to feed your child only things that will make him/her healthy. If you don't know what's healthy, start doing your research. And read labels.
Saw someone mention drinkable yogurts. Most yogurt products marketed for kids have too much sugar in them. I suggest using plain goat yogurt or cow yogurt and add your own fruit to sweeten. We use frozen organic blueberries. (non organic blueberries are very high in pesticides).

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100% juice (like Juicy Juice) and water/plain tap....it's regulated and good for you---usually has fluoride...I'm a dental assistant and public school teacher.....Many patients ask about diet and cavities.....vary your food/drinks and watch out for sugary ingredients....even 100% juice has of course fruit sugar called fruitose but it is less syrupy and better for you.
----Some pediatricians are wary because of alergies and reactions to artificial sweetners....also an added benefit is look for no colorings added. It's rare but some people are highly allergic to red dye found in a lot of drinks and medicines. My son is one of them....Since I'm in the medical field I have patients who can not have flavored pumis that we use to clean your teeth. It must be plain. Dye allergies can cause rashes, irritability, and more.
Your pediatrician might have a list for you or dentist. Most preventive dentist ask that after dinner you don't have milk or juice too often or right before your children go to bed...the particles collect between the teeth and cause decay while you sleep. Hope this helps. Oh, Watch out for corn syrup in the ingredient list....of course some times on occassion is fine.
good luck. D. g.

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Hi M.,

I typically give my children low sugar/light juices. I always make sure that not only are they light in sugar, they are light in color...apple juice, and white grape juice, cran-peach...etc. After I fill their cups, I add about 20-30% water. 100% juice fills them up and then they don't want to eat. Also, my kids love Crystal Light. We drink alot of Crystal Light lemonade, kiwi stawberry, and orange. It is sugar free, easy to make, and you can make popsicles out of it. For on the go, they drink Capri Suns or Minute Maid pouches. They are light too. Hope this helps!

I started giving my daughter just plain bottled water when she was a toddler. She is 5 now and will ask for it over anything else. I will give juice on occasion, but never started it on a regular basis, so she really never asks for it.

fruit splashers purified water by graduates for toddlers or you could even do the crystal light thing my kids thought it was kolaid and the only thing that has is coloring

Hi Mellisa
Have you ever tried water or diluting the juices.I did this with my daughter she only got something other than water at meal times and that rule still applies today.
Hope this helped have a wonderful day
J. Mother and full time Doula

i give my daughter water, she loves it. sometimes i give her luke warm chamile tea at night to relax her.

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