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I took Jesse to the doctor yesterday for his 15 month checkup, and talked to the doctor about artificial sweetners. He said that they are only ok in small amounts. During a typical day I give Jesse crystal light, water and one cup of juice. Since he shouldn't have artificial sweetners, crystal light is out. He also said that one cup of jucie a day is ok too. Now all I really have left is water, which he doesn't drink anywhere near as much as crystal light. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I know there are a lot of suger drinks out there, but again the doctor says to avoid large quantities of that too! Please help!!

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I give my son (who is almost a year old) vitamin water diluted with distilled water. The doctor says it's great but do dilute it because it has sugar (not nearly as much as juice though) and it contains lots of daily vitamins and they have A LOT of different flavors. Jasic's favorite happens to be "defense" which is high in antioxidants (apple rasberry flavor). Try it - my son loves it.

I rarely give my son (16 months) full strength juice. Just fill his cup 3/4 with water and then 1/4 with any type of 100% juice (like Juicey Juice- no added sugar). Then it's mostly water with just a bit of flavor to entice him. If he's used to full strength taste, you could start out with more juice than water and as he gets used to it, use less juice. Good luck! M.

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We avoid the artificial sweeteners like the plague. And HFCS, as well. At his age, he needs breast milk if nursing and then water and milk. If you choose juice, make sure it is actually juice and then dilute! Herbal teas are great, too.

What did they have 200 years ago to drink? Nothing in a box or powder, to be sure! Use that as a guide for what is natural for us to be drinking.

Of course he will drink more of whatever is sweet. If you are truly worried about his liquid intake, put the healthier diluted juice or tea in a popsicle maker. I guarantee he'll take it without a problem! Good luck!

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Don't feel bad about giving your daughter the artificial sweeteners. My sister is diabetic and They suggested at the hospital to try to use those instead of real sugar for a while with her daughter... just in case. The problem with the artificial stuff, is they don't know what problems it can cause. So far there is no research saying there is a problem, but I agree with your Dr. Why risk it, if you don't need to. I suggest using Milk when you can, but when you are out and about in the heat, and you don't want to risk the milk going sour, I like to use Gatorade and tang. They are really nice because they come in powder form. I just put a Tupperware container in my diaper bag, and then it's there when I need it. It adds flavor to the other wise boring water. (my daughter refused just water for a very long time). Hope this helps!

I give my son (who is almost a year old) vitamin water diluted with distilled water. The doctor says it's great but do dilute it because it has sugar (not nearly as much as juice though) and it contains lots of daily vitamins and they have A LOT of different flavors. Jasic's favorite happens to be "defense" which is high in antioxidants (apple rasberry flavor). Try it - my son loves it.

Hi D.. I agree with your Dr. about avoiding artificial sweeteners, especially for young children. I just started giving my 3-year-old son an awesome vitamin punch for kids. He loves it and it tastes really good. I've included the details below. Hope this helps!

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When my 17 mos old son wakes up I nurse him then give him a sippy cup of water. I give him 1/2 apple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice or white grape juice with 1/2 water or V8 with lunch. He'll have another sippy cup of water during the afternoon. I serve him milk with dinner. Sometimes I will make him a smoothie with milk, yogurt, ice, wheat germ and fruit. You may also want to try infusing some fruit flavors into your water or buy flavored water.

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) when he was 3yrs old. He is now 5 and doing great. When he was diagnosed it was difficult finding things for him to drink. Fruit Juices that are even 100% juice have a ton of sugar them. Natural sugars play a large role in diabetes control. Most people think natural sugar is ok, but it sends his blood sugar through the roof.
His endocrinologist told us he was fine to drink crystal light. Most of her patients do. That is what he has day in and out. We also give him Propel (by Gatorade) flavored water. He loves it. Propel has a small amount of sugar, but nothing like juice or soda. We also give him diet sodas. You could also try Country Time Lemonade, they have a full strength version as well as a 1/2 sugar version. Water down his juices and dont forget to brush his teeth before bed. If you son goes to bed with milk or some form of juice, brush his teeth each night once he has finished drinking. I work for a prosthodontist. And we see too many kids with rotten teeth. Most of the parents say they brush before bed, but send the kid to bed with a drink of some sort.
My son is healthy and seems to be growing just fine, artificial sweetners and all!!
Good luck.

If you look at like trader joes or any organic store they carry juices with a very low amount of sugar and what I do for my son since he drinks a ton of liquids I water his juice down so it's really only about half juice.

A nutritionist told me about 12-16 oz. of whole milk a day & about 4-8 oz. of juice a day (too much juice lead to soft stools). I ALWAYS dilute the juice AT LEAST 1/2 & 1/2. And I too, give teas & sometimes dilute them too. Flavored water (even those with the sweetners) dilute them too then you can get more out of them. There's a few flavored waters out there that don't have the artificial sweetners (I think Vitamin Water is one of them). Good Luck!

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